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  1. same happens to mw with olanzapine, lol why do these meds suck so much just give that sweet sweet ketamine and lets get over with this nah jk
  2. I started taking the olanzapine two days ago and it has not worked, the first time it actually gave me a little anxiety attack and I don't usually get those since like 2 years. Also started seeing flashes when I closed my eyes to sleep. I had tried Seroquel before but not because I had a prescription for it: my mom had some because she doesnt use it anymore. Seroquel worked pretty good but olanzapine just does nothing for me, and the health program doesnt cover Seroquel anymore so I can't get it. This sucks. The box says 5mg lmao
  3. Hi, my new doc told me I should give olanzapine a try because of lack of sleep. Has anyone else tried this med? I don't really dig the idea of taking something that is tagged as "sedative" and "anti-psychotic". Why would I need an "anti-psychotic" for sleeping? What kind of "sedative" effects does this pill create? I don't want to go around all numb'd down. The meds they give me usually don't work, anti-depressants have all been useless. Only lamotrigine has made me feel better. I really don't trust this olanzapine thing, I don't even like it's name, sounds trashy. Also, has anyone felt psychotherapy does help or have any kind of benefit beyond "venting out"? I could get it for free because of the mental health program in my country (just as the meds). I have tried it before and it was really a waste of time and it is frustating to hear someone just turn thoughts upside down and pretend it is some kind of insightful and constructive feedback, life if that wasn't something someone neurotic (as me and I guess some of you are since we share some kind of mental trait*) does all the time. At least that was my experience. To the ones here with good experiences with psychotherapy, how do think it helped you? My old doc once told me psychotherapy made a difference between people with mental problems getting a career and stuff like that. The difference was that the ones who did psychotherapy were 80% more likely to develop some kind of stable career. I think the thing is that 80% of every group of people will most likely be able to develop a career, regardless of psychotherapy or MI, so the stadistics just putted the "psychotherapy made this possible!" watermark to it. idk. *: That made me question if people with bipolar or other mental illness share some traits beyond the diagnosis? Have you guys noticed some kind of pattern? this is not really important, just thought it was interesting Thanks for reading (:
  4. Well... thats sort of what bipolar is all about... I'm sure a lot of people here relate, you are normal-weird
  5. It may not be related to MI, so you need to get blood checks and all that boring stuff. I have the same problem, it seems to get better once springtime begins, tried wellbutrin for all of winter and it didnt help at all. You shouldnt get so sad about your family caring about you. I know mine also do but everyone in my family has this kind of always-ironic sense of humor (aka reality denial) so I never get the kind of stuff your grandpa did, it seems like a very sincere gesture and thats weird in the times of ironic memes about suicidal depression with tons of likes that you see on instagram. You are not hurting anyone (at least imo, sorry if this is preachy) Some people are able to get modafinil for these kind of problems and it works great for some.
  6. People who say that kind of stuff are just complete idiots.
  7. Same/really similar situation. Tried wellbutrin for 3 months, didnt work, 150mg did nothing and 300mg made me feel sick. Stopped taking it some weeks ago. Randomly took 2 150mg pills I had left. They made me fucking wired all day but not manic (zoloft had me thinking I had openned my third eye first and last time I took it. No bs, that fast, and that was just hypo imo). Tried the same thing like 2 days ago and felt nothing. In my experience wellbutrin is garbage but it seems to work great for other apathic asses like us. It also looks like almost no one goes full mania with this stuff, is not like we were talking cocaine or something like that. Give it a try. There also stuff like modafinil. I think wellbutrin kills the effects of other stimulants like modafinil.
