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  1. Ahh.... Same... Actually, you said it better than I did...
  2. I like to see other people suffer, but when I can't do that, I would subsconsciously hurt myself by keeping everything bottled up and telling myself that I'm such a worthless drama queen and etc etc. I guess I could say that things kinda get bad real fast. I dun even know what kind of emotion I'm feeling anymore rn lol. Don't really know why I did this to myself tho. I guess I'm kinda addicted to that throbbing pain you got in your chest after you cried for hours. Actually I'm not even sure anymore if I'm actually happy about this or nah. Something tells me to stop lying to myself but I don't even sure if I ever lied to anyone like myself lol. Yeah.. I guess I'm kinda lost rn.. Why am I even typing this anyway? I dunno. Dunno about everything. Don't really care anymore. This is kinda wasting time, I even created an account just to post this. Wow, such a great life I have 😂😂😂