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  1. I went off lithium in September 2016 and within 2 weeks I was very manic. I had to go off it due to kidney damage. It was replaced by a low dose of valproate which was raised as I became manic but I remained manic for weeks as my meds were adjusted. When I hit valproate 1600mg I started to feel better and the mania began to subside. It is very important to go off it very slowly if it is possible. This did not happen in my case. I was tapered off it over 2 weeks because my pdoc was so worried about my kidneys and I had been to see a nephrologist who confirmed the damage.
  2. Temazepam?

    I take temazepam 10 - 20mg PRN for sleep. I very rarely have to use it but when I do I find it very effective
  3. Thanks cheese. My pdoc knows what he's doing and no random person on the internet is going to tell me what to do in relation to medication.
  4. I never said I was flat and I am certainly not catatonic. I am very stable on my current medication. Yes I lack motivation from time to time but doing well overall. You are not in a position to tell me to reassess my dosing. I wouldn't be taking these medications at those doses if I didn't have to...believe me.
  5. Lithium vs. depakote

    I was on Lithium for 13.5 years and loved it. I didn't gain weight on it and it was effective at controlling my mood. However in September 2016 I had to go off it due to impaired kidney function. I became manic within a few weeks even though my pdoc had commenced me on Depakote. It took quite a while for my mood to stabilise. By the end of October I was doing so much better but my eating was totally out of control and I gained 40 lbs over a 3 month period but I hadn't been trying to control my urge to eat. I rejoined my slimming group in January 2017 and have managed to lose 42 lbs to date. It was a struggle but I did it. I am doing well now at 1600mg. Depakote is helping me but overall I prefer Lithium.
  6. @San and @jt07....thank you so much for your kind words. I really felt that I was being attacked. The words "brush your damn teeth" upset me immensely and made me feel very small. I am quite a sensitive person though.....
  7. How dare you. You know NOTHING about me and my daily struggles. You have NO right to tell me I'm lazy. You obviously have no understanding about chronic mental illness so what are you even doing on this board. I am very upset by your very thoughtless comment. Think carefully before you speak in future because you could really hurt others as well as me
  8. I didn't gain weight on Lithium either
  9. My diagnosis is Bipolar 1 Stability for me is being able to function reasonably well for a sustained period of time. For example last October to January I was extremely unstable. I was manic, then mixed then depressed and when I started to improve in early January I was still not stable. I was doing okay but my mood was still up and down, although to a lesser degree. I went back to work at the end of January.. I just do 2 days a week, but was still fragile. Bit by bit I regained my confidence and after a few weeks l felt content within myself and have felt that way since except for the odd day or two when I struggle.
  10. After I overdosed and ended up in the high dependency unit 6 years ago my pdoc stripped me off all of my medication. He left me on Seroquel xr 400mg and said he was planning on leaving me on that alone. However I remained very depressed and he put me on Prozac 20mg and then on lithium. He was hoping that I would be ok just on Seroquel xr but that didn't happen. I currently take Seroquel XR 800mg along with Lamictal, valproate and Prozac and am mostly stable thankfully.
  11. I take Prozac along with valproate, Seroquel xr and lamictal and I haven't become manic on it. Everyone is different.
  12. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Sad but trying not to think too much. Tomorrow is the last appointment with my pdoc who I have been seeing for the past 20 years and 7 months. He is retiring.
  13. I took lithium for 14 and a half years and loved it. I had virtually no side effects. however after that length of time my kidney function deteriorated and I had to quit taking it. I had regular blood tests which showed the problems with my kidneys and once I went off lithium my kidney function improved gradually and returned to normal. So once you are monitored closely with blood tests approximately every 3 months your doctor will catch any problems early on and prevent kidney damage. Lithium is fantastic for mood stabilisation and I think it gets too much bad press for being a nasty scary medication. Its not.
  14. Depakote is working very well for me. So is Seroquel. I have never been on the other meds. I wish i didnt have to take them but i do and am glad that they are available. They allow me to lead a fairly normal life. I'm sorry that things are not working out for you. Speak to your pdoc about how you feel. Maybe you need an adjustment in the doses or a change in the medication. Don't give up