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  1. Makes sense for the most part. I just don’t like the idea of increasing dopamine as almost any dopamine boosting agent (even simple l-tyrosine) worsened OCD/obsessions for me. Which dopamine does play a key role in obsessions/addictions, at least of the major known chemicals. Today I am trying day 1 of Risperdal so how see how it goes.
  2. Thanks, awesome post! I was using SERT as a blanket abbreviation, didn’t realize it was meant for the transporter. Good to know. Also for Risperdal and dopamine Whenever I heard they “block dopamine” I always thought it meant it decreased it. Is the goal of Risperdal to decrease dopamine activity and/or levels in the synapse or is it the opposite and increases dopamine activity? That’s what I got confused about when reading about them. As I always thought by reducing dopamine either in the synapse or by other means, this would cause the medications therapeutic effect. As I remember reading somewhere that increased dopamine activity was believed to cause psychotic symptoms. Is that correct or perhaps I read it wrong?
  3. I personally wound avoid Seroquel but that’s just IMO and the research I have done. Basically Seroquel at anything under 500mg (I believe 300mg or 500mg) is basically a glorified super strong anti-histamine. Like Benadryl is an anti-histamine. So Seroquel will make you sedated and tired, that’s an extremely common side effect. Although it’s because it heavily binds to anti-histamine receptors. So I believe you need to be on 500mg + before it actually starts to have action on dopamine, etc. Which is crazy but from what I have researched seems mostly true - and most doctors don’t know about it for some reason. Similar to Effexor it becomes a different drug at different doses. At 37.5mg or 75mg it’s basically an SRI. At 150mg + Effexor becomes an SNRI. Then at 300mg Effexor possibly (not known for certain but some believe it does) even reuptakes dopamine a tad. So some meds just totally change into different meds once the dosage is changed. Most doctors sadly don’t know this. Effexors SRI effects basically top out at 75mg where it has above 80 to 85% SERT Occupancy. Increasing it to 150mg it still has the same occupancy. So increasing the Effexor dose is pointless UNLESS you want it to become an SNRI. That’s another thing most doctors sadly don’t seem to know. Which means they could put you on the wrong dose, etc. Same goes for Seroquel many times they’ll put someone on 50mg and wonder why it doesn’t work; and that the person is tired all the time... But I’m not a doctor so this is all just my opinion, and based on research I have done.
  4. Makes sense. Only thing is I always thought serotonin was more the calm/content chemical while dopamine was more the motivation/stimulating/pleasure chemical? Or I guess noradrenaline is the most stimulating of the three. I always knew SSRIS worked by increasing SERT in the synapse. So I take 5HTP in addition as SSRIS only affect reuptake. Taking 5HTP with SSRI will combine SERT synthesis and SERT reuptake. Which I wouldn’t advise for most people. Although for me it’s been the only way to make SSRIS work half decent. Even at 200mg Zoloft I still need some 5HTP to help it work. But for the atypical antipsychotics it seems they work as SERT blockers on quite a few important sites, no? From Wikipedia on Risperdals actions: Site Ki (nM) Action 5-HT1A 423 Antagonist 5-HT1B 14.9 Antagonist 5-HT1D 84.6 Antagonist 5-HT2A 0.17 Inverse agonist 5-HT2B 61.9 Inverse agonist 5-HT2C 12.0 Inverse agonist 5-HT5A 206 Antagonist 5-HT6 2,060 Antagonist 5-HT7 6.60 Irreversible antagonist[42] α1A 5.0 Antagonist α1B 9.0 Antagonist α2A 16.5 Antagonist α2B 108 Antagonist α2C 1.30 Antagonist D1 244 Antagonist D2 3.57 Antagonist D2S 4.73 Antagonist D2L 4.16 Antagonist D3 3.6 Inverse agonist D4 4.66 Antagonist D5 290 Antagonist H1 20.1 Inverse agonist H2 120 Inverse agonist
  5. What did you use it for? I’m only looking for it’s OCD and anxiety properties. I don’t have any hallucinations or anything psychotic wise. Rather trying to treat OCD/anxiety that only somewhat responds to high dose SSRIS
  6. Here’s a graph I found from this website actually (on the Serequel sticky thread) that shows them: If that is correct Zyprexa seems stronger blocking dopamine but not certain. Turn pic sideways to view it: Zyprexa hits the minium for “antipsychotic thereshold occupancy” at roughly 7.5mg. While risperdial takes 2mg to hit the minimum. Interesting but not sure how accurate it is. As doesn’t risperdial come in 0.25mg and 0.5mg doses? If so it seems like it doesn’t reach its therpatic dopamine effects until 2mg - at least for its antipsychotic wise. For anxiety and OCD augmentation perhaps 0.5mg or 1mg would be enough?
