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  1. Hi my name oscar i took weed and had electric feeling over all my body and fear but i slept and woke up normal. after fews months i lost my dad and the thing affected me. a month later i had a terrible night mare and i was overcame by fear and i had the same electric sensation i had when i took drug and fear. i went to psychiatric hospital and was diagnosed of generalized anxiety disorder and depression. i was given imipramine which i take daily. gradualyl people started complaing about my face that most times i look fierce and scary and my face will swell up with eyes pupping out. they say it comes on and go at the same time i mean it swells in rage and anger and eye pupping out then it goes then it goes down. some people see it and fear coming close to me while some see and laugh at me and it makes me feel so humiliated and wanting to die. but its get worse daily and my sibling and mother said they have never seen it while some see and walking to me and tell me whats wrong that i should smile my face is scary. why others see it and laugh at me and humiliated. i told my psychiatrist and told him about my lack of sleep. he them introduced anti psychotic drug for me that is cpz 100mg which i take daily in 2007. i notice the facial expression happens when i go out. am scare of going out or to work or to social function because people see my face and laugh some said am going mad gradually. some said that i look extreme quite with a strong fearful face. pls does that type of facial expression mean that the person is gradually going mad pls help me am dying in silence, i read about resting bitch face and flat face emotion. most times in the bus people stare and i feel humiliated and the thing even increase and they laugh. pls what could the diagnosis be. what type of mental disorder. can it be treated. i have exhausted my option here in my country. i recently did a thyroid t3 and 4 test its coming out on Friday. i have extreme fear sometimes and feel i may lose my mind. help me. my facial expression is it due to fight / flight effect to protect or flat face emotion or resting bitchy face or am i going mad.