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  1. Yes! I have gone through this. Right now I only take name brand Klonopin. I used to take Mylan and I loved it! unfortunately, they discontinued it.... so I was switched to Accord. Accord is pretty strong in my opinion. I take 1MG pills and have some accord left over.
  2. Teva was a sugar pill for me. I've tried so many generics and Accord is pretty good. I now am on name brand, but I do think Accord is really potent.
  3. That sucks that the reflux never went away . I just upped my dose from 150 to 187.5. We are slowly trying to get up to the 200 mark. I still have acid reflux everyday unless I take Pepcid ac. I haven’t changed my diet, so it that even worth trying?? I drink cofee in the morning. Tomorrow I will try without cofee to see how I do. I know I am going to be dead tired . I just want to see if the coffee and the meds have some sort of reaction together triggering reflux. I’m sad. What if this med works? Will I have to take another pill for reflux or do I switch meds? I wonder if my klonopin is giving me reflux all of a sudden? I’ve been on it for two years so why would that start know. Effexor is the only change. Advise anyone? I’m so lost.
  4. Effexor XR Issues

    Ok. That's what i'm taking now. Do you take it every day?
  5. @BrianOCD did your reflux ever go away?
  6. Effexor XR Issues

    back from the doctor and she wants me to increase the Effexor and to take an acid reducer for two weeks to see if we can settle the acid reflux. If it doesn't go away she suggested seeing my GP about it. I don't want to have an endoscopy when I know the Effexor is the culprit! It started right when I bumped up my dose! It's not a coincidence. Any suggestions?
  7. Effexor XR Issues

    Thank you all for your comments. I see the doctor today. The acid reflux from the Effexor has become so bad lately that last night my throat was hurting. I took an acid reducer today to deal with it. What do I do? I'm so sick of switching meds, but the acid reflux is ruining my life. I can't keep living with the reflux feeling in my throat. It may do some damage in the long run, and then i'll have another issue to deal with. The doctor gave me tablets, instead of capsules to see if that would clear up the acid reflux and I took it for two days. I still got reflux and I felt like the tablets were not helping my anxiety. Should I have given it longer? Would the acid reflux take awhile to go away on the tablets, or shouldn't it be instant? I'm so lost and don't want to have to switch meds
  8. Effexor XR Issues

    I've been at 150MG for 17 days now. I feel more anxious
  9. Thank you both for responding. I am on 150mg so I believe the norepinephrine is hitting now. I am felt worse with each increase , but better on 112.5. I just feel nervous and shaky . Not sure to go up or down. Thankfully I see the doctor on Wednesday
  10. I upped my Effexor ER 16 days ago and i am having a ton of anxiety. It always seems to do this, then my doctor decides to up the dose. Do i need to stay on this dose for 6 weeks to see an improvement? I'm having anxious thoughts and having to take xanax for breakthrough anxiety when the klonopin doesn't work. I hate living like this. Advice needed!
  11. I just remember having bad stomach pains when going up to 60mg so had to stop. The 30 did not work for me.
  12. Effexor XR Issues

    EVery time I feel better, I tell the Doctor and the. A few Days later I’m anxious again. I wonder if I have to stay at this dose for four more weeks before I can total relief
  13. Effexor XR Issues

    I’m having so much anxiety and panic after upping my Effexor dosage to 150mg. It’s been two weeks on that dose. Why am I feeling anxious now? Will this settle in the next few weeks? I don’t want to keep going up if this is going to keep happening
  14. I’m having the same issue lots of acid reflux on 150. It’s been 3 weeks on that dose but 8 weeks total. It’s a horrible acid feeling in my throat. Did yours ever go away?
  15. Effexor XR Issues

    I do drink cofee but it never bothered me before! This morning I had some eggs , bacon and pancakes ( small portion) —— reflux instantly after taking it! That was two hours after I took effexor. Do I just keep taking the Pepcid ac for two weeks while I take my normal capsules of Effexor? I read on another forum that one person said it took her 6 weeks for the reflux to go away