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  1. lost and new

    Thanks. I saw a therapist a couple times after I got to a mental breaking point and had to go for involuntary observation. When I saw the therapist last he said I was severely depressed and should see a pdoc. I think yesterday it was a panic attack. I have always had high anxiety and whatnot. I have never been diagnosed with anything so all I know about what happened yesterday was I got upset and started freaking out. I did take my klonopin and am actually feeling awake.
  2. lost and new

    I have indeterminate colitis. Sometimes tests say it is ulcerative colitis however other aspects look like crohns disease. My gastro prescribes some meds because I'm general having those conditions can cause depression as well as they can get triggered by stress. I don't have a general doctor currently or a pdoc.
  3. I am new on here and hope this fits in this topic. I was talking with my mom earlier and we were talking a bit about my lack of a job. I had left one job for a new job however a chronic physical medical issue acted up and I ended up losing my new job because I ended up in the hospital and missed training. My mom mentioned that if my doctor had just adjusted my dose of Stelera back then I could have tried to get the previous job back. I broke down at that point. I never told her some of the reasoning I had for leaving that job in the first place. I had left because as much as I loved working in some areas there were other areas where I would be harassed and bullied by coworkers. When I told my mom I completely broke down and started getting physically sick. I wasn't sure what to do to calm down quick enough. I ended up running and grabbing my ativan and took 2mg of it. The ativan was my previous medicine I had been on prescribed by my gastroenterologist. It had been 1mg at bedtime. I had contacted his office a couple weeks ago and said my anxiety was still really pretty bad during the day and was switched to klonopin 1mg at bedtime. I have an appointment in a couple weeks to see him as I have been on the new medicine for about 1 week. I am supposed to be taking my klonopin soon but I am worried about taking it after taking the ativan. I took the ativan about 3.5 hours ago because I knew I needed to calm down and the klonopin takes so much longer to kick in. I feel like an idiot for doubling the amount of ativan but at the time I just wanted to be able to breathe and stop coughing and gagging. If anyone sees this anytime soon would it still be ok for me to take the 1mg klonopinqhen I try to sleep? Sorry for the rambling. Thanks for any assistance
  4. I believe they are technically 2 different things. If it was something gotten at a vape shop it would be CBD oil. I have tried it and have a bottle now but I hate the way it tastes and changes the flavor of the vape juice so I don't use it too much. I originally bought some after a friend found it had been helping them with their pain from colitis (he had also changed his diet as well). I have heard some people it helps a lot. A now former friend once said that I may have had more of an intolerance for it as sometimes I would feel sicker. However my health at that time was deteriorating.