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  1. I have a few. Radical acceptance is a great skill - I don't know if I would say favourite, because it's so difficult and painful, I struggle with it, but it definitely brings a new perspective. For me, willingness/effectively go along with radical acceptance, and those are also useful to me. I use half smile/willing hands a lot throughout the day. Probably my favourite skill in a pinch is IMPROVE - simple, soothing, and you can do it anywhere.
  2. That is a useful reassurance - they for sure can. Trauma is actually highly associated with psychosis.
  3. I’m glad that you get to talk to her - and I hope it helps. I find sometimes it’s helpful to take the time to try to tease out how I feel - but it is hard.
  4. Inside problems are really hard - I don't know what yours are like, but I have my own and it feels very...fragmenting, and difficult to talk about/get support around/sort through. I don't have amnesia either but I definitely have DDNOS. I go through a lot of self-doubting about it - I don't know. It's all very confusing, especially when psychosis gets involved. I'm glad you texted your therapist
  5. Do you know what it is that’s overwhelming? Inside things? Outside things? I guess different tdocs have different boundaries about weekends - depends on yours I guess.
  6. I'm back!

    I'm probably never leaving this place lol. A couple months ago was my 10 year anniversary here now that I think of it - I've been here since 2008.
  7. I'm glad you're feeling better Sometimes reading about dissociation/trauma can really activate things inside - I know it does for me.
  8. I'm back!

    Hey, you! I've missed you! Welcome back
  9. Yeah, people can pop a little bit of a white count for all kinds of reasons - typically it means you're fighting off a bit of an infection or something.
  10. I had very bad Seroquel withdrawal (though I had been on it for a few years at that point and I was coming down from 600 mg). Lots of dizziness and nausea and migraine-like symptoms. It eventually did pass, but it was a pain. If it is antipsychotic withdrawal, starting the Latuda might actually make you feel better.
  11. That's really terrible. It shouldn't be up to a pharmacist who has never even seen you to decide what medications are clinically indicated.
  12. Yeah, lamotrigine is not associated with kidney problems. Lithium for sure is, but most other psych meds are not. I think your GP might be a bit off on that. I'm glad she's working up other causes too.
  13. I would call again - my expectation with doctors' offices is about 48 hours or so, and then I call again.
  14. It can mean a million things, up to and including nothing at all. Easier said than done, I know, but try not to get too anxious until you speak to your doctor. A visit to your primary care provider is probably in order.