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  1. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Better. Clearer. Calmer.
  2. Gabapentin. irritability, anger, ruminations, anxiety and depression handled by it. makes me wonder if I just have an anxiety disorder.
  3. I’d say that it might be a good idea to try 600. I noticed a pretty big change going from 300 to 600. Still a low dose in the grand scheme of things less anger and irritability. Much less anxiety. I’m able to get over things much easier that bother me if it makes any sense. Not immune to being perturbed, but definitely takes the edge off
  4. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Okish. slept 8 hrs for the first time in months. Adjusting meds to take 400 mg gabapentin in the morning and 200 at night....to break the cycle of wired and tired irritable apathy. Hopefully. Still on ir Wellbutrin. what is this? Anyone else get this too? I’m irritable and angry. Getting pissed at minor things, yet at the same time I don’t care. Doesn’t getting angry at things mean that I’m not apathetic? Wtf.
  5. Saline could work. Just needs to be isotonic
  6. are you still at 300-ish? ...nm I wonder if a higher dose would also help your hallucinations?
  7. Notloki has a point. all the withdrawal symptoms that you describe are exactly the symptoms that gabapentin handles for me.
  8. i has to taper once. Same dose Decrease by 100 mg every 3 days or a week. i had zero withdrawal.
  9. Remeron hits 5ht3 if you want to go down that route.
  10. Benzos with sleepiness could definitely be a thing. However, if you need the benzo for anxiety, how about adding a low dose of Wellbutrin? Nortriptyline does hit NET pretty hard though..not sure if an NDRI on top of that would be a bit much. Stimulating at any rate. If you do happen to be bipolar, it statistically has the lowest chance of hypo/manic switching. Perhaps ask your doc about that?
  11. Never tell work unless it's for an accommodation and only what they need to know. Workwise..I never tell them I'm calling in sick as I'm losing my mind. 24 hr flu, stomach bug, food poisoning. Everyone understands those. Treatment professionals? My optometrist and dentist gave me a raised eyebrow or two but didn't act weird. I went with "mood disorder" to explain some of the weirdness that happened as an SE. Would have provided more info, but they did not ask so I did not volunteer. Personal life, on an as needed basis. Unless the person you are talking to has experienced it or some other sort of MI, they're not going to understand and things will just be awkward at best, shit at worst.
  12. hex bar deadlifts and shrugs yesterday. pause rep ring dips, pull ups, push ups and ring rows today. clears my mind, calms me down. ps. L-sits suck so much....