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  1. Just a lack of thoughts? I don't think I quite understand. Disabled in so many ways from the antipsychotics. No psychosis. I was misdiagnosed as having psychosis, but I just had severe ptsd and had a psychotic break. My pdoc isn't understanding me, I've been trying to tell him for the last 6 months that I think the antipsychotics have damaged my brain. He looks at me quizzically and shakes his head. Tells me to do CBT therapy and thinks that I'm just not back into the swing of things. I was highly functional before the meds - I was working as a medical lab tech in a microbiology lab. Now I'm so disabled that I struggle to get thru the day, I have to force myself to eat, drink and go to the bathroom and I'm lucky if I can get myself into the shower. My circadian rhythm is totally screwed up and I experience an altered perception of time (1 day feels like a entire week). Plus so many more symptoms. Do you have any strange symptoms?
  2. Juniper29 is the abilify helping you? I hate to see that you're on an antipsychotic. I had a ptsd psychotic break - but they thought it was psychosis and drugged me against my will with all these antipsychotics that have now completely destroyed me. They kept telling me that I was sick and didn't even realize it. That they were saving my life. Now I'm struggling daily to function, I'm so impaired. I recommend changing your diet - reducing the amount of sugar you ingest, eat a more balanced diet, exercise, do yoga, use lavendar essential oils from young living and meditate-this chant helps to calm your nervous system and rewires your brain to not be so stressed. Have you tried DBT therapy? Or CBT therapy?
  3. I don't have any automatic thoughts in my head. It's completely blank. Is that what your head is like? You are all very lucky to be working. I am so disabled from the antipsychotics that I struggle to function daily.