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  1. I saw this same article and was confused to. If it’s 67 x 5.5, that’s a long while for it to get out of your system!
  2. Can anyone help me figure out what the half life of Chloral Hydrate is? I’ve been googling, but can’t find the information and don’t really understand the whole half life thing anyway. The last time I took it was Monday night. I took it for 7 nights. For the past 3 nights I have been having extreme Body pain. Muscles, bones, and skin hurts to the touch. I can barely move. Feels like a mix between arthritis and a flu, but I don’t have the flu and I am freezing cold, but in the middle of the night I’m roasting and sweating despite the house being cool. Weird thing is that it has comes on all 3 nights at about the same time, 6:00ish, but is not all day. I’ve also been dealing with a constant migraine for 3 days. Oddly, I’ve actually been feeling good during the day the past 3 days, significantly better than usual despite the migraine. (My husband and son laugh that I can say I’m having a good day despite a migraine. Just shows how shitty I’ve been the past 4 years) Its very possible that this could be my mast cell disease acting up, but seems like a coincidence. I haven’t had a mast cell attack like this in a long time. It’s possible Possible Chloral Hydrate caused a mast attack too. Idk. TIA
  3. Thank you for this. I’m trying to download the app now! Can’t remember my Apple ID😣
  4. Is localize I have not tried loxapine yet. Wondering if it would be worth trying? So it’s similar to Thorazine and haldol? Also, Chloral Hydrate was a disaster. Seemed to help with sleep the first 3-4 nights, then stopped. The past 3 nights have been bad. No sleep. Lucid nightmares. Terrible daytime anxiety. So no more. Hoping I don’t have any withdrawal. I took it 7 nights. 🙏
  5. It’s possible. But the initial side effects are awful. When something makes me anxiety, insomnia, derealization, mania and dizziness worse, I don’t want to take it anymore. Prior to being in this state of insomnia, I was much more willing to stay on meds longer to see how they go, I just don’t see something helping when it makes me feel so bad from the get go..?? I have a hard time with this. I answered LFA above.
  6. I did try haldol. It’s was a scary experience. Would not try that medication again. I have no idea what I’m takking about, but may be worth trying Thorazine without Geodon? Can you just switch like that without withdrawals? I’m very sensitive to psych med withdrawal.
  7. I’m not sure what to do. My experiences with antipsychotics has been very mixed. I know I mentioned all of this earlier in the thread, but back in 2005ish when I had “normal” insomnia, 25 mg seroquel worked great. Too good. It was hard to wake up in the morning. I ended up stopping it after a lot of weight gain. I was put on 20 me of geodon in 2007 to help with depression. At only 20 mg it worked wonders for depression for 2 years. I was only on Zoloft and geodon 20 mg at the time. Then my first episode of this happened in Fall 2009. I tried many meds during the 10 month ordeal until finding remeron which got me sleeping like a baby and out of the episode. Did well from September 2010-October 2014 when it happened again. It started with insomnia and weird OCD rumination again. I remember one night being up all night trying to remember the name of one of my son’s friends older brothers name. It drove me nuts all night until I finally got out of bed at like 4:00 am and went through my sons yearbooks until I figured it out. Very strange that figuring this out was so intense and out of character for me (at the time) In December I went inpatient for 10 days and re tried seroquel at low and high doses. But made me agitated and much worse. I also re tried trazadone while inpatient (which worked for insomnia in 2006) but this time it made my anxiety worse and caused a quick spike in blood pressure which caused as emergency and had to be put in high dose of blood pressure medication. that spring of 2015 I tried many meds including many antipsychotics. I tried zyprexa, latuda, saphris as well mood stabilizers depakote, lithium, lamictal which all made my symptoms worse. While inpatient in Ohio I was put in seroquel 500 mg for 30 days. Scariest days of my life. I had terrible akathisia, ongoing panic attacks, hallucinations, no sleep. I truly thought I was losing my mind. Through all of this, I never tried going off geodon (exceyfor one night about a year ago) It’s the only medication I have never stopped since 2007. When doctors would suggest going off of it, I would say no as I was scared. In my head, it was the only medication keeping me from losing it completely. Completely driven by fear. I have tried going up on geodon (and actually did add a second 20 mg dose in 2016, so I’m now on 20 a.m 20 p.m- which didn’t do anything for me). I have tried taking 20 mg in the morning and 60 and 80 mg in the evening. I did this for at least a week, but made me much worse and I went back to 20 mg twice a day. I felt I was tripping all night at the higher doses. Not good. I also tried one night without geodon and that wasn’t good either (confirmation of my fear of medication withdrawal) If it hasn’t become apparent, lol (but not really lol ), I have severe PTSD from trying new medication. The worst being on seroquel 500 mg for 30 days and going batshit crazy. I’m afraid everyone. Very afraid. Maybe I do need to come off geodon and get on something else completely? I’m afraid of medication withdrawal. I’m afraid of going crazy and never coming back. I got some sleep with the Chloral Hydrate again last night, but still a weird night. I think I may have slept through from 11:00-4:00 (which is good sleep for me) but was still riddled with very realistic unnerving lucid dreams. I did not have the crazy early morning anxiety this morning, and the songs ruminating in my head haven’t been bad (but was really bad yesterday). Hoping for a good day since I probably got 5 hours of sleep last night, but I’m not feeling it yet today. Derealization is bad and I just don’t feel good. I feel scared. Frozen. When will it get better everyone? I wasn’t great from September 2010-October 2014, but I was functional. That is the baseline I’m hoping to find again, but a doubtful it will happen.
