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  1. My mom bought me this one, which claims to block over 99% of harmful UV. I'm sure there are cheaper ones. I haven't used it regularly, although I do have it on right now on this rainy afternoon. I'm lying on the couch with it behind me to simulate sunlight in the room. I don't like looking directly at it, so I haven't used it correctly, I suppose. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PCN4UVU/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?pd_rd_i=B00PCN4UVU&pd_rd_wg=0XuCQ&pd_rd_r=3CPTMGA0PM5Q60SWB3V8&pd_rd_w=iQq4R&th=1
  2. Welcome. I haven't noticed any hair loss (any more than usual for me. I'm a 50-year-old guy blessed with a full head of hair. It's long-ish right now, and I seem to notice more laying around when it's that length) with trintellix, but YMMV. Glad you've been able to stop the stims. They do cause hair loss, and I personally hated them. Hope trintellix continues to work for you.
  3. Feeling a bit better today. Got some 5 mg samples from my GP today, so I can get another rx for 10 mg from my PA tomorrow and start trying to titrate up some more.
  4. I feel the trintellix may be pooping out for the last week. Side effects have mostly all passed, just very slight nausea/headache sometimes, even on an empty stomach. But the alertness/awakeness/ambition I had felt at times has disappeared. Tired during the day and depressed. Been at 10 mg for at least 3 weeks, so maybe time to try 15. Going to talk to my PA about it day after tomorrow.
  5. A rare side effect of Cymbalta is mydriasis (dilated pupils), which could be a problem for people with narrow angle glaucoma. Otherwise, where (other than on homeopathic remedy websites) are you getting this information about PVDs and retinal detachments? As an eye professional, I can concur that PVDs are common, especially in older people. PVDs can uncommonly lead to retinal detachments, but in themselves are merely troublesome. If you're nearsighted (have a - eyeglasses prescription), your chance of PVD is greater.
  6. ECT

    I had the initial round (12 treatments? I don't remember) about 10 years ago. I didn't notice any miraculous results short-term (and was never sure if there were any long-term). But I was pretty messed up for awhile before and after that period. I can't say that it messed with my cognition long-term, but I certainly don't remember much from around the time it was done. Strangely I do have specific memories--being in the recovery area pre-op and especially the odd beeping noise the machine made.
  7. Hard to tell if I've gained any in a month, since I don't weigh myself regularly, but I certainly haven't lost any. My appetite and eating habits haven't changed substantially.
  8. Sorry to revive an old thread, but the secret with getting trazodone to knock you out is taking it with carbs/and or sugars. The more, the better, unfortunately. Eat junk food and you'll begin to feel that hypnotic effect kick in. Then jump in bed; it also seems you have a window of maybe 30 min. to an hour to get in bed and let it do its work. That's not to say it'll keep you asleep, and you may have some hangover in the morning, especially early in use, but it usually responds to caffeine.
  9. I'll definitely stay on it. 10 mg for now. The side effects aren't intolerable by any means, just increased slightly the last couple of days. This morning seems better with half a zofran and 200 mg ibuprofen. I still have a couple of weeks until I see my pdoc. I extended my next visit 2 weeks since I have enough med until then and seemed to be doing well at 10 mg.
  10. Regarding Zofran, I found a study that discounted the likelihood of it causing serotonin syndrome: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4883185/
  11. 22 days into trintellix (8 on 10 mg), definitely feeling increased side effects over the last couple of days. Aching, nausea, general flu-like feeling, especially today. Continued constipation. Possible sexual inhibition. All of this is still relatively mild, but worse over the last few days. Also (perhaps due to dealing with side effects) feeling a little more anxious and down than I had been.
  12. Yeah, I use nsaids sparingly and never had any problem with stomach bleeding. What do you think of D2 vs D3? My doc prescribed 50,000 u of D2 once weekly for a deficiency, but the net says D3 is better. Does this mean OTC D3 is better than rx D2?
  13. Yeah, I've got a PA, so insurance isn't a problem. I have a sample of brintellix 5mg from a couple of years ago, and several weeks samples of trintellix 10 mg. But I'll probably just cut a 10 mg trintellix when I'm ready to go up to 15. Not precise, but it seems to work okay. Had a little bit of headache/backache, very slight nausea this morning but nothing a couple of ibuprofen and half a zofran couldn't handle.
  14. What dose trintellix were you taking? Are you taking anything else? Did the RLS start with the trintellix?
  15. At 10 mg, still good almost two weeks after starting med. Pruritus seems to be lessened, no headaches, nausea. Can take on an empty stomach, though I usually eat afterward. Stool firmer than usual, but I wouldn't call it constipation. Sleep normal or better; wake multiple times during night, but can generally get back to sleep, although still hard to get motivated out of bed, but fine once I do. Mood, affect still good, especially during daylight hours. Feeling more motivated, though challenges still present some anxiety, but much less than a few months ago. Still have a couple of weeks left on current rx, so I plan to stay at 10 mg, maybe try 15 toward the end.