  7. I’m on high dose SSRI and need something to help the OCD I still have. Badicsllt the only options are switch SSRIS again, or add a med. After lots of research it seems like either Risperdal or Zyprexa would work best. Anyone taken it with an SSRI to try to treat OCD? I also found one graph showing the dopamine blocking action of both meds and it seems Zyprexa is more potent, yes? I’m also confused as to how they block SERT, as wouldn’t that kind of do the opposite of the SSRI? Or maybe I misunderstand how they work. Also: weight gain isn’t a concern. If anything a plus as I’ve been underweight my entire life and cannot put on weight even when downing protein shakes daily. But ideally whichever of the two boosts the SSRI better or has more synergy would be better. I take Zoloft at the moment.
  8. Edit: after checking google I found what I guess I never noticed before: “Obessive love disorder” it’s not officially regonized as a disorder as it’s rare only 0.1% of people are believed to have it. But SSRI, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics are recommended medication wise. Normally a combo. I have been looking for that answer forever and finally found it, lol. I am not bipolar nor do I have any psychosis, but maybe a mood stabilizer or atypical med like risperidal will augment the SSRI I take. Will see.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has taken this or has knowledge on how it actually works. The only thing I’m confused of is: Is its metabolite truly that potent on noradrenaline? Some places online call it almost an SNRI (yet still a TCA) since it has strong NE reuptake action. One doctor online claimed it’s SERT and NE action was equal but I don’t know if that’s true. Also: if taking an SSRI then well that SSRI works to reuptake SERT via whatever methods it does. Now does the TCA clomipramine also reuptake SERT in basically the exact same way as SSRIS (possibly even competing with it?) do or does it do it in a different way being a TCA? As wasn’t sure if it worked differently enough on SERT than SSRIS do so that it has a “synergy effect” VS just double stacking two of the same SERT inhibitors. I also read that doses as low as 10mg occupy around 80% SERT. Which is equal to the therapeutic or starting dose of most SSRIS. Wikipedia claims it can reach 100% occupancy at higher and chronic dosages, but the source it links is confusing. So I wonder if at 50-100mg dosages how much SERT it occupies. As I cannot seem to find any number or chart showing it’s occupancy level. Also I take Zoloft 200mg daily which from the research I have looked up is getting around 85% SERT occupancy, maybe 90% as the chart is hard to read. Only Paxil tops Zoloft for SERT occupancy for SSRIS in the studies I’ve seen. Which Paxil seems around 90% + or so at max dose. So if Zoloft is already occupying that much SERT, and you where to add on 50mg of clomipramine, I wonder which would have more SERT occupancy (Zoloft 200mg or clomipramine 50mg) and if they would compete with each other for the same SERT sites or what not. Basically I’m trying to get my sertonin levels up high. I already take l-tryophan daily with my SSRI as I know SSRIS don’t actually create sertonin. Also my doctor agrees with the low sertonin theory which is why he is okay with me taking the max dosages for SSRIS, possibly even a combo if one works. So yes, I am doing it under a doctors care but looking to learn some info first.
