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  1. Curious, what was lyrica originally prescribed for? Pain and it happened to help your mood? Or explicitly for mood?
  2. She'll probably be a hell of a lot madder if you end up sicker from the lithium. As expensive as the ER is, it's probably much cheaper than a hospital stay or whatever treatment you'll have to endure to deal with lithium toxicity.
  3. Had to Titrate as well in 100 mg intervals. Never went over 600 mg per day which in the grand scheme of things is a low dose. No sides aside from dose dependent itching. Originally for sleep but moodwise closest thing ive had to a silver bullet. Completely got rid of suicidal thoughts. Didn't remove ruminations entirely but I was able to control them better, if that makes any sense.
  4. Questions Thread

    Don’t believe that I am capable of love. mustard is gross, am I right?
  5. Thanks. Yeah I gave it a go a few times. Using anti histamines prophylacticly works but doesn’t seem to knock it out once it had started very well unless I use a first generation antihistamine. Ended up moving to Mirtazapine. Better in some respects, worse on others.
  6. sorry

    Standard disclaimer of I'm not a doctor/not real advice, but this sounds like hypomania. My dx is mdd, however I've been told to watch for abnormal elevated moods as that would be a hypomanic switch.
  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Tired. Stupid remeron
  8. Same here. If you or anyone has figured out how to break the cycle, it would be greatly appreciated if they shared.
  9. interesting, thanks for your reply. have you had over 300mgs in the past or as 300 been your max? seems dose dependent in my case.
  10. Hey everybody. I figured I might as well introduce myself here. Been lurking here for a while, after finding this board when I was googling around to figure out why Wellbutrin was putting me to sleep. MDD, recurrent, ever since I was a pre-teen. Treatment on and off, though mostly off. Came to a head where I realized that I can't take it anymore. Suppose I'm sort of a strange case where I'm functional and even thriving at work, but have absolutely zero personal life aside from a handful of friends that are getting more distant as we get older. Dead on the inside as it goes. Trying to claw my way to living, but I'd settle for some undead compromise. I generally lurk hardcore on whatever online forum that happens to pique my interest, but you folks seem to be decent., so hey, might as well participate. Giving my support, even if tacit,to everyone here. We're all in this together but we die alone, right? Right.
  11. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

  12. I’ve been on a low dose, off and on of 300-600mg of gabapentin, nightly, originally for sleep. Found that it has a very positive effect on my moods. Nothing short of amazing, really. has anyone here experienced whole body itching and occasional hives on it? If so, does it go away?
  13. Can you reach out to your pdoc ahead of time? Phone? Email? This sounds like an emergency.