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  1. There was a long part of my life where I couldn't even have 1 beer, I was off to the races. I think I was a person who was abusing alcohol and a drunk who was addicted to alcohol. Because I just feel like I grew out of that. I can drink moderately now. Everytime I have drank, it has been just the amount I wanted, unlike the past. I used to drink till I couldn't walk, talk, etc... It was really like a thing for the medical books or something. Probably not that much, but my highest BAC @ a hospital was .500. I was telling my friend the other day. I could've died from overdose or blood poisoning or something. so yeah.
  2. I hated remeron. It gave me a bunch of side effects and DIDN'T do anything to help me. Effexor is giving me some side effects but at least it has good properties.
  3. Yes, when you can't breath and it feels like your mind is spinning and you feel like you might be going insane, that's a panic attack. At least for me when I have it. It sucks but it's 15 or so minutes that you have to stop whatever you're doing and just sit, breath deeply and try and relax. Don't start taking Xanax because you might get addicted and Panic attacks (if you don't have them too often), are manageable and is ok. When they start becoming a big part of your life, then try and getting on some medication. Perhaps, anti-depressants before benzos.
  4. I just switched to this and Risperidone. Lately I've just been taking ris. half a pill every night/other night. It makes me walk all stiff and gives me nervousness. But I went off Effexor for a week, after being on it for like 2 months, and I was experiencing anxiety and nervousness. Now it's moving onto rage and anger for some reason. It was just causing me anxiety a bit.