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  1. I have many of your issues, This combo saved me Abilify maintena/lamictal/ sertraline....
  2. Abilify cured my drinking problem. I opened a thread about it. It is called doc cured my alcoholism without meaning to 15/01/2018 ps if you google abilify /euphoria/ alcohol you can read more stories about abilify. i m 100% convinced that this drug changes a certain type of alcoholic barin chemistry
  3. This is my story. 20 years ago i developed clinical depression possibly bipolar 2 That was bad enough but the change in brain chemistry turned me into an immediate overnight alcoholic. I developed 4 problems. 1 My off switch broke . 1 drink would trigger mega cravings for more. 2 I became a messy fighting drunk 3 I developed horrendous blackouts 4 I had horrendous hangovers nothing worked for 20 years and they tried to shove me into AA. I refused to go. Last year I found a new psychiatrist. She px me Lamictal. It wiped out a layer of pacing agitated depression but I was still an alcoholic. She px me Abilify maintena injections. My alcoholism disappeared in a puff of smoke. All 4 problems disappeared immediately She put me on Sertraline for some residual depression/anxiety and I never looked back. I am a normal drinker now. If you know anything about alcoholism then you will know what this cure meant to me. I think it is a miracle. My psychiatrist is not that interested. She just didnt get it. The internet shows there is little or no research on the subject. All I can do now is post my story on the psych forums in the hope of leaving a paper trail for people who are interested. needless to say I think the literature on dual diagnosis is rubbish...and dont even start me on AA