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    So long childish!! We loved you!!!
  4. @Sunshine7 so sorry!! What a drag. I know this is a week late, but for next time maybe... Renewing Aplenzin was always a drag. Every single year. I think I was the only one taking it in my town LOL. But my pharmacist would get me a few pills if I needed. Since we wouldn’t know ahead of time, I would just have to guess then renewal was coming up. I would also renew each bottle five days early. This gives you extra pills for when you run out. Using generic bupropion is a great suggestion Again this is something my pharmacist would help me with. This is NOT a med to stop abruptly and he knows that One of the many reasons I go to the local pharmacy and not Rite Aide Were you able to get the meds?
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    hahahala. LUV Randy. What The Fuck you guys is right!!!!
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  12. YES. Absolutely HATED the immediate release Wellbutrin. Too strong a med to be dumped out all at once in my sensitive body. The SR - sustained release, 12 hour, was also awful. By the time it wore off I was depressed and then going to sleep when I had to take another one! Settled on the extended release. Eventually switched to Aplenzin because...it was only one pill for the same amount as the 450 XL. I never ever took a generic. Always always the brand. Sorry....didn't read all of the posts, apologize if this is all besides the point. :-}