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  1. Definitely! When I'm psychotic, I usually get this awkward dark, surreal feeling that's hard to describe, and I also don't typically hallucinate.
  2. Mine has changed, but only minimally: Seroquel XR 600mg (300mg bid) - Psychosis Lamictal 300mg (150mg bid) - Mood Klonopin 1mg (0.5mg bid) - Anxiety Propranolol ER 60mg (60mg qd) - Anxiety Metformin 500mg (500mg qd) - Counters metabolic syndrome N-Acetyl Cysteine 2000mg (1000mg po bid) - Counters cognitive/negative psychotic symptoms
  3. I'm finding that if I stare at something with enough intent (like a computer screen), I start seeing rain. At one point, I couldn't tell if it was lightly raining outside or not because trying to stare at a puddle caused the raining distortion to surface. It's really bizarre and I only noticed it after I relapsed earlier this year... it doesn't really bother me other than reminding me that my brain works a bit differently than most people.
  4. Does your pdoc have any samples of Rexulti? Usually drug reps give samples of newer meds so patients can try them out without having to get an Rx. I was able to go almost 2 months without actually needing to fill a prescription when trialing Fanapt.
  5. Hearing stuff that isn't there can be a frightening experience (been there). You may want to see a neurologist so they can rule out anything organic that might be causing this. Have you been under a lot of stress since you moved a few months ago? And have you noticed any other symptoms such as paranoia, social withdrawal, flat affect, etc?
  6. I've been having some paranoid thoughts recently and have mostly dismissed them without any concern. But today I actually said one of the thoughts out loud and it sounded batshit crazy to me. Far more so than when I think it. Has anyone noticed this?
  7. Theres a documentary-like ad (talking about the history of London?) on the front page that autoplays with audio. Just thought I'd report it as it's kinda annoying. I attached a screenshot of its location.
  8. I agree with @jt07 in that it sounds like orthostatic hypotension. You should definitely contact your pdoc to make sure it isn't something else. If it is orthostatic hypotension, you might see some relief by slowly standing up from a resting position.
  9. After I take Seroquel I get the elephant on chest thing and also sometimes have anxiety, but it usually goes away while I'm sleeping and doesn't re-appear until I take my next dose. Are these feelings a constant for you or, like me, they only appear transiently after taking it?
  10. I've had this with Seroquel on-and-off for a couple of years. It's a super uncomfortable feeling and drove me nuts, and my pdoc didn't seem that concerned by it.
  11. I tend to walk into walls and drop stuff exactly like you mention when I wake up in the middle of the night after taking Seroquel.
  12. My therapist practices a form of this whereby the thoughts are accepted and explained verbally as they relate to the disorder (e.g., I have thought x because the OCD is afraid that x might happen, and I must tell the OCD that the thought is unreasonable while not denying it). I've found it somewhat effective when my symptoms start getting bad.
  13. Anxious
  14. There theoretically should be no difference, and it's kinda of hard to compare since pharmacies switch different manufacturers.