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  1. My doctor is increasing my dose of Fanapt to 24mg and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've bee trying this med for about a month now and haven't had too many side effects, but I'm not sure it's been very effective so far. When my pdoc pulled the Seroquel from 800mg back to 600mg, I had breakthrough symptoms (mainly paranoia about people spying on me), something he said shouldn't happen with how we're crosstapering. I guess we'll see how I do on the increased dose.
  2. Seroquel at low doses can be sedating and can cause a sleep hangover. What time are you taking it? And does the lethargy correlate with when you started taking Seroquel?
  3. Of all the AP's that I've tried, Perphenazine was the one that calmed me the most. It took away almost all of my anxiety, but I couldn't continue taking it due to akathisia.
  4. I've got both diagnoses as well. It can be a bit difficult to tell whether some of the things I hear internally (like music, sounds, and voices) are from OCD or psychosis. But other than that, they tend not to blend together a whole lot other than my OCD latching onto my psychosis and making me think about it.
  5. My doctor had me go from 800mg of Seroquel straight to 600mg w/o titration and I think that may have been a bit too aggressive. Today I was having paranoid thoughts about a group of people trying to spy on me to generate a report that will be used for something (or against me).
  6. I picked up a copy of The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn Saks today, and after 40 pages, it's great so far - the problem is that it started triggering me when she started to explain when her prodromal phase started .
  7. When I was on trihexypheniyl I also experienced something similar: I found myself a bit tired and my memory (and more specifically, world recall) was terrible. There are other options out there that aren't as sedating (such as propranolol).
  8. The diagnosis itself mean doesn't mean that you will be hospitalized. There is a spectrum of severity (and insight) as with any illness, and those on the higher end of that spectrum may not need hospitalization at all; however, hospitalization does happen for many and it's not anything to be ashamed of. It happens to the best of us. I've been hospitalized 3 times for psychosis. I understand your fear - having a diagnosis like this at such a young age is scary, and you may want to ask your treatment team what they think with regard to whether or not your illness is just developing. What's good is that you caught it early.
  9. No, I get random bouts of sleepiness in the morning and afternoon, but it isn't bad enough to impact my work. I will sometimes drink caffeinated stuff like coffee or a Monster and that helps. I'm not a good case study for XR though as I typically take it way too late in the evening.
  10. I have more daytime fatigue from XR than IR, and I find it's also harder to fall asleep unless I take it early in the evening.
  11. Yeah, that is a very low dose. Note that Seroquel is more sedating on lower doses than it is on more therapeutic doses.
  12. I agree with @Iceberg... it may be time to revisit your cocktail before your symptoms get worse.
  13. I was only on it for a few weeks, and we had to stop it because of akathisia. I wouldn't expect any withdrawal symptoms due to the short length of time I was on it, but you never know.