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  1. Sorry to hear that, I can relate though. In my case the thinking, analyzing can turn to paranoia on the rare occasion. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful reply. I'll have to reread and mull it over. Bit exhausted from trying to interact too much today.
  2. Perhaps I should have asked this..What are your impressions on how the NT mind works? Explain as well as you can how your mind works etc. I was kind of hoping the conversation would organically flow in that direction..
  3. Somehow I feel like my question has been misconstrued. I definitely would not exchange my aspie-ness for being an Nt. I am (in true aspie fashion) insanely curious as to how my mind works and how the nt mind works. Psychology and Neuroscience are both huge interests of mine.
  4. Was told I had traits in childhood and was diagnosed as an adult. Got a new therapist and (apparently misdiagnosis of it is common) I actually have ASD.
  5. I asked my Nt husband about this. It's hard to explain how one thinks, but since we've been together for a number of years, he knows me pretty well. He said to imagine that the bored, antsy feeling in between interests or the need to daydream isn't there. That you can literally not be thinking anything. Obviously, it's a hell of a lot more complex, but still...Have any thoughts on the subject?
  6. Hi. I'm autistic, apparently that means I'm completely and utterly insane and will never be able to interact with people correctly. Crazy boards, I hope you live up to your name. Also, I'm twitchy as fuck.