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  1. right now she wants me to get to 75MG and eventually up to 150 or so. That's where the Norephinerine or whatever it's called kicks in. I'm not really sure if that would help me or make me more anxious though. I'm scared. I woke up shaking and my heart pounding. This time the shaking did not go away until I took a Xanax. I'm scared. What if this is withdrawl from Klonopin? The doctor said it's most likely not since I am replacing it with Xanax. BUT what if it is? I'm sad and discouraged. The anxiety is so bad that I could've checked myself into a mental health hospital if the Xanax wouldn't have taken away the shaking. Would I get shaking as a side effect almost two weeks into my increase?
  2. She wants me the go up every two weeks . I will wait a few more days( after i see my therapist on Wednesday)
  3. @notloki yes i do agree klonopin is a maintenance med and Xanax for breakthrough panic . I do have both . I just took klonopin tonight after two doses of Xanax wearing off quickly. So 3 milligrams total today . I am upping my dosage this weekend . Is there any point of waiting to up my doasage or should I take the plunge? Just scared of massive panic attacks!
  4. @dancesintherain I have tried Seroquel (super low dose) for a few weeks and it may be so tired and groggy the next day. I could not wake up at all. This weekend was awful. I was feeling okay-ish on Wed, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. then BAM , woke up Sunday feel shaky and tense. It was so extreme- I was scared. I popped a Xanax and was better, but kept feeling that shakiness when the dose wore off. That's why I miss Klonopin and the way is used to work. Every since they discontinued my two favorite generic manufacturers life has been different. The generics all affect me differently. I was taking name brand Klonopin for awhile and still have it, but it doesn't work that great. I wonder how long these things sit on the shelves! I know must people get generics, so i'm wondering if I received a weaker batch. I know that's stretching it, but it's one theory I have. I was also given name brand Xanax and to be honest the generic I took before works better! Isn't that weird???? I have only been on Effexor for 3 weeks and almost 2 weeks on a starting dose of 37.5. The next level is 75 MG. Doubling the dose sounds scary as hell to me. Do you guys think my shaking and panic attacks are due to the Effexor, or my own anxiety? I see the doctor in about a half hour and I don't know what to do. I'm scared and depressed. I'm at work now, but want to just sleep all day so that the anxiety will go away Thanks friends
  5. @Iceberg I just feel like the klonopin doesn't help all of the anxious feelings, especially while upping the dosage of my Effexor. Maybe I'll switch back to Xanax tomorrow and see how I do. I just need something really strong to help me get through this increased anxiety. I'm just worried the Effexor won't work and I'll be stuck on a higher dose of tranquilizers and making myself worse.. Ughhhh such a dilemma I have going on in my head. I took a Xanax earlier and felt a lot of relief afterwards and am still fairly calm now even though it's been about 6 hours. I did go for a half hour power walk at lunch and that made me feel a bit better. It helped burned off some adrenaline.
  6. Thanks @notloki . That was my plan. I’m scared that I’m going to overdose that’s the anxiety in me talking. I do go to therapy and have some coping skills however I feel like my brain is in over drive with the increase in meds and unfortunately the 2 mg of Kalana pin isn’t really settling me down as much as I’d like to , especially when it’s busy at work! I’m not sure if I should just take 3 mg of Kalana pin or 2 mg of Klonopin and a Xanax as needed I guess I will have to talk to the Doctor on Monday. I’m so miserable right now
  7. Just an update. I am on 37.5 of Effexor ER. I feel very anxious ( on and off). It’s only been a week on the increased dose but 3 weeks total . I started off on 25mg. The issue is.... I’m been taking 2mg of klonopin daily for almost two years and it doesn’t work as good ( if I’m really anxious). Xanax works better but doesn’t last long. Which One would you guys take during this start up time?
  8. @dancesintherain I agree I need to stick with something . I just feel crappy, panicky, and helpless . I’m needing 3mg of Xanax a day to get through the start up effects? That’s crazy and worrying me. I’ll try to last for a few more days to see if it will get better
  9. Day 3 of the increase of Effexor and waking up feeling panicky. My sleep is off too. I'm having bad dreams and not getting solid sleep. I waited a bit, so see I could breath through it, but I have to be functional to go to work everyday. So I popped a Xanax. It is helping.
  10. @Alexander search Sorry to hear that! I hope you can find something soon. My next step is a tryciclic antidpressent like clominpramine or something like that!
  11. @CrazyRedhead yes I will ask her. Today I bump up to 37.5. I hope I can get through this and get better. All I can do it try right? I have used klonopin in the best and have taken a Xanax ( as needed for any breakthrough panic attacks. At one point she said that was fine but not something I should do everyday . She confuses me. Very wishy washy with her thoughts . Or maybe that’s the anxiety in me talking. @Alexander search did the ssri help you at all. May I ask why you got off?
  12. Just an update: my doctor said I could switch to Xanax again, but it doesn't last long in my system. Why can't I just take the Klonopin and then take a Xanax if I have a panic attack (maybe I should just call her and ask her). So torn on what to do, but trying not to over think it. I have all the typical anxious start up effects with Effexor and just need to get through the next 6 weeks or so to see if it's working. ugh. I really hate have anxiety AND panic Disorder. I have OCD thoughts and really hate that I analyze everything. I'm scared of mixing the two and dying of an overdose (even though ive taken Xanax before) after the klonopin was wearing off. What should I do? Thoughts?
  13. My doctor upped my Effexor IR 25MG to Effexor 37.5 extended release which I will be starting tomorrow. Do you guys think i'll experience less anxiety on it since it's not the immediate release form? Also, klonopin wasn't work as great for my anxiety so she switched me back to Xanax. Xanax however, wears off in 5 hours and then I need to take more. That would take me up to 3MG a day, versus Klonopin 2mg a day. Should I switch back to Klonopin and then take Xanax if I get a bad panic attack. Advice needed.
  14. My psydoc mentioned she would switch me to Valium and then slowly taper. Never tried Valium before!
  15. @jt07 The heart flutters could very well be start up anxiety. I'm not sure if I can put up with that it's very scary and I have a heart phobia, so the two don't mix very well for me. I wonder if I could just do 37.5 and go up from there. I can cut the pills. That might help me get used to the meds a bit. Thank you for your advice! Sara