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  1. It sounds like this pdoc isn't providing you the care you want/need. Have you thought about searching for a new one?
  2. You might want to hold off on that until you speak with your pdoc. Could you call them tomorrow and see what their advice is?
  3. I have the same thing on Seroquel in my legs and hips and sometimes my arms. My doctor gave me Cogentin for anything EPS-related, and that has calmed it down.
  4. Yes, though my latest increase in Seroquel has reversed it for the most part. I had trouble verbalizing my thoughts, causing delays in what I'm saying, and sometimes I'll also forget what I'm saying as I'm saying it.
  5. I saw my pdoc today and he's increased Seroquel to 800mg and said he wants me on that dose for the next 6 months. I also had to submit an FMLA form to HR at my company... I'm hoping HR doesn't talk with my boss at all.
  6. Well-known is subjective. I honestly wanted to see a source because I've never read that being off medication can cause short term memory issues.
  7. Yeah, hopefully it's something related to meds. Before late last year, I almost never had hallucinations, including the time during my last 2 episodes. I sometimes worry whether my illness has progressed.
  8. There are people who do have at least partial insight when they descend into psychosis. How aware are you when you feel paranoid?
  9. I'm on a very high dose of Seroquel at this point and I'm still having subtle hallucinations :/. Today I heard really quiet sirens in the car and then my house. At least Seroquel has destroyed my paranoia.
  10. I've been on 750mg of Seroquel XR for 3 days and I'm starting to notice a lot of uncontrollable fidgeting. It's mainly in my legs and around my hips. It may be a good idea to start taking Cogentin again (I stopped it to test if it was the culprit of my disorganized speech).
  11. Ah yes, I forgot about that. I also get those as well, and it's usually someone or something (friend, a cartoon character, etc) that's talking to me based upon what I'm seeing or doing, but only temporarily. The weirdest one was a Looney Tunes character imitating a laugh that I heard.
  12. Edit: I didn't mean to limit this discussion to Sza - pretend like I said "Sz(a) Diagnosis" in the title . I've had my illness for 8 years now, with 2 major episodes and a bad flareup that I'm just coming out of. What I've noticed during these times is that, while I check every box for Schizophrenia, my hallucinations (auditory and visual) are not nearly as intense or as common as I would expect for my illness. When I do have auditory hallucinations, I tend to hear whispers and other transient noises (dogs barking, someone screaming, etc). They last several seconds at most. And when I visually hallucinate, I tend to see shadows and outlines of things in the corner of my eye that disappear almost immediately when trying to focus on it. With my current flareup, I've been having none to a couple per day, with exception to one day last week where I kept having visual stuff at night. My previous 2 episodes had little to no hallucinations at all. What's interesting is that I've never dipped below 300mg+ of Seroquel for my flareup, so I'm curious if they're worse w/o any medication. I'm not going to experiment with that though lol. Does anyone else have something similar in this regard?
  13. The prognosis for both is on a spectrum that does overlap; there are people with severe treatment-resistant psychosis that have Sza, and very high functioning people that have Sz.
  14. For me, I think dealing with sexuality in my teens had a huge impact in the development of MI. I battled with it for years (from age 13 - 18) and completely rejected the possibility of being gay. I suppressed it as much as possible, and as one would expect, during this time I suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety. But once I accepted my sexuality, this coupling sort of dissipated and I really haven't noticed an intersection since.