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  1. [email protected] eilatan. no. I’m currently taking trintellix. Just bumped from 5mg to 10mg and feeling very uneasy today. Today is day 1 of the increased dose. I hope the anxiety calms down this week. How do I cope this weekend when I have lots of parties to go to? Should I Xanax my way through? I have klonopin but that doesn’t always work as well as Xanax. I also ran on the treadmill this morning to try to tire myself out.
  2. THank you both. It’s good to hear you had good results with it! That’s the next med I will try. I’ll keep u posted.
  3. It’s good to know your appetite has stabilized. Yes I’m on 5mg. My doctor wants me to get up to 10mg.
  4. Hi All, This might be the next med i try if trintellix doesnt work. It seems kind of scary to try an "older" drug". Is anyone currently on this? And do you find it helps a lot with anxiety and panic. I need a med to crush these symptoms. I do go to therapy weekly, AND take Klonopin daily, but need something else.
  5. Very interesting eilatan. What are your thoughts on changing to clominiprine? I suffer for severe anxiety, obsessive thought and panic attacks
  6. It’s been about 3 week now and about one week on the 5mg. I started off at 2.5 mg for two weeks since I’m so sensitive to these meds .
  7. I'm on the smallest dose and my stomach is always hungry! I cannot afford to gain anymore weight. I've already gained 35+ pounds from various meds that i've tried in the past. I am currently trying weight watchers and somewhat watching what i'm eating. I'm going to add more fiber and try to drink more water. The issue is i feel angry and irritable with people lately. I also kind of drag during the day. No real motivation to do anything for myself or to even work (even though I go to work every day. If this med does work for my anxiety, do they typically give you something to surpress your appetite? Any one have this issue? thanks!
  8. I'm feeling insanely hungry and agitated on Trinellix and i'm only on 5MG. Has anyone else had this experience.
  9. Trintellix has increased my appetite so much. I don't feel full after any meal. I just left a message for my doc..... I don't want to put on more weight that i already have!
  10. I tried Viibryd (Free samples from the doctor's office) and could not tolerate it. I'm not on trintellix, which unfortunately isn't working yet.
  11. Cutting back on Klonopin

    Thank you. That gives me hope.
  12. I take klonopin and it helps. I wish I never started them but they were necessary at the time and still are
  13. Thank you. It’s just so scary when the heart is not behaving! Anxiety is a beast.
  14. Can anyone relate to this? I have anxiety and panic disorder. I have been trying to diet all day-- watching what i eat since i've gained 35 pounds! I was on the phone when a huge heart flutter/flip flop happened. It literally scared the crap out of me! I burped right after. Has anyone had this before. I've been known to have ectopic beats before and doctors says it's all down to anxiety. I've had several heart tests done and all have come back normal. Now i'm wondering if it's from the trintellix?? I upped my dose a couple days ago and have been (TMI- constipated). Unfortunately, that is a side effect. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place--- i suffer from panic attacks frequently.