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  1. Crows
  2. There are skills you can adapt to recognize and try to discredit delusional thinking, as well as learning how to reality check on a daily basis, but a lot of dealing with psychosis is done through medication. It sounds like your psychiatrist isn't providing the flexibility you need to try and quell your symptoms, even if you are on 2 APs. Have you thought of getting a second opinion?
  3. Yeah, my employer sent around a survey that asked people to disclose their disability if they so desired. And you had to specify your name when doing it.
  4. Instead of doing a cross-taper, has your pdoc thought of brining you up to a therapeutic dose of something, and then tapering your old medication(s)? This is what my current pdoc is doing. Also, has she suggested alternatives at this point? There are a ton of options out there before you have to think about something like clozapine.
  5. I do this when I feel the need to tell someone that I do have mental illness. Usually this is restricted to family members (such as my mother-in-law). But with regard to a fear that someone can tell I'm mentally ill, yes I do fear that people will notice that I'm a bit off, especially at work, and especially when I'm not feeling well or I'm hung over in the morning from my meds. My boss's boss and his boss know something is going on due to taking a short medical leave in March, but they never asked me what medical condition I have.
  6. I only respond to internal voices as my external ones don't say words, it's more just ramblings that are distant. I mostly try telling them to stop.
  7. I encountered something really fucking weird last night. We installed an air conditioner in our bedroom as we've been in a heat wave for the past few days. When the A/C was turned on, I started to hear what sounded like my alarm. Then that escalated into hearing voices and various sounds over a period of several minutes (usually my external hallucinations are transient) and also the sound of a video game playing. When I left the bedroom, the hallucinations went away. And when I woke up this morning, I could still hear my alarm in my bedroom when the A/C was still on, but it also went away when I got dressed and left. There was something about the A/C last night that caused me to hallucinate more than I ever have before o.O . The only change I can think of in the past few days has been the introduction of amantadine for akathisia... Its wiki article says it can worsen symptoms of schizophrenia.
  8. This applies to me as well ^ . I can also become disorganized verbally and mess up grammar or forget what I'm saying.
  9. Lamictal is a very good medication that's best used for prevention of mood episodes, not the acute treatment of them; it may not itself bring you out of a mood episode. Did your pdoc say whether the Latuda is a long-term medication?
  10. Yes, one of my former pdocs referred to the symptoms collectively as the Seroquel "flu". I've experienced it a few times after missing a dose and it can be very intense. It's hard for any of us here at CB to say how long it will last - that's a question for your doctor. I hope you feel better soon!
  11. For me, klonopin has no relationship with my psychotic symptoms, however I have gone into (relatively) spontaneous remission a few times.
  12. I had a flare-up of paranoia today . I'm hoping it goes and stays away w/o having to increase meds even more. Given that I'm on a high dose of Seroquel and still getting transient hallucinations and some paranoia, I'm going to talk with my pdoc about other medication options when I see him next week. He'll probably want me to stay the course with Seroquel for at least the next 2 months or so, but I want to have a defined plan on getting off of this. It just doesn't work like it used to. I've been hearing good things about Loxapine and there are a few atypical's that I still haven't tried (Latuda, Fanapt, Vraylar, and Rexulti) that I would be willing to, assuming they don't carry a high risk of akathisia (I've gotten akathisia on every one I've tried except Saphris and Seroquel).
  13. I've gone up to 2 years without any significant positive symptoms and with subdued negative symptoms.