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  1. Fighting depression all day like it's a bad cold or a dour friend right behind me who slips into the ether when I turn around.

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    2. water


      yep! Distraction  Distraction  Distraction  Distraction.

      And remembering that I am NOT living in the house of hell.
      My life is in a different place.
      Shoot that intrusive critical voice out a cannon and into space.

    3. M@ri

      [email protected]

      Sometimes it helps me to remind myself that moods change and that it's not forever. Distractions, I need to pick healthier distractions.

    4. water


      My cousin calls it DOD. Depression on Drugs. You know it is not forever. 

  2. HOT and HUMID again. ugh awk ick. I have been drenched in sweat for days. It did rain but....nothing is cooling off. I am in the middle of the fucking little town rainforest. If ANYONE dares to deny climate change, I will.....wham with the right pinkie. lol
  3. Finally raining after WEEKS and WEEKS. So fucking hot and humid, I've been in and out of a shitty mood for days. lol
  4. If I'm not sure I'm attracted to someone, doesn't that mean I'm not?

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    2. water


      So go out with him again?

    3. jt07


      If you're not sure you are attracted to him, then it makes sense to go out with him again to try to be sure one way or the other.

    4. ninetynine


      Yes, I agree with JT. I've had two long- term relationships in which I was unsure at the beginning. Have also had others when I was immediately blown away. It's okay either way. 💛