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  1. I often listen to podcasts while I go to sleep. It helps a lot.
  2. Is this the first time you've engaged in services? I had one bad experience but that was in a general psych assessment that didn't ask any trauma screen symptoms. After that my tdoc wrote a note for me. You can say "I can't talk about those details" or even write out a note to the doctor if you think you might freeze up or zone out. Avoidance of traumatic memories is a key symptom of PTSD so you don't need to stress about that. The guilt? that's really common and another symptom of PTSD. Let us know how you go with the assessment, if that would help.
  3. Using cognitive defusion (from acceptance and commitment therapy) helps but usually I just distract.
  4. Dissociation is a continuum from driving somewhere and not remembering how you got there through to the more extreme DID. Dissociation can be due to trauma, but people can experience depersonalization from severe anxiety without trauma. My dissociation comes from childhood trauma. I feel like there's a spaceyness in my head. I know I'm still me but it doesn't feel quite right.
  5. I found driving hard after a bad accident. Turning across paths of traffic at lights was particularly anxiety provoking and I would take long detours to avoid it. One day I was so sick of it that I googled and found that there was a lot of driving instructors who actually specialise in that sort of thing. had an hour session in the instructors car with dual controls and just that one session helped so much. I wish I did it earlier.
  6. Feeling sick and run down might make you a bit more vulnerable to anxiety symptoms. I haven't ever heard of panic attacks becoming dangerous whilst you are sick. Health anxiety can often occur for people who have anxiety disorders. Is it something you worry about a lot? sometimes it can be helpful to see a psychologist to focus on changing the thoughts about being sick.
  7. I saw a reddit post about this a few days ago and was amazed that I wasn't the only one. I relive cringeworthy things I did from five years ago. Silly anxious thoughts.
  8. It's very likely I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, although I haven't had a tilt table test to confirm. I've heard a lot of anecdotal evidence that increasing salt can help but I'm worried it will mess with the lithium levels. Is that a big risk?
  9. If you want diet info see this thread
  10. I've been having very painful foot cramps lately. I can sometimes see my big toe twitching. It's been hurting tonight for about 20 minutes. I'm taking magnesium already but I'm wondering if I need to go see a GP. Has anybody had this from lithium or any of the other drugs I'm on? What helps?
  11. It doesn't really bother me if people say that as long as I know they are genuine. I feel like they are acknowledging it was shit and also not trying to fix or invalidate me. I don't have a good response to add - I usually just say thank you. Offering a hug is a bit weird.
  12. There is one difference between somatic experience (peter levine) and sensormotor psychotherapy (pat ogden) is that sensorimotor focuses more on a theory that people need 'complete' an action sequence that they could not at the time of the trauma (e.g pushing somebody away, punching). I didn't find that part specifically helpful at all and I really disliked it. Noticing what my body was doing WAS helpful, and that was more down the path of mindfulness.
  13. "You are safe right now, and I'm right here with you"
  14. Research suggests that psychologists are actually far less likely to be religious than members of the general population. Sorry so many of you have had such awful experiences. I've had religious friends who had therapists refuse to listen to their point of view that faith was a valuable resource for them. She was kinda bent on the 'all religion is harmful' view. Tdocs need to separate their own beliefs (or lack thereof) from therapy entirely.
  15. I use adblocker so I try to donate when I can to make up for lost revenue. Sometimes people go on to discuss specific ads they see on CB, just a pre-emptive not to. It's against google TOS and could cost CB the money it needs to keep running.