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  1. suggestions

    Wellbutrin. An ndri. Doesn't touch serotonin
  2. You are doing everything right, don’t worry. There are plenty of other SSRIs which both handle depression and anxiety. Could you not ask for something like that? According to dr google and nurse practitioner Wikipedia, trintellix hasn’t been found to be clinically effective for anxiety. Off the top of my head, Paxil is supposedly good for both of those conditions. You can also take the whole patient assistance snafu/stress out of consideration as Paxil is generic and dirt cheap. Antidepressants are hit or miss, the fact that based on your progress on the depression front, you are doing well. While only half of your issues, that in itself is huge. Lots of us bounce from one ad to another before we find one that works or doesn’t make the depression worse. Devil’s advocate here. You stated that you cannot afford a pdoc. So any gp you find, it would stand to reason that they would not have the proper training and experience to evaluate, prescribe and treat your depression, either. Same could be said for a second opinion as again, it would be a gp. In theory you will be trading like for like. What is your acceptance criteria here for another doc? Get one less aggressive in treatments and rock and roll? my recommendation is still, talk to the pharmacist and if that doesn’t work, be honest and talk to your doc. If that turns out to be unworkable, then start the hunt for a new one or a second opinion. This is a hard process, no doubt. Try taking things one at a time.
  3. Agreed. I was pretty surprised too as isn’t it generally the case that mood stabilizer are only added after failing multiple ads and some manic or non manic markers of bp are present? How does it usually go for people with bp? Always been somewhat curious, especially for bp 1. If a psychotic episode isn’t what brought a person in, is it usually an ad merry go round?
  4. Right on. Let us know how it goes. We’re here for you if you have any more questions or concerns.
  5. How about this? Call the pharmacist/pharmacy and ask about titration and dosages. Mention that you were just prescribed this, and that you were curios about the starting dose. The pharmacist should catch this unusual for mood disorders,starting dose at 50. or, say to your pharmacist or doc that you were looking up prices on goodrx, which is perfectly reasonable, saw the dosing information and want to confirm the titration schedule? The dose is in the link below. While @iceberg is totally right, lamictal is for bipolar, it’s mdd use is off label. FYI, plenty of psych meds are used to successfully treat mood disorders despite not being fda approved for it. https://www.goodrx.com/lamictal/what-is dishonesty probably isn’t the best policy, but let’s get you over this hump first. Side note, your insurance company usually has a list of in network doctors. Might want to give them a call if you are looking for a second opinion
  6. Can you email or call? Sjs is Stevens-Johnson syndrome which is what @Iceberg was mentioning. Definitely not something to mess with.
  7. I’m concerned now. To lower the chance of sjs this is to be initially titrated at 25mg or in rare cases 12.5 mg and slowly increased. https://online.epocrates.com/u/101850/lamictal/adult+dosing have a chat with your doc about this before you proceed.
  8. Not unheard of if your doc thinks the ad is causing switching or mixed states. additionally the anticonvulsant class of medications generally have anxiolytic effects too which would help calm you down a bit. i do agree with @Geek that you’re changing too many things at once and you should give it some time as start up is always rough. sjs risk aside, lamictal has the reputation as the best mood stabilizer for distinct efficacy for depression and the least amount of side effects. if it makes you feel any better, a good number of us with mdd take mood stabilizers/anticonvulsants with our ads and benefit greatly from them.
  9. Wellbutrin xl

    so you have energy now? or mood? both?
  10. something to note if you do try XL. There was an issue with one generic manufacturer a few years back where their XL wasn't bio-equivalent and didn't quite work well..to the point it got recalled. If that happens to you on XL, you might want to switch generic mfgs or try the brand-name stuff if you can get it. There's also bupripion hydrobromide, Aplenzin, which some members here have found a bit more effective than bupropion HCL. Always an option if the HCL stuff doesn't agree with you.
  11. older article..but probably somewhat helpful. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1163271/ the seizure risk appears to be lower with SR vs IR. No data on XL but I believe i've seen it somewhere as lower than SR. Also of note the plasma concentrations definitely follow a different curve between the 3, with allegedly less insomnia with XL Can't quite comment if there's a 1:1 relationship between plasma concentration and mood/effect, but I would imagine if there was, the IR/SR would feel a bit different throughout the day. You might be on the IR right now at once a day to titrate. Do you feel it all day or does it peak and then taper off?
  12. Standard disclaimer that I'm not BP, so hey, maybe I don't know that i'm talking about here... However, I have been following your threads. This behavior of yours, IMO, seems a bit life-wrecking with the infidelity, unprotected sex, wanting to leave your husband and start a new life in another country, etc. Your doc gave you the zyprexa and dosed it according to how much cymbalta you were taking when you saw her right?..so 35 mg. If that's the case, despite it being new to you...by all indications it's great for mania..just take it and go from there. Go with her recommendations and don't try to adjust your cymbalta in lieu of taking the prescribed zyprexa. Good luck there, hope you start feeling better.
  13. whatever the weather

    115, lol.
  14. How many times per day are you taking it? If you can’t tell if you have ir or sr, I believe ir is 3x day, sr is 2x and xl is 1x. To be honest, it’s definitely a stick with it and see what happens sort of deal. Never had the honeymoon on 150xl myself but I’d imagine that as the dose gets higher it would get closer to any honeymoon on 100. good luck
  15. There’s generally a bit of a honeymoon period with bupropion. Xl, Sr or Ir? had maybe a week or two at week 6 on 300mg xl. I’d echo @Velvet Elvis take on it. about the same, just quite a bit more milder. Over time I’d say that bupropion is definitely a subtle drug, I can tell it’s still working but it’s not in your face. Least for me. Hope it didn’t poop out and that’s not what it’s supposed to be like.