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  1. I have went through it. HRC/LRM to Enhanced Both (mostly down to ASD for the mobility!) Just remember as much evidence as you can.
  2. Natural Order has been resumed in Sports Teams in this city. FTH

  3. Happy New Year. Hope 2018 is a guid yin 

  4. Can Beorn-the-Piggy get some get well wishes please.  Really not doing well... 

    1. ananke


      Hope the little one gets better

    2. whatsizbucket


      I hope Piggy gets better.  Thinking of you.

  5. For anybody interested This is the situation with N. ireland
  6. I got ESA (Support) and PIP without a medical. Oh and the only thing we sent with both was actually a supporting letter from my Social Care provider. My ESA was 4 years ago though. So expecting to go through it all again soon. That is causing anxiety.
  7. And given that the powersharing issue that there currently is in N. Ireland between Sinn Fein and the DUP. (Basically yet another assembly election or going back to direct rule from Westmonster). In other news there is still a large pro-Indy Majority in Holyrood, Westmonster and the EU so Scotland declaring Independence is still on the cards.
  8. Hung Parliament and that is a suprise. But I suppose good news.
  9. It is TM getting back in that scares me. More "Grave and Systemic Human Rights violations" for the disabled then
  10. Is anyone else really scared as to what Friday might bring?
  11. I am hearing rumours that the Tory's are wanting to scrap the NHS to a private insurance system. Also TM refuses to rule out more cuts to disability benefits. Grrrr.
  12. Need to get the Youth Vote and the rest of the u40 demographic to actually vote. They are the ones most likely to vote Any one but Tory.