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  1. I believe I am having episodes of this. I stand up, get dizzy and completely black out. I end up leaning on something or even on the floor until my vision comes back. I had bad orthostatic hypotension when I was on a high dose of Zoloft, I completely passed out a few times. It’s not as bad as it was then but it’s getting close to it. Any thoughts? I don’t really want to change my meds as I am finally feeling stable. I will bring it up to my pdoc though.
  2. How did last night go, Cheese? I haven’t been around so didn’t read this until just now. My son has a history of breathing problems and low oxygen and it is definitely not something to take lightly. Do you still feel short of breath?
  3. In the past month or so I have been forgetting important things, which is not like me. I forgot to pay rent last month, and yesterday I forgot a really important meeting I was supposed to be at. It was written on my calendar and everything, and yet I completely blanked it out. There have been some other less serious things, but this has been happening since my podc increased my Abilify. Just wondering if it could be related? It is out of character for me.
  4. I also find it bizarre that you are not allowed to say certain words in therapy. How does that help you to be open and honest with her?
  5. I've been on it for a little over 2 years. The best dose for me was probably 60 mg but it helped at lower doses too.
  6. It's common for Prozac to increase anxiety before it kicks in and starts helping. I had terrible anxiety after my last increase and didn't really see good effects until a month after increasing it. My pdoc tells me to take Ativan as needed during the startup period. Is that a possibility for you?
  7. I worry about this too. Hang in there. I hope the new pdoc helps.
  8. Yikes, we wouldn't be able to afford that either. Do you think maybe that's the cost for an isolated blood work up and maybe it's lower for regular lab work like what you'll be having? I would hope so. I suppose you could call the insurance company and try to find out, but I know if I were in your place I'd probably rather eat bugs than call the insurance company ....
  9. This is so true. Having a child seems to have made my illness worse as well. I never had psychotic symptoms until I was pregnant ... which was an incredibly stressful time. Then came several years of sleep deprivation (thank God that has improved finally) which was very destabilizing. Self-care is harder with a small child around, it's hard to go to therapy or pdoc appointments etc. I love my son and I do enjoy him ... But being a parent with MI is much more difficult than I could have anticipated.
  10. I’m sorry they’re treating you that way. I know how hard it is to stop breastfeeding ... I nursed my son until he was 3 and it was still hard. I also got some flak from doctors for nursing him that long. I finally weaned him because I got shingles and had to take medicine for that.
  11. tired of mental illness in media

    Lol. The pictures they use for psychosis-related stuff are particularly bad.
  12. I actually switched from Zoloft to Wellbutrin, which I did NOT tolerate so that didn't last long. Then I went to Prozac and it was wonderful. My mood stabilized, energy and motivation and interest in things came back and I felt "normal." I got the same effect from dose increases. I suspect it will eventually poop out on me but hopefully not for a while.
  13. What you're describing happened to me with Zoloft. It was resolved by switching to a different antidepressant. I know it's scary but I think it's worth trying something else.