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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, it looks like alot of you have decided to put them out there to see, luckily here in canada it is freezing winter right now but in the summer maybe ill give it a go, the main problem for me is i have serious keloid scarring, raised and large because I never sought out medical help to stitch the serious wounds, i doubt they will ever heal to a point of being completely unnoticable, but hearing from some people who have been there and just let it be gives me more of a reason to just let it be.
  2. Thanks Rabbit I think im almost at the point of just letting them show, I feel like it might scare some people but at least maybe if i can get a light tan at least on my arms it might help, has anyone ever tried that tattoo cover up? A friend told me it would work being pretty thick but i think it would be a pain to wake up everyday to put makeup on my arms. Thanks anyways and oh I really dont plan on it, dark days, glad to be here.
  3. Hey, new to this board. About 2 years ago my life spiraled out of control and due to personal reasons I began to self harm using various methods, cutting and burning mostly. Quickly I went from making one or two cuts to virtually covering my entire body with close to 300 deep scars. I can only hide them if i wear long pants and long sleeves, which really makes it hard to find a job due to short sleeve dress codes and the heat in the summer. Im better now after spending two years inpatient doing dbt and intense personality disorder training but I just wanted to hear some opinions from some of you, do you still hide the marks or have you hit a point where you let the world see and accept it? Thanks for your feedback.