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  1. This is a forum for people who cannot socialize. Whether your an introvert through trauma or by nature, share your experience here. I am an introvert through trauma
  2. I constantly am picking at different peices of skin on my hand, fingers and legs. It's so bad that I have permanent scar tissue in some areas. I mainly do it when I'm nervous but it's been gradually getting worse
  3. Im just done. I work almost 40 hours a week, get 3 hours of sleep a night. I barely make time to eat. My car needs so many replacement parts that I can't keep up with it. My stepdad and Mom are getting divorced, so he took 200 bucks out of my wallet. My grandpa came home drunk and I got into a shouting match with him. I went down the road, told my mom over the phone, and as I was turning around, he hit the rear of my car at 35, destroyed his, threw out my back, and blames me. He's now suicidal. My brother hates my guts for no reason other than my stepdad makes him think I'm the bad guy. I'm not going to graduate high school because of the amount of shit I have to deal with. I'm not going to make it into the Marine corps because of this. I've been single for years, met a girl who's perfect for me, she just ended her last relationship so I asked her out. For 14 hours, I was actually happy. Next morning, I find out they got back together. I had stopped dating because of how my last relationship ended. I was suicidal at age 11 to 16, and had an abusive father when I was very young. My entire family has disowned me and my mom. I'm always depressed, have anxiety issues, a introvert, and purposely a dick to people to keep them out of the black hole that is my life. My dog died, my cat is about to, my grandpa refuses to speak to me, my brother won't acknowledge me, and my stepdad wants me gone. I cried for a good 15 minutes after talking to the girl who I was going to go out with when she told me that. I just want to fucking die at this point. I have nothing in my life worth living for, nothing to show for, a dead end job, no money, no happiness, and no life. I don't enjoy anything anymore and I can't find a reason to continue, and don't understand why I keep going. Life has beat me into the ground and kicked me while I'm down, and continues to do so. I just don't know what to do anymore...