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  1. Okay, yeah I want to give it a chance but everyday is such a struggle, my appt is on the 17th and that will be exactly a month on Pristiq. I've never been on a SNRI before so this is all new to me. Today I felt okay, so we shall see. I'm sorry you feel that way, I feel super fatigued too. I mean I've always felt that way on Celexa but now it's even worse, I basically want to lay down all day. I'm not noticing any spacyness or confusion. The other supplement I'm taking is a prenatal prescription, Ensure. I think for like folic acid and stuff my body doesn't produce. She also mentioned lithium down the road if I need it.
  2. Ok so long story short, I have been on different SSRIs for over 10 years and none of them helped. I am diagnosed with depression, general anxiety, and social anxiety. All my psychs were pretty shit and didn't care about me, so after my latest one moved far away, I found a psych that did genetic testing. So the test basically tells you what medications will actually work for you, narrowing the list down, even including things such as Tylenol and other brands. My body metabolizes the SSRIs way too quickly so they do jack shit. (!!!!) Okay cool so I've been on Celexa a few years. The plan is to cross taper Celexa and Pristiq over 7 days and take this otc supplement that I need. So I've been on Pristiq a little over 2 weeks. I feel like shit. I'm fatigued 24/7 and I have like super depression now and I can't be assed to do ANYTHING, even talk sometimes. Now, is this normal to feel worse and it just takes more time or what? Has anyone been in this situation? EDIT: I forgot to mention, I was born with depression/anxiety, it's a physical thing because my body is retarded and doesn't produce enough stuff. THANKS MOM