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  1. Lithium is the best med IMO for mood stabilization. Currently on a dose of 1200mg(have been on higher doses but hands shake) wouldn’t reccomend taking it without an antipsychotic if psychosis is an issue. Won’t be enough on its own.
  2. Never have done kundalini but have practiced many forms of yoga and meditation. I’ve been hesitant to try kundalini because of the cult like atmosphere surrounding it with regards to people who do kundalini. I think (for me) that any form of yoga or meditation can potentially trigger a psychotic episode, even on medication.
  3. Using sad lamp. Unsure how helpful it is mood wise but very helpful in getting my @$$ out of bed. tried sam-e against my pdocs advice. It elevated my mood to high and really elevated my libido to a level I’m not comfortable with. I discontinued after four days. The price was not sustainable in the long term as mentioned by a couple posters above.
  4. Everyone is different. I’m on both plus depakote and I have no problem with dysfunction.
  5. Xanax XR

    Probably but I think Xanax should only be prescribed when all other benzos have been tried first. I shouldn’t have made such a black and white statement regarding Xanax.
  6. Xanax XR

    If you want a longer acting benzo try Valium or klonopin. Xanax should be banned, such high abuse potential and many do.
  7. Could you take more hydroxyzine? Add melatonin with that and get through the night till you can get your pdoc on the phone
  8. Call your pdoc or gp and have them call in trazadone to your pharmacy. What other meds do you take?
  9. Temazepam?

    I took restoril years ago. I generally don’t feel rested using any benzos for sleep. I prefer seroquel.
  10. DBSA support groups

    I go every week. I find it very helpful, there are different groups at the DBSA meeting I goto (ie depression, manic bipolar, young people, family & friends) and yes its peer run
  11. Amphetamines are only going to heighten the anxiety. I would give abilify another try but maybe someone else can offer better advice. Sorry you’re struggling.
  12. I think therapy for binge eating would be more appropriate than amphetamine use. Amphetamine use would be very dangerous for someone with an eating disorder imo. Abuse potential would be high.
  13. Amphetamines can make you jittery and anxious, especially if you’re prone to anxiety. Abilify could be a good option that would be stimulating without the jitters.
  14. Blood Levels should be between 50-110 I believe