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  1. I am currently reading "Last ditch house" by Shane Dunphy who is a child care worker in Ireland. He writes about the most difficult and hard to reach children that many have given up on.
  2. Fantastic!! Congrats! What made me happy today was watching newborn lambs skipping around in the sunshine.....super cute
  3. I just want to get through remainder of day without losing the cool. Kids are sleeping at the moment so I can chill for a while
  4. Silence, perfect silence....except for the ticking of the clock
  5. Emperor
  6. Tired, stressed out and anxious as I have been asked to mind the children on Monday and Tuesday next week ask their grandmother has hurt her back. This means that I have done 2 long days in a row, have tomorrow off and then do 2 more days which I find incredibly difficult. I can't really say no as they need me and when I couldn't work from October to January due to mania and depression, they had to find somebody to fill in and I was lucky that they took me back at all. I guess they know that when I am well I am good at my job. Anyway to cut a long story short I am tired stressed and anxious........ But I'll get over it.
  7. All of the above applies to me too. I could be in the middle of a conversation and totally forget what I am talking about, my mind goes blank and I have to ask the other person what I was talking about. This is OK with people who know me well but not OK with people who don't....very embarrassing
  8. Tired and irritable. It can be hard work minding little kids at times. Wish it was 8 of clock tonight
  9. I am òn Valproate 1600mg. I was started on it at the end of September. As far as I remember my periods were normal for me. Then in January it was really heavy and went on for more than a week which doesn't normally happen. Then in February and March it was really light to non existent, lasting 2 days. I noticed the difference after my pdoc made the final dose increase to 1600mg in December. I never really thought about it until you posted it.
  10. I was put on Zyprexa 14 years ago for my first manic episode. That was the beginning of my battle with my weight. I had been a healthy 130lbs give or take a couple of lbs either way. I gained so much weight on this...Can't remember how much. Even when I went off it i still couldn't lose weight. I started taking Seroquel in 2005 and continued to gain weight or at the very best just maintain my weight. Fast forward a few years and my pdoc was really concerned about my weight and we decided to taper off it....bad move...became manic and was hospitalised and put back on Zyprexa....more weight gain. After a few months i refused to continue taking it as i was gaining weight at an alarming rate...put on Abilify which made me worse so went back to Seroquel which is the AAP that works the best for me. l was convinced that there was no way I could lose weight on it. But I 20lbs in a year!! Then I started on Valproate with the Seroquel last September and I gained over 40lbs in a few months. I was so mad with myself for undoing my hard work AND gaining more weight on top of that. So I rejoined my slimming group and have managed to lose 32lbs of that since January by eating healthily and filling up on fat free and low fat foods and by attending the slimming group weekly for support. I make it sound easy but it is far from it. I have cravings for chocolate and all sweet stuff and sometimes I give in.....only human!! I'm the kind of person who needs to be motivated and encouraged and respond well to awards. We get an award every 7lbs we's just a bit of well for me..I'm like a child 😃 Anyway, I never thought I could lose weight on these medications but I did. Yes I have to work hard but it can be done. I still have a LONG way to get back to my original weight and am pretty sure I never will as I would need to lose another 70lbs to be that weight and I would be happy with another 30lbs off. I take it day by day
  11. United Kingdom
  12. Rang the hairdressers and asked could I go in again as wasn't totally happy with hairstyle
  13. I'm grateful That my back is much better That my Slimming Group leader is so supportive
  14. Oh my goodness.....SO flippin cold today. Hailstones, sleet and heavy rain.