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  1. I experienced sexual side effects on both SSRIs that I tried and they went away immediately after I stopped the drugs. Also they did get somewhat better with time to the point where I could function sexually.
  2. Trihexyphenidyl is the other medication in that class that gets used. Maybe you have that one? There isn't amazing evidence for anticholinergics and akathisia though. People also try propranolol and benzodiazepines.
  3. It sounds like things are really challenging right now - those sound like really difficult diagnoses and med changes to be dealing with. I had a diagnosis of BPD at one point and I've been on Lamictal for years - I found it did even out my moods (though I never dealt with benzo withdrawal in that time).
  4. I can't believe his dogs had to go to a shelter I hope somebody is able to adopt them together.
  5. Would also be 500 times more realistic. Or infinity times more realistic.
  6. I saw this trailer and I cringed so hard. What the actual fuck.
  7. I have been on doses ranging from 12.5 mg to 600 mg and I found that the increased appetite was worse at higher doses. Even at very low doses I find it helps me with mood and anxiety. I'm on 12.5 right now. I'd be really careful about making these indirect links of antihistamines -> quetiapine -> not taking it anymore. I think there's just too much uncertainty. When deciding whether to take it, I'd focus on the side effects you're actually experiencing.
  8. I read it!
  9. Good work I think that's very succinct and clear and I bet that your pdoc will find it useful. I get the panic though. Fuck anxiety.
  10. One option would be to email him and say - you don't have to read this until our session but I want to make sure I don't forget to give it to you. Perhaps he could print it and leave it in your chart or something, if he has paper charts. Agreed though, that tdoc is the really important one to talk it all over with. Hope it goes well
  11. I think that almost everybody with trauma, no matter how overtly and obscenely awful it is, struggles with the self-invalidation piece of "somebody else had it worse." It's super common.
  12. I can see why it would feel really invalidating to feel like your experiences are being dismissed/not taken seriously. You know, I wonder if it would be useful for your pdoc/tdoc to read this. I bet that you're not as hard to deal with as you think - that's what everybody tells me anyway. And I fully do not believe a word of it, as it applies to myself
  13. I've never heard the word "infix" before - you started my 2017 with learning something new I relate to what you're saying about isolating - even though we don't have the same diagnosis, I feel that there were/are years of my life that I spent just *surviving* and so some developmental/social opportunities just never happened for me. It's hard to look back on life and see how much time/energy the illness has taken.
  14. I wish you were in less pain right now
  15. It is interesting. My parts are calmer and quieter with medication - but they are calmer and quieter when I am calm and quiet, so it might be that the medication affects me, and then the effect of the medication on me indirectly affects them. I don't know. Mine are all me, but at younger ages. Mostly the ages relate to ages at which bad traumas happened. There's kind of 2-3 children (somewhere between 6-9), and maybe the same number of teenagers. I haven't counted in a while. They tend to fold in and out of each other like those chains of paper dolls. For a while there was a lot but I think some of the same-age ones integrated with each other. I kind of think of them as a child-faction and a teen-faction because there doesn't seem much point in counting when the numbers are changing. Anyway. Not to blog hog. It's just interesting to hear about other people's experiences of dissociation because not a lot of people talk about it.