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  1. Very bad pain in nipples. Doc has told me what the causes are. Waiting on more tests now.
  2. Actually it’s been progressing for around a year. Possibly more? I’m only asking if someone else had the problem cause there are only a handful of reasons why it would happen-AAP’s and pituitary tumor are the only that could apply to me.
  3. I am on trazadone, but I’ve been on it for...at least 15 years? Wonder if it can just later, happen out of the blue. He breast pain has been going on for a year or so. I think she’ll order an mri to rule out pituitary tumor. Nervous and impatient. I read a bit off google, and it also says it can make one moody when elevated. Scared, but at least there’s tx either way. Just want my decent mood back. Thanks for answering! And for an in-depth reply. Thanks 🙏
  4. Does anyone have a list or info on which meds cause high prolactin levels? Seriously painful breasts for a year doc finally taking it serious Can Geodon do it or Lamictal? Trying to think of meds I’ve been on a year or longer. Oh, and Lamictal. And lunesta, trazadone. Help?
  5. Does it decrease your appetite? I’m trying to choose between this and trintellix atm. How did you get ketamine? Did insurance cover it? And hi again!
  6. The only thing she’s not aware of is taking half mg of Xanax instead of the full mg. Thanks Thanks 🙏
  7. Thanks so much for such a thoughtful, supportive reply...people like you are what keeps my little hope in humanity alive. I actually go to bed at 9 because no matter what I can’t sleep later than four or five. Which sucks. I’ve had horrible sleep for the past month waking every couple of hours and even though I took the 3mg last night, I still woke up for 2 hours from one to three! SO frustrating, and does not help my mood. So I’m grouchy yet again, snipping at my baby (dog) and can’t seem to smile at anyone. So tonight I’m saying screw it and taking a full dose of Xanax before bed before I start feeling rage again. I don’t want to get addicted to it so I usually just take half the mg she gives me. You really helped educate me on this. I had no idea about how half-lives affect how long it takes to work. I have been on the 1.5 for a good few weeks, but I’m guessing I need the 3. Im so very grateful for your in-depth reply. Thanks 🙏
  8. Ok thanks! I opted for the Vraylar so instead of 1.5 this am, I’ll try the 3 tonight. Thanks for the thoughtful and extensive reply! That helped a LOT. If this Vraylar ends up messing up, I’ll definitely try Rexulti next! I’m desperate for stimulation/motivation! Thanks 🙏 so much. I’m going to try 3mg Vraylar tonight. Took in the am and slept all day! But it seems I definitely need it higher. Doesn’t sedate at this dose, but still isn’t helping motivation/depression much. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hi Brand New, Need Stim Opinions

    Wow! So much excellent information! Thank you! I’m actually on the IR Adderall. It’s just making me irritable and not working as well as at first. Some yes, but not at all the same. She already is uncomfortable with me on 3 controlled meds-Adderall, Xanax, lunesta-that if I brought up Dexedrine again, I’m afraid she may get angry. 😮 she is very, very sweet though, and she actually has schizo-affective disorder herself! (I’m BP1) so she relates to my frustrations very well. I’m afraid to take any ER meds, as my insomnia is fairly constant as is. I’m thinking I’ll definitely ask to try that newer one that is dex though. Im just now getting stable from a mixed episode, thank goodness for Vraylar! So I’ll probably play it safe and wait for 2-3 months before bringing up the new one. 😝 Thanks so so much for such a thoughtful, helpful response! Have a great weekend! Thanks for the feedback! Have a great night!
  10. Hi Brand New, Need Stim Opinions

    My iPad! Can you see it then?
  11. I’m extremely grateful as well! I wonder if 1.5 is even a therapeutic dose? I was sooooo third on 3 but perhaps if I take it at night? But even taking mine T 6am, im still waking up at 330 am every night. But since I’m so tired on three maybe it’ll help me sleep. I dunno! 😝 I’m scared to try and even lose ONE night of sleep cause I’m a raving jerk the next day. I ended up hypomanic on Friday, she told me to stop Viibryd, then I felt awful all weekend, so now I’m back on it! 😆 I NEED my hypomania! Been too depressed for too long. Thanks SO much for your in depth reply! Me too!
  12. Question: do you take Vraylar in the evening? I tried the 3 mg and I could barely stay awake...many naps that day. Now I’m back on 1.5.
  13. Hi Brand New, Need Stim Opinions

    Testing to see if signature shows up. Jesus fee old! I went to signature page, typed it all in, clicked save, still nothing on posts. Grr, sigh.
  14. Hi Brand New, Need Stim Opinions

    I did manage to find the signature box, and typed all meds in there but it’s still not showing when I post. 😐 I feel so stupid lately. Gotta love AP’s.
  15. Hi Brand New, Need Stim Opinions

    Thanks 🙏