  8. I’ve gotten some sleep, but not as much as I had hoped for. The first night I took Chloral Hydrate I for about 5 hours of sleep! But last night only about 3-4, but it’s still the same lucid dreaming. Not lights out restful sleep. Woke up at 4:00 am both mornings. Yesterday I actually felt pretty good. I always get a shrill of anxiety through my body at about 3-4 am which last until at least noon, sometimes all day/night. I didn’t have that yesterday. My body was very calm, my mind was relatively calm, the derealization feeling I have 24/7 was there but less intense. I was still very dizzy. I also had different songs looping in my head all day. Unfortunately this morning I had the anxiety but it did subside as the morning went in. It’s been a strange day, but no worse than all my other days. I was able to go to lunch with my son and husband and to a movie, but was difficult for me. Not sure I’m ever going to get back to a “normal” or even functional state again. Pretty sad. 1000 mg both nights. Wish I could try more to see if it would improve sleep, but I know I can’t and I won’t. I’ve gotten some sleep the past 2 nights, but not a lot, and not “good” sleep as I had hoped for. Really starting to think I have a rare untreatable for of insomnia Losing hope.
  9. You’re definitely right about not one thing answering everything. I never brought it up while inpatient. My pdoc I had for like a year willy nilly suspected it, that’s when I tried Adderall but didn’t tolerate it, so it never came up again. I haven't brought it up to my current pdoc. I have so much going on, I don’t know where to start, and there’s never enough time in the 10-20 min appointments slots to say much at all. I just wish I could find a pdoc who really cared. My long time psych retired 2 years ago. I’ve been blowing in the wind since. I saw a woman for a year, but then she quit private practice, so I started seeing another doctor, but he didn’t talk! A man of very few words making it nearly impossible to have a meaningful productive appointment. The last straw was when he said “I wish I could help you”. My husband and I took that as a sign to move on. I have seen this new pdoc twice. She’s very nice, but I don’t feel she really listens. She’s always checking her phone and seems scattered.
  10. What do you all think of possible ADD/ADHD? I always struggled in school with focus but would not say I was hyperactive. Had a really hard time retaining information, but was never diagnosed. I never told my parents or teachers about my struggles. In college I was really struggling and went to my long time primary doctor who said she thought I had ADD. She prescribed me Ritalin. I’m nit sure if I tried it or even filled the prescription. I hane tried Adderall and Ritalin at low dose. Both seemed to kind of help at first, but then flipped on me and made looping thoughts worse so I stopped. These meds didn’t help with actual sleep, but was able to take a nap on them when I first started them, which has been impossible for me the past 4 years. I also tried a small dose (1/4-1/2 pill) of primatene (which has ephedrine in it) a couple years ago for my mast cell disease. I remember about an hour or two after I took it, I took a 2 hour very relaxing nap, which again, never happens to me since the insomnia started. Didn’t help with sleep at night. Just a thought. Nothing consistent, but still strange that the stimulants did give me a nap a few times. When this happened to me in 2010, the psychiatrist had me try intuniv which made my anxiety and insomnia much worse.
  11. Ok. I’m kind of understanding. I need to come up with a strategic plan. I have one in place now. i have an appointment with a new psychologist next week. I had a sleep study in March. So I’m good there. I made an appointment to see the sleep specialist again for a consult last week. Unfortunately the appointment isn’t until January. I had one in August, but they had to cancel in due to a hiccup with insurance. As far as meds, I’m going to have to figure this out with a doctor. I really need her to listen to me. Strategic plan may be to find a new psychiatrist that listens. Not sure. Will talk to doctor and husband about giving Thorazine another shot. Hoping to go over plans with psychologist.
  12. I have never tried tegretol. I was in lamictal once for about 8 weeks in maybe 2006?? This is when I was experiencing depression and the doctor thought I was possibly bipolar type 2. Then took it again for 8 weeks inpatient in 2015, 7 months after this all started. I have been on lithium. Was a very strange experience for me. Was on it in from 2011-2015 at a very low dose. I tried OTC lithium orotate this past summer. Didn’t go well for me. At a loss. I feel “stuck” on the meds that I’m on. But what if they’re part of the problem? Obviously I’d have to do a very slow titration off Ativan, but I feel stuck on the others too.