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  1. How long have you been on 75 mg? When did the depressive symptoms begin? If they occured relatively short after lowering your dose it could be withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing. This will pass. If it truly is a depression, then yes - you should carefully begin a titration until you feel better. Talk to your pdoc before doing anything though. But i cannot see why it should be unsafe. Especially if effexor is the only drug you are taking. And don’t worry too much about your brain. If you’ve been on effexor 7 years, it will likely agree very well with you on the increased dosage. If the 300 mg has helped you before, it proberly will so again. I have done something similar with remeron and zoloft. Worked out great :-) Depression is no fun. I’d take a bump up in my meds any day over depression.
  2. I’m currently on trileptal for hypomania, but it has made me really depressed... so i’m looking for another med to control hypomania. already tried lamotrigine and neurontin. thinking next stop will be either depakote or lithium. I’m really afraid of weight gain and of feeling too flat (zombie-like). Which will you recommend? Any experiences you can share?
  3. Well zoloft makes me hypomanic, which is why the dose is low. The plan is to increase it when i’ve been stabilized - If, of course, im still depressed. Doses above 75 mg of lamotrigine made me very, very depressed and made my anxiety a lot worse. Also I got rapid eye blinking, numbness in my face and increased swallowing. But you are absolutely right about staying on ineffective meds. Not a good idea. Thank you!
  4. Thank you. I will think about it if everything else fails
  5. I’m done with AAP’s because i started twitching around my mouth and my tounge pushed towards my teeth on 1.25 mg abilify. I’m too scared of TD. Off course - you couldn’t know that. Every drug working on dopamine gives me horrible side effects such as skin numbness, uncontrolled movement, etc. Even lamotrigine.
  6. First of all - it hasn’t messed you up permanently. I got depressed at 100 mg as well. I also got extreme anxiety. Solution? Went back down to 50 mg and then upped to 75 mg again. Now obviously this isn’t a therapeutic dose, so I needed an add on. In my case neurontin and trileptal. Going off lamotrigine completely without tapering most likely put you in withdrawal. Withdrawal can make you feel physically ill and also make your mood worse. Also it can make you feel unlike yourself. Your brain simply needs time to adjust. I hope you start feeling better soon. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate.
  7. I had itching initially. I does go away :-) stick to it. And if it helps increase by 12.5 mg at a time.
  8. I tried it a few years ago. It was a god send! I had no side effects besides extreme fatique. I was soooo tired. Also couldn’t get above 50 mg without getting depressed. I say give it a try.
  9. Im glad to hear about your successes with Lithium. I have tried a lot of meds already: lamotrigine (still taking, 75 mg) gabapentin (still taking, 900 mg) Trileptal (still titrating, up to 300 mg) Zoloft (still taking, 25 mg) remeron (still taking, 37.5 mg) lyrica abilify thinking next would be either lithium or depakote. I’m done with AP’s.
  10. I haven’t had any depersonalization with abilify. I did have emotional flatness though - which felt like depersonalization. But again, I’m extremely sensitive to all drugs. Abilify was great for my depression and anxiety as well. It made me mentally restless and pushed me into a hypomanic state. A lot of people have had great succes with abilify. Don’t be afraid of it. Sorry to hear about your depersonalization! - It’s no fun. Wish you luck.
  11. About to go off abilify. Went from 2.5 mg - 1.25 mg 5 days ago. since yesterday anxiety, agitation and akathisia has gone through the roof. My intire body tingles, burns etc. And it feels like i’m about to explode. Just can’t relax. I was only on the drug for 4 weeks. Any ideas how long this is going to last?? And has anyone experienced this as well? damn you drugs.. Amiright
  12. Can anyone share their experiences please? :-))
  13. I don’t know if you are aware but there is a personality type, hyperthymic, that shares a lot of “symptoms” with hypomania. From wikipedia: Hyperthymic temperament, or hyperthymia, from Greek hyper ("over", meaning here excessive) + θυμός ("spirited"), is a proposed personality type characterized by an exceptionally positive mood and disposition. It is generally defined by increased energy, vividness and enthusiasm for life activities as opposed to dysthymia. Hyperthymia is similar to but more stable than hypomania Maybe you have this type of personality?
  14. Which makes you feel more flat? Antipsychotics or lithium?