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  1. Aquaphor, Shea butter and Eucerin are great moisturizers. You need thick moisturizers since people with eczema lack that protective layer that retains moisture. Stay AWAY from vaseline. For Itch relief try oatmeal baths (not too hot, as it increases inflammation), benadryl and ice helps ALOT. Just hold the ice onto your affected area after moisturizing. Hydrocortisone does not work for me. I've been prescribed triamcinalone acetonide and it doesnt work either. I think ive built up immunity. Ive found that diet plays a big role in my flare-ups as well as stress. Foods that worsen my breakouts include: eggs, tomatoes, dairy, gluten, greasy foods, red meats. Fish, dark leafy greens and tons of water will help alot! In all honesty, stick to natural remedies, a good diet and a consistent skin care routine (lots of moisturizing) that works best for you. Doctors just give you more and more steroids that eventually stop working and encourage you to come back for more. Only for temporary relief. Find the root of the problem. A lot of people that had severe atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) have life changing testimonies after becoming vegan.