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  1. nah...pretty passive-aggressive. wel since this is your first interaction with me, i think i have the impression i need going forward lol.
  2. well ok. but then it's just my own view. i'm not bothered if you don't like it or not.
  3. estoy aqui....

    This is an introduction post. I have posted some other threads, but this is what: - i used to see some NHS "people" years ago, who because they were spiritualists and "thought I looked intelligent" and deserved to be bullied and then said I shouldn't amount to much since i was nothing in life. because of this, i hold an immense of hatred of psychiatry and believe it should be banned for all future time. even in millennia time, it should not see the time of day. - I can speak intermediate Spanish, as a first step to being a polyglot. So yes, I am here.... - I despise psychiatry so much, that I post on various site promoting my anti-psychiatry theories. it's pretty much telling, since everybody says it's "benevolent", but it's a just a lie. - I am a digital marketer, and I work as an online dispath co-ordinator in Northampton, UK. I run several social media accounts, and have grown followers on all of them, and boosted engagement many times. - I don't think i have a diagnosed disorder, but then i have the feeling that medical NHS "pros" are out to label me with things they would never dare their favourites...i'm not bothered really. i genuninely don't care who likes/respects me or not, i don't dwell it ever.... - I don't like hot women. i find they are socially grating and entitled, and they all have malevolent attitudes. it's not for me to be around negativity. i'm probably too independent for my own good. but i don't care. i love to just go on a bus, and visit places. so i am bitter a bit, but whatever. i just accept it as is. -
  4. she intentionally barged into me as she was going to use the restroom, and didn't even seem apologetic. i guess she was hot, and all hot women have an attitude.
  5. the NHS say it is, or at least they say it to me.... will they section me for it? i hope so. i am thnking of dating a trans woman. i guess they will section me up too..good. i know they despise me haha.
  6. Considering therapists/docs tend to be very subjective in how they doll out things...will they section me for these things: - Swearing liberally on occasion (Gordon Ramsay does it, I don't see them sectioning him. is he special somehow??) - Seeing trans porn.....millions do it, am I the odd one out?? if so, good... - not caring about shitty soap operas. the NHS "people" threatened to medicate me since it was "not per common norms and fitting in". yes, this is in their texts., right. fools.
  7. the NHS are bulles. they told me all of this: that "I deserved to be bullied" when I never mentioned such to them. they did it to just exert power of me... that homosexuality is a sin, and should be discouraged. that it's wrong to have sex and be horny. that i "look intelligent" and deserve to be beaten. so they are bullies, and only rely on some random retard bias. it's the truth lol.... for instance, would they tell this to somebody who looked like this.... I doubt it sincerely....lol. Well they can lock me up for normal stuff people do...