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  1. Do you often lie to your pdoc?

    I must confess I do sometimes. The biggest lie was few years ago when I regularly came to her, took my prescriptions and didn't take the meds for almost one and a half year. It ended up with mania and psychosis of course and all came out. She wasn't angry with me, my family was though as I lied to them too. She only said I must have had some reasons to do that and she understands. I know it shouldn't work like this but knowing her for so many years I sometimes know exactly what she's going to say and do wiht my treatment and I must admit I manipulate the information I'm giving from time to time. Please tell me you do the same sometimes... or? are you always 100% honest with your doctor?
  2. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Thanks @Rabbit37 I'll survive somehow as always...and tequila sounds like a good solution for me too, so cheers!
  3. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Awful, I had very hurtfull clash with my husband, I feel like my self esteem is very low again, hope others have more lovely weekend than me...
  4. It's a shame to confess that after almost 9 years of trying to be cured just with meds I finally decided to add therapy to my treatment. The reasons for such late decision are complex and that's another subject. To make the story short, It's really hard for me to open up in real life in a front of a stranger and talk about my disease. What's more, I tried it few times in the hospital but was unlucky with the psychologists, so I gave up for a long time. After my last psychosis my husband made me give it another try. I was very suprised meeting very nice, really interested in what I'm saying person, asking the right questions and having very proffessional feedback for me. I left the room very happy this afternoon, but after a couple of hours being at home I started feeling very depressed and I cried all the evening through without the reason. It doesn't happen to me often to be that sad and cry like that. So my question is. Do you still remember your first therapy session? How did you feel after that? Did you have strange mixed feelings? Or is it just me and my craziness?
  5. I was actually thinking about this problem today as I've been down for the last few days. I don't have much experience in motherhood so far as I'm having little baby, but I was thinking about how I will manage with more days like this and the child. I have a comfort situation at the moment as my husband helps me a lot since he's not busy at work recently. But I think when you becoming a mother you got some extra power and motivation to get through. That's what I hope anyway... Regreting in my version of motherhood is more doubting if I'm good parent enough and while I feel down now I regret in the way that he deserves a better mum. If I was without a kid I would probably try again to live in another country, more culturaly different and...warmer this time, Asia or South America. But we might try it anyway in the future.
  6. I need to confess I sometimes wash down the meds with the coffee so I guess I do even the worse thing what doesn't make me the best exemple, but I don't think it has that major impact on drugs,that's only my opinion, but I try to avoid juices, esp. my favourite one, from grapefruite, as I heard is dangerous to mix it with some meds.
  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Feel exactly the same @Blahblah after I don't get enough sleep after meds. It's a pity we have to sleep our half lives through, but that's our fate I suppose. I somehow accepted this already.
  8. That's very interesting what the doc said. As it's my story too, before I got diagnosed my life looked just like that, though after I've been diagnosed I tend to have more manic episodes then depressive ones, I'm more depressed on meds by the way. About your personal experience I think you should talk to few more docs as right diagnosis is very important and don't be afraid of the process of choosing best drug or coctails for you. It takes some time but when you get there it can be only better. To be honest I'm facing the same feelings and emotions as you mentioned without drugs, but I'm BP I with 4 psychosis so far. I don't think it's the same thing but it might be BP II in my opinion, do what you can to talk to more docs to be sure. Good luck!
  9. New to the Boards

    Welcome! It's very nice to have you here. Bad decisions in mania? I can tell you all about it, hope we can share experience.
  10. I can tell from my husband's experience as I don't use marijuana much as it always made me incredible sleepy...and hungry. Since I'm on meds I'm constantly on diet to stay fit so don't want to use anything that increases my appetite. He says cbd may works different than pure thc, reddit link from @echolocation might be very helpful. Please share your experience here if you decide to try it. It's very interesting. Good luck with your decision whatever it will be!
  11. Questions Thread

    Thanks for suggestion, I don't walk naked the house as I'm freezing too fast. What would be more embarrasing for you? catch your parents out having sex, or being catch yourself out by your parents?
  12. Questions Thread

    Okapi, My favourite plant herb at home is basil, very nice smell, oregano can do the same.
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  14. New Member

    Welcome, and good luck with your new treatments!
  15. No worries @Wonderful.Cheese it has always been in my head since I learnt about the problem. It's a very important issue for me too so thank you for rising it. Hope we can find some solutions togather.