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  1. casual jokes about your MI

    It's actually not, I'm not exactly good at hiding my MI at work, I cry at my desk, I have panic attacks, I get pissed off, they kinda see me as Debbie downer, and they tease me, bc they have no idea about the hospitalizations, the suicide attempts, the struggle to be cheerful, and normal, and functioning at work. But I am not prepared to be out at work and risk losing my job. I talked to my Dr about this and there's a very real risk of that happening despite laws, there are always loopholes and it's happened in the past. Family and friends teasing is another story and I don't mind that . this is just really hard.
  2. casual jokes about your MI

    so this guy at work is always playing this song to me "you're only happy when it rains". i don't like it.
  3. Trazodone Q's

    i can' say i ever had any dizziness or anxiety from trazodone, but the congestion is interesting as i developed allergies around the same time i went on a 15 year long sleep med cocktail. it would be notable if there was a connection. but it was a long time ago, so i can't say for sure in my case. good luck with the 150mg and let us know how it goes? i hope it does the trick for you!
  4. thanks it's $12 now and gives way more interpretive data than the site advertised here in the rotating banner ads. still subject to heavy interpretation, and influenced by other factors. for example, my COMT is GG = warrior, better able to handle stress. but i am and have been a hot mess of anxiety and nervous breakdowns for most of my life. this to me points to nature versus nurture and my PTSD issues and lack of feeling safe. maybe, if i felt safe, i wouldn't have to duck and cover. still very interesting. plus my inner data geek LOVES that you can download into an excel file! <3
  5. i did the ancestryDNA test a few years ago for genealogical purposes, and now see that there are a number of sites you can send your raw data through to better understand your genes and your variations. unfortunately the sites i've looked at don't provide a lot of information as far as interpreting their results. so great, now i know i have a heterozygous variance of the MAO A R297R SNP, rs6323 (rsid) with a G Minor Allele , a GT Genotype, and a +/- Phenotype um, daphuq? i've seen some discussion about genetics and the role it can play in MI here and was wondering if anyone had any resources for me to better understand the science of this. i know that genetics is hugely complicated, and one line item out of my entire genetic makeup isn't gonna mean a whole lot out of context. but it's just kind of interesting to look at me (data geek). i'm just totally new to all of this and it's overwhelming. appreciate any information anyone has.
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    sweet, sweet quiet. my white noise machine. the cars passing by on the road. my cat purring. gently happy. also this song is stuck in my head:
  7. What or who is your spirit animal?

    i am squirrel, hear me roar. and i have a protective dragon who sleeps more now than in the past but will cut a bitch if someone hurts me too bad.
  8. yes, i'm surprised and disappointed every time i look in the mirror. i feel about 32. i'm more than 20 years older than that, but there are times when my kid is absolutely in charge, she's about 3 1/2 and terrified and desperately needs to be taken care of. then i have the teenager; she and the kid both want attention, but by adolescence, it no longer matters if it is good or bad. bad works, and there's the whole button pushing of others to get my needs met. my teenage self is a bit of an asshole.
  9. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    tired and apathetic, yet hopeful coffee will brighten things up a bit.
  10. Trazodone Q's

    The sleep cocktail was previously rx'd by a pdoc, so the pcp and I were both ok with a maintenance rx through PCP in the absence of a pdoc, but for any kind of modification I definitely want a psych professional, and I'm sure the pcp would agree.
  11. Trazodone Q's

    thanks for all the suggestions, it definitely gives me something to go on. i honestly cannot remember if i ever tried buspar. it sounds familiar, but i could have just heard about it in passing. i have no discernible memory of taking it or what the outcome was, so maybe not. however, i did have a pdoc who tried me on a bunch of stuff, so much so that i can't begin to remember all the things we tried. unfortunately i think these may be more complicated meds than i would feel comfortable trying with only my PCP for guidance, but if i can get a pdoc, this gives me some things to open a discussion with.
  12. i've always felt that homeopathy was (despite some folks utterly swearing by it) useless. my doctor has been really good in the past, so this stuff really surprised me i was kinda hoping there was some science or testimonials that would prove me wrong it really confuses me that she would recommend crap i'm disappointed, but glad to be sure my gut is in line with what you're saying thanks for the feedback
  13. Trazodone Q's

    no, i had to look them up. i feel like they ruled them out a long time ago bc of risk of side effects of some sort due to genetic predisposition? i could be remembering wrong. i do that a lot lately.
  14. my naturopath recommended this (for mood regulation and sleep) i don't know if this is just some kind of snake oil nonsense or if it has actual value i can't seem to find any information that doesn't come from the manufacturer, distributors, or competitors any information good or bad most welcome
  15. Trazodone Q's

    this makes a lot of sense. benadryl used to knock me out like a light, not anymore. that would lead me to believe tolerance. i have been on benzos for sleep for 15 years now. yeah. that was too long. i've been tapering off very slowly. i can do .5mg, every 2-3 months. it's taking time, but i am down to 3.5. they stopped working forever ago. when the tradzodone was still helping. tried all of these that were currently available c. 2003, nothing helped. i believe they tried risperdal and seroquel too. this was back when i had a pdoc. finally landed on the trazodone/benzo combination as the only thing that helped at all. my insomnia is from rumination, anxiety, fear, i wake up in mid thought worried about everything. i have to wonder if that's why nothing helps. even when i sleep, i don't rest bc my mind never stops. and the only restful sleep comes from just knocking me out cold. this is very good to know. i'll keep my fingers crossed. i will keep that in mind and respond accordingly if things get weird. i am currently shopping for a pdoc, but it's not something i see happening soon. if things get bad, i can always, hopefully, get myself to the ER. i'll let those close to me know that mood shifts could be a thing and to keep peeled eyes for signs of trouble. i can't tell you how much i appreciate all the information and support.