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  1. Oh San, I'm so sorry that you are going through all this. Unbelievable how people can be so unhelpful and downright nasty. I don't know the Canadian system so I don't fully understand what's going on but there is one thing that is plain to see is that these people really don't give a f**k. That is not your fault. That is their fault. You are not the one with the problem..they are...and don't forget that. You have been trying SO hard to get your sponsor and get work and obstacles are being put in your way. I know i would totally lose the plot if I ever was treated in such a way. So infuriating and such a helpless feeling. You're right....this IS cruel. You are NOT a failure. You have 2 college degrees and are a valuable person with many talents. You have not been given a chance to use your education and that is NOT your fault. You are very strong and courageous despite everything you have been through. I have seen how you interact with people on CB. You are a caring, kind, clever and worthwhile person. Please don't give up on life. Don't let them grind you down. Hang in there and be gentle with yourself and remember that none of this crap is your is the society in which we live. Someday soon somebody will give you a deserve it. Take care
  2. It is possible i have mild anhedonia. I have definitely had it REALLY bad in the past. This is not as bad as that. Yes i also have social anxiety and procrastinate SO much on simple things like getting my hair cut....even making a phone call freaks me out...i hate doing it and put it off as long as I have to. I live in Ireland and we have to get our vehicles tested periodically (National Car Test) to ensure they are safe to drive. My car is 12 yrs old so I have to get it tested every year. I always put off going to the garage partly because I procrastinate, partly because I'm anxious and partly because I'm just simply unmotivated even though I know if I don't get my car tested and get pulled over by the police I'll he in trouble. I am SO grateful for online booking of various appointments because that is a great help for the phone call anxiety aspect. I need a really good push to do anything. I do 2 12 hour days each week minding kids and often dread going as it can be difficult. However it is probably what saves me from being a total recluse.
  3. My mood is stable. I am functioning quite well. I work 2 days per week minding my cousin's kids aged 4 yrs and 2.5 yrs, which is good for me. On the other 5 days I tend not to go out much. I watch TV and read. I have some friends but it is a really big deal for me to meet up with them. I prefer to hang out with my dogs and cat at home. I go shopping with my Mum sometimes.... in fact she is probably the only person I do stuff with. My bedroom is always a mess and I really couldn't be bothered tidying it. I know i should go out for walks but cant make myself go. Showering and brushing teeth is a nuisance. I do shower every second day though with a push but brushing my teeth is a real nuisance and I often go weeks without doing it even though my gums bleed when I do eventually get around to brushing them. I'm not depressed so I don't really understand my behaviour because I'm behaving like I'm depressed. When I do stuff like occasionally go to the cinema or meet with friends i enjoy myself. Its just thinking about doing these things. I could sit on my ass or lie on my bed day after day just doing solitary stuff like TV, reading, going on the computer etc. I dunno. I feel like a lazy sod with no motivation. Anybody else with a stable mood or euthymic yet still struggle with motivation issues
  4. I tried a ribbon around Freddie's neck. I didn't bother him and he actually looks quite chuffed with himself 😀
  5. I took up to 30mg and always took it in the morning as I found it activating however my pdoc told me he had patients who took it at night because it sedated them!! It never ceases to amaze me how different we all are and how medications can have the total opposite effect on someone else!
  6. When I am already manic and in the hospital i usually take haloperidal 5mg 3 times daily PRN, along with my usual meds. When I'm starting to become manic my pdoc usually prescribes clonazepam which works if I can identify the early warning signs of a hypomanic episode.
  7. According to my pdoc, lamictal is a good mood stabilizer but not good for treating hypomanic/manic symptoms. At one point I wanted to take lamictal monotherapy but he told me that it wasn't good for mania, more helpful for treating and preventing bipolar depression and help prevent relapse
  8. Welcome back ladybug!!! I have often wondered where you were and how you're doing 😀
  9. I have taken the Seroquel xr brand in the past and currently take the generic form. Both have same instructions. I live in Ireland with drug companies prescribing from across EU so this may be different to other parts of the world. Who knows...
  10. No need to be sorry. I just don't want you to become really ill and end up in the hospital. You're doing well and I know that when things are going well we can start thinking that we can cut down on meds. But the reason that we are well is because the medication works. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. Didn't mean to.
  11. DO NOT attempt to quit these medications cold turkey. You are on them for a reason and as you said you are better taking all 3 APs. Going off them cold turkey could be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Even reducing the dosages could cause problems. Don't rock the boat.
  12. My pharmacy didn't put it on a leaflet. The instructions were directly from the drug company
  13. I take Seroquel xr 800mg and take the full dose at night as directed by my pdoc. Pdoc didn't mention anything about taking it with food however it does state on the patient information leaflet that it should be taken with food...about 300 calories I think. And I have no idea why. I take mine with or without food and doesn't seem to make any difference either way. I remained well on 400mg for a couple of years but became manic and dose was increased to 800mg and it started to reduce my symptoms within a day or 2 but took a few weeks to take full effect
  14. Laughes
  15. Coronation street