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  1. Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

    Oh! I never really understood memes anyways. Thought they where jokes, maybe I was just looking to laugh.
  2. Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

    Bing images, I tell ya what. Never made a meme in my life. I don't have a firm grasp on my humor lol
  3. Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

    Facebook is a meme.
  4. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Feel bad in like a billion ways. I wanna puke. Got nothing to give up tho. I ddnt eat today. I am so behind on today. I'm glad everyone is asleep though. Just gunna keep to myself irl. I feel so sick.
  5. Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

  6. Funky Music Videos

  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I feel like I don't want to sleep in my bed, feel like buying a new one. I feel like I can't sleep either. I feel unintelligent.
  8. Memes that make you go hmm 🤔

  9. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I feel like silly putty.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Headphones! Foxing - Slapstick. Up next: Joji & Niki - La Cienega. Television: My little pony, the newest favorite bedtime show for child #2 lol. Last one was Troll Hunters. Omg Netflix kills me
  11. Finding support

    Maybe! I thought of putting pictures of myself and the family up but I don't know how sure I am about including them in the stuff I talk about on here. I gunna look up a pic of myself to put up tho! I haven't been on any social media for like 7+ years so this is kinda fun for me. Microsoft paint tho lol
  12. what the hell

    Propranolol three times a day and diazepam twice daily if needed. Best meds I've been on for anxiety and ect. Prescribed to Effexor when I was a youngster and it gave me wild side effects. SSRI and SNRI medications have also given me problems, not good for anxiety. I would advise against fast acting benzodiazepines like alprazolam and lorazepam, too fast too quick. They have a higher abuse rate and I don't know why those are the more common sedatives for doctors to recommend. They are dangerous and highly addictive in comparison to other meds. Beta blockers for sure, there are a lot of different kinds. Do some research on prescriptions you think might work well with you and have a talk with your psychiatrist. There is no way they won't listen to you. After years of trying every med they could throw at me I left my general practitioner to see a psychiatrist. It changed my life. Didn't even need a referral. Side effects exist for anything you could take. Hate how they would get mad when I would stop taking them because they weren't the right fit. Now I don't even have to take my meds every day. They don't always help the way I wish they would, but they are there when needed.
  13. Phenibut? Info here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenibut Worth a try. Works on GABA receptors and is pretty tolerable. Low doses may cause a mild stimulant effect. It has addictive properties. On the upside it's available without a doctor note. Is a popular workout supplement. Sleep study?
  14. Finding support

    Thank you! Nice cacti btw
  15. Anniversary

    Congratulations Mr. Giggles! I think your cool and hope you stay with it Thank you