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  1. @browri No, I am sticking with those two for now. Fingers crossed! And thanks, Iceberg!
  2. Exciting updates!! First of all, I really like my psychiatrist. He's nice, practical, listens to me, and cracked a joke about Seroquel at the end of our session, stating, "It can be sedating so just be careful if you're operating a chainsaw." lol Secondly, we threw out the Abilify since it's done nothing for my depression and kept the Lamotrigine at 200 mg as a back-up mood stabilizer. Starting tomorrow, I'm titrating up to 300 mg of Seroquel XR and crossing my fingers that I'll feel better. Honestly, I just want my appetite back and to stop feeling like shit every day. Let's hope this works! Thanks again to everyone that replied!
  3. @GreenTea I'm curious: how are you feeling now after months of titrating?
  4. @browri Thanks for all the info! I am now leaning towards trying out Seroquel because my depressive symptoms have yet to be managed and it's FDA approved for Bipolar depression like you said. I tried Latuda in the past and didn't feel a difference in my symptoms, either, but maybe two months wasn't enough to test it out. Bipolar depression is such a monster to treat! Maybe starting a new thread about Rexulti could help you read about others' experiences, too.
  5. @Iceberg After reading about the sedation related to Seroquel, I've decided to ask for Rexulti instead. Does it treat Bipolar 1 depression? How did it work for you?
  6. @looking for answers To be honest, none of the meds have actually dented my depression. The Lithium and Geodon pulled me out of my psychosis and I haven't been manic since...but the Abilify, Lamictal, and Latuda have done very little for my fatigue, lack of appetite, flat moods, and lack of motivation/disinterest. That's why I'm hoping that a Lamictal increase and the addition of Seroquel could help me out. The only side effect I've had is excessive thirst due to Lithium. How has the Seroquel helped you? I'm curious. Does it make you tired? I don't need any more fatigue in my life.
  7. @looking for answers I was on Lithium and Geodon for 2-3 months (my depressive cycle still hit me hard while on them), I gave the Lamotrigine and Latuda about two months, and gave the Abilify three months. Looking back, I probably didn't give the Latuda/Lamotrigine a chance to work but I was so desperate to feel better that I asked for a med switch. It was actually my idea to go back on the Lamotrigine and give it more time to work to see if higher than 200 mg will help me. I am leaning towards switching my antipsychotic to Seroquel since Abilify has done nothing for me but I'm worried about the drowsiness factor because I'm already tired all the time. I don't struggle with insomnia; in fact, I sleep too much (10-12 hours a night) and so I'm looking for a med that'll help me get back to an 8 hour regimen. All in all, I'm hoping that my depressive symptoms get better with a higher dose of Lamotrigine and with the addition of Seroquel.
  8. @Wonderful.Cheese I would love to take the Prozac by itself but my psychiatrist warned against antidepressants when I asked for Wellbutrin the last time and said it was too risky; I guess the Zyprexa part of the Symbyax cocktail wards off mania? I also wonder: is it necessary to take antipsychotics while on a mood stabilizer? I only had psychosis once during my manic episode and I'm in a very long depressive cycle right now... I will ask about Seroquel at my next appointment, too. Thanks for the info!
  9. @Blahblah Thanks for the response. Symbyax is a combination of the antipsychotic Zyprexa and the antidepressant Prozac. Since I've been on antipsychotics since my psychotic episode, that could be contributing to my flat mood and sedation. I guess I won't know until I try getting off Abilify and seeing how I feel.
  10. Hey, all! I know I've posted about my medication struggles before but I wanted to ask for help again since my meeting with my psychiatrist is coming up. Long story short, in April, I was diagnosed with severe Bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic features after having a mania-induced psychotic episode. In May, my depressive cycle hit me like a ton of bricks: I could barely move, was extremely exhausted, my appetite vanished, my libido plummeted, and my motivation and drive disappeared. I was on Lithium and Geodon, then switched to Lamictal and Latuda, then switched to only Abilify, and now I'm on Lamictal 200 mg and Abilify 15 mg. The Abilify has done nothing for my symptoms so I'm going to ask to get taken off of it. The Lamictal really hasn't done anything for my energy levels (my fatigue is better but I think that's because of time) and my psychiatrist doesn't want to prescribe an antidepressant because he said the switch to mania was too risky. Since I only meet with him once a month, I have no clue what to ask for besides a Lamictal increase and to be taken off Abilify. I want my appetite back and my energy back. I googled Symbyax and it seemed like a good start but the weight gain issue could be a problem. Does anyone have any advice? Any anecdotal experience with certain meds for Bipolar depression? Thank you!
  11. In April, I had a massive psychotic break induced by my first manic episode. Starting in May, like Bipolar clockwork, I lost all my energy, motivation, and focus as my appetite completely disappeared. For five months now, my stomach does not rumble to notify me that I'm hungry. My hunger cues have completely disappeared. I still enjoy food and eat on command but I've lost around 30 lbs from how little I eat now. Will my appetite ever return? I thought it would by now but I guess depressive episodes can last for months and months...I wonder if the right medications could restore my appetite. I have no clue. Has anyone else experienced such a long-term appetite loss? Did it ever return?
  12. @phidippus No, I haven't. My psychiatrist said prescribing an antidepressant was too risky for me because of the possible switch to mania.
  13. @Blahblah I've been on Abilify (15 mg) for over a month with little to no results...I am going to ask my psychiatrist for Seroquel or Symbyax for the depressive side of things at our next meeting (I didn't respond to Latuda). He mentioned Symbyax last time but is hesitant to prescribe it because of the potential for weight gain. I've also read that Seroquel can be very sedating and I already have fatigue so I'm worried about that, too. Sigh.
  14. @phidippus I'm trying to treat Bipolar I depression.