  10. I get extremely attached to guys who I like (only 2 extreme attachments in my life, and a few milder ones) but I must find him very attractive so it’s a romantic type of attachment. Yup, I am gay and both my 2 attachments have been on straight guys. I know they are straight and cannot love me back, but my brain doesn’t care. It thinks about them 24/7. LITERALLY. Even in my dreams I have to suffer from depression and anxiety as he appears in my dreams. So far OCD is the only medical type of diagnosis that comes close... But even then it’s way worse than just OCD. For those who have attachment problem imagine this: imagine being so in love with someone that you couldn’t even explain how deep the love felt. NOW IMAGINE they just broke up with you TODAY; and you feel so depressed that you want to kill yourself to end the pain. You now suffer extreme anxiety just thinking of them. Anxiety so overwhelming you can pop a handful of Xanax and still feel overwhelming painful anxiety. You also now suffer from “OCD” as your brain thinks of them 24/7, which causes the ungodly painful depression and anxiety. Because of the heartbreak pain you are feeling from the break-up TODAY (remember: it just happened TODAY so the depression/anxiety is at its PEAK) it makes you insanely depressed with anxiety and just WISHING you could be with them. ALL you think about is being with them.. I’m sure many of you have felt this way before, for a short period. Alright so just imagine that feeling. For most people they will get over it in time. NOW Imagine: the pain you feel from that stays in “stage 1” 24/7. Or rather the pain you feel on day 1 and it’s peak?? Well, Imagine that feeling never going away. It stays in day 1 at its peak endlessly.... =| So 3 years later it feels just as painful as it did on day 1.... Literally. And everyday you wonder if jumping off a bridge is better than dealing with the suffering. That’s basically how I feel. Or best way to explain it. My attachments can last an indefinite period of time, so that peak day 1 feeling basically goes on all day, everyday 24/7. It’s absolutely insane mental torture that no human should ever experience. It’s that horrible. In fact you could say I turned atheist now - as if there’s a god I wonder if he’s evil because how the hell can you subject someone to such horrible mental torture!? Sorry to bring religion into it, I just think this type of pain is so unreal that nobody should ever experience it. I remember taking Vicodin and such to try to numb the emotional pain.... Yup, I’m unfortunately I am drug prone now, as if ANYTHING is able to stop the pain then I will jump on it. So far nothing has worked. From Benzos to painkillers to SSRIS to Adderall to Drinking to marijuana, nothing works. SSRIS though seem to have reduced it, so instead of it being a 10/10 bad it’s now a 7/10 bad. Which is better but still insanely bad and painful. It’s so painful that I could have all my friends and family die, and not even feel 1/1000th the pain/sorrow I feel for the guy I love. Also: my former psychiatrist said that not getting love as a child can cause you as an adult to attach to people extremely bad (like an infant attaches to a mom extremely strong) and it’s a VERY deep rooted issue; so if I didn’t get that love as a child - then as an adult I could be seeking out that love from others. Which is impossible to achieve... Which I remember zero affection from my parents so unfortunately it seems that it’s a deep rooted problem that stems from childhood. Here is my current med list: —Zoloft 200mg. I felt zero relief from 150mg and below. Now being at 200mg for a month or so has put a minor dent in helping, so maybe a 7.5/10 instead of 10/10. So not enough. I also took my first SSRI back in 2008 or so. In the past 1 year I decided to try SSRIS again, and have cycled through lexapro 30mg, Paxil 40mg, basically every SSRI beside Luvox I have taken. Paxil seemed the most effective SSRI (it also is the most potent SSRI occupany wise) but my dumbass stopped it because it blocked Adderall from working. I’m guessing due to its CYP2D6 action. —Mirtazapine 30mg at night. Been on for 3 years. I don’t know if it does anything. I took it originally for sleep and now I cannot sleep without it, and the WD sucks, so I’m stuck on it. —Clonzepam 4-6mg daily. Been on this for 10 years. I was once up to 20mg daily and that still didn’t control my anxiety. Not a typo. Twenty freaking mg. I ended up in the ER if I ever ran out. —5HTP 100mg daily or l-tryptophan 1g to 1.5g daily in ADDITION to the SSRI. The SSRI only seems effective in combo with this, so I’m guessing I need both serotonin synthesis AND reuptake. Which means my brain is probably very low on serotonin, which I have basically all the symptoms of. In the past I have taken antidepressant wise: Prozac up to 80mg, Lexapro up to 30mg, Paxil up to 40mg, Effexor up to 150mg, Wellbutrin up to 300mg, and I forget what else. Or maybe that’s all, AD wise. Won’t list all the others. Oh: and yes Adderall or any dopamine/noradrenaline boosting med only makes my anxiety worse and obsessions worse. But it makes my MOOD way better, but worsens my anxiety and obsessions. So a catch 22 or whatever. I only take when needed if I need energy/motivation. I haven’t taken it in almost 2 weeks or so. So if anyone actually read that... Any advice? I’m wondering if something like Serequel or Risperdial may help. As blocking dopamine might help. But the only thing I’m not sure of is I read it also blocks SERT also. Which I firmly believe I need more serotonin... So yeah. Kinda confused on how those atypical antipsychotics work. I always thought their main thing was blocking dopamine at D2, but it seems they also strongly block multiple SERT receptors. So I’m not sure. Also thought maybe adding clomipramine in addition to the SSRI, but see that its metabolite is pretty potent on noradrenaline... Which can worsen anxiety/obsessions. Also wasn’t sure if it’s SERT reuptake action would “ADD” to the SSRI reuptake action since it’s a TCA, or how that works... geeze that was a long post.