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  1. haha. My girl does. I try to avoid ice cream altogether. The Person below me is sick and tried of listening to the news lately and turns it off more often than not.
  2. yes, yes, yes!! YOur topic really piqued me in many ways. lol My physical therapist was like, "Ok. What's wrong?". All I was doing was looking at my phone trying to figure out how to say what you just said. lol It is depression. Truly. That does not necessarily make a difference but it can CHANGE the way you approach your life.
  3. Do you think jt that the boredom is a symptom of your depression? I keep going back to this topic. These feelings are so familiar. The lack of interest. The inability to want to do anything. Or when doing anything, it all seems pointless and unnecessary. But I never thought of this as boredom, only depression. For interest, I have a cousin that is very close to my age. I have watched her grow up and we are now best friends. But from the beginning I have always envied her ability to just 'do' and 'be'. Without meds or self medication, she seems to enjoy life and get high on simple things. For me, it is always SO much more difficult. Even with the stuff that I LOVE. Nothing is ever easy. Nothing ever comes along happily and playfully. Cuz does have issues. Of course. What I've learned over the years is that my life is also filled to the brim BUT there are days and days and weeks and week when nothing gets done, nothing seems joyful, nothing is interesting. And yet, my life is the same as the day or week or year before. I used to think she had more to do was better at more and knew more people. But none of that is true. She is just not depressed.
  4. Yes!! My girl always thought it was strange. In the winter not so much, socks or a t-shirt sometimes. But I lurve sleeping nekkid. The person below ME! loves to......put milk duds in their popcorn at the movies. or would now that they know about it.
  5. This is me when I am depressed. Nothing works. I am living in sludge that pulls me down from whatever sparkle of distraction tries to get me out. I was am always will be a functional depressive. In my 50's therapy meds crazyboards mindfulness brought the illness to more understandable manageable level. But I have no illusions. I hope my post did not sound dismissive. It's not like I have a magic trick that always works. My major depression is triggered. My dysthymia is always snooping around. Today at PT I am silent. Everyone is annoying me and I have no energy for the exercises I want to go home and hide. This year was hard. I lost so much. Sometimes all that keeps me going is telling myself one day at a time. I am blessed with passions but they do no good when my mind tells me my art is shit and worthless and stop now and there is no point. Ruminating is deadly. Vicious cycle like ruts in the brain we veer into at every turn. For me trying to use my brain to get out of a rut works like quicksand, digs me deeper under the earth. I have to physically move my body, get up, take a step. It sounds like you're doing everything you can. You say you have tried many hobbies and many distractions. Does everything always seem boring? Was there anything ever that engaged your interest fully? There are never any easy answers with depression. All that matters right now is this very minute, this very hour. All that crap that goes on in our mind is exactly that crap. I am currently procrastinating the laundry, too tired to get off the bed to do a omething else. But I am looking out the window at a tree, and a little bit of blue sky. That's got to be enough for now. The fact that you posted this injury is a really good sign. Maybe writing about the boredom will help the boredom
  6. Another one here who is never bored. Depressed yes, bored no. I don't know why. I definitely live in my head AND my emotions. Both always. I have alot to do at my home: oil paint, read books, play with kitties, make tea, clean clean clean (UGH UGH UGH), do my volunteer work for freecycle on the computer, check out dating apps, read the gossip blogs, backup my computer which I haven't done in AGES. Most of this is really life stuff I am putting off or fun stuff I am trying to put in. What helps me with depression is distraction. And this is what is saving my life right now: Pokemon Go. I am at level 25.Went into a pokemom gym today for the first time. It gets me out of the house, I am very competitive with myself so I am constantly catching pokemon, I refuse to spend money on it so I have to figure out ways to get to the pokestops, I love the pokemon characters - some are annoying, some are gorgeous, some are cute, some are deadly. lol Anyway - boredom I think is really depression. You are bored because you are too depressed to do anything. That is an extremely hard rut to jump out of. Distraction, distraction, distraction. There are a few things I can do while depressed: read, sleep, make tea, play with kitties, play pokemon go. Make sure you home is a safe place and fill it with stuff you like to do. When you are invited somewhere, DRAG yourself there even if it is the LAST thing on earth you want to do. Living your life is the only way to find out what brings you pleasure. I think I knew from early on that drawing gave me pleasure, but it wasn't until my 50's I allowed myself to draw and paint my heart out. Find your dream your passion, and never let it go.