  8. zopiclone works for me, it's an benzo-analog with a mainly hypnotic effect, it works better for sleep than klonopin in my experience. BUT, zopiclone can cause strong visual hallucinations, eyes opened or closed. I actually like them, they are fun, but of course not everyone wants to see their chair's arm behave like a lizard or stuff like that. But that only happens if I ignore the sleepyness and force myself to stay awake, the moment I close my eyes and relax I get into deep sleep. I had forgotten how going to sleep fast and deep felt until I tried zopiclone. 0.5mg of clonazepam is a really small dose (I guees) and clonazepam is more of a long-slow-duration instead of a quick-strong-hit benzo, I never used it like sleep aid. Did it make you sleepy before? You might had also developed a tolerence to it, idk... Lack of sleep fucks everyone's mood, for people with bipolar is the same but worse. Normally I would tell you to stay awake a full night and stay awake the next day too so you get ultra-tired and fall sleep the next night, but that would be a dumb move since you were hypomanic (and not in the fun way it seems) so recently. Maybe do a lot of running until you can see a professional.... idk good luck hope u get some sleep byebye (:
  9. If anything, "being bipolar" makes your feels even more real since emotions on this way of being seem to become much stronger, to the point that "drives us crazy". If you are a person of faith, you probably acknowledge that there is something in life that is always beyond our comprehension, life is irrational. The problems you are facing are bad enough to add the painful and pointless exercise to try to make sense of something irrational. This probably sounds like a bunch of BS but at least in my experience, when I catch myself trying to make sense of the hell this can be sometimes, when I stop doing it, everything becomes paradoxically clearer.
  10. I have the same problem. I tried wellbutrin for like 3 months or so and it didn't really work. I couldn't really tell at first because I'm not always sure about how I actually feel. But I stopped taking it a week ago and I can say I feel the same as when I was taking it, with the only difference that I've felt desire to smoke again. I had tried atomoxetine (strattera) before while taking wellbutrin and it didn't work well. I tried strattera again now off the wellbutrin and it seems to work, in the sense that I can function a lot more, I still feel sleepy but I'm able to "fight" it while on this. Sadly, it keeps me awake at night. If I don't sleep well, the lack of sleep makes me so tired that strattera doesn't cut it. Maybe ask your doc if you can cut the adderal and change it to atomoxetine or any other stimulant that isn't adderal-related? Is really weird that adderal isn't wiring you up enough, maybe you will need to change other of your meds? This being-sleepy-all-the-time-thing is a pain in the ass, good luck.
  11. People just don't get it. I told too many people about it and some of them look at me in a different way since then. The whole situation will just be awkward and confusing.
  12. Hi, I got diagnosed rapid cycling bipolar in december 2016, I'm too lazy to write down all the background and symptoms but will do if necessary (if anyone cares). The thing is, sometimes I wonder if this "rapid cycling" type is a legit illness, or a legit version of it. I don't want to be offensive, but, as everytime someone says that, what I want to say may be a little offensive to some, or maybe not: I have serious doubts about mental illness. I'm not saying they are not real or some dumb shit like that, but it seems to me like a lot of "professionals" tell people they have *insert really specific type of really obscure disorder* and then everyone is on pills and bla bla bla. What I'm trying to say is: how can I even be sure if I do have this illness? I've been a lot better since I started taking lamotrigine, so I seem to react in a "good" way to the treatment thats known to work for people with bipolar, so I guess thats that. But, "objectively" speaking, things aren't much different. For example, my mind keeps going back and forth in cycles all the time, in other words, is like I'm a "lite" version of myself now. The whole thing seems like a scam. Whats the point of trying to repress something that may aswell be nothing and at the same time unavoidable? How can all the different versions of bipolar be the same illness if they are all so different? thanks for reading!
  13. Hi, what you are saying sounds like what I've been feeling since april or so. I got diagnosed bipolar in december last year. They told me I have the rapid cycling type, usually more in the depressive side. I think this is called hypersomnia or something like that. After lunch I'm energy-less, foggy and sleepy all day, I only start to "clear up" by night. They gave me wellbutrin and it's been three or more months and it doesnt work, but it seems to do wonders to some people, so maybe try that. I also got modafinil and it didnt do anything too. I recently read that welbutrin can kill the stimulant effects from other stimulant drugs, like adderal or, I guess, modafinil too. I suppose you are eating healthy, taking vitamins supplements and doing some kind of physical exercise. I lift weights but since this started happening I have not been able to keep up a rutine. Is really fucking up my studying too, for months. Too confused and tired. Anyways, good luck.