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  1. Since then I've learned that people use semi automatic weapons for fun. At shooting galleries. Trump is speaking today for the NRA. In front of a huge american flag. How wonderful. YES to guns. NO to health insurance.
  2. Eek! A date on thursday. 

  3. Yes! so true. That was depressing realizing that Will was still "sick". Wonder how they address that in the next episodes. Twin Peaks!!! Cannot wait. Maybe they have it at the library.
  4.  Not everything that counts can be counted,  and not everything that can be counted counts. 

  5. I wish I could drink a latte and eat Greek bagels without getting an upset stomach
  6. I won't bore you with the details. She wants one now. Today. This afternoon. That won't happen. But: I want to know your experiences with the healing. How long? She has allergies now, sniffing alot! Is that problem? She was going to wait until next fall, right before starting college, now she wants it for prom. Which means the whole summer at camp as a counselor, dealing with the nose ring. Is this a nothing deal? Like getting your ears pierced?
  7. '...the most evolved person is seemingly a contradiction - they are both the strongest and the most vulnerable person in the room.'

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