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  1. I am on Seroquel xr 800mg and take it approximately 12 hours before i have to get up to avoid morning sedation. So i had to be up at 6:30 this am and i took my medication at 7pm last night. I'm still tired in the morning but not sedated
  2. Yes...olanzapine made me VERY groggy. My brain was in a fog most of the timeI remember falling asleep at a work meeting and i should never have been driving a car at that time. It's a miracle that i was not in an accident. I was on it 6 months and during that time i never adjusted to it. I was always very tired except when i was tapering off it in the last few weeks.
  3. Test
  4. That's great news Melissa!!!
  5. Cold
  6. I have been taking metformin for about 2 years. I asked my GP about going on it as I had read articles about how it could help prevent weight gain associated with AAPs. However I was already very overweight when I started it. It did stop me gaining any more weight at that time and I was able to lose about 25lbs ( I gained a lot of weight between September and December last year due to starting valproate... But I have lost almost all of that thankfully) One thing I did notice a change in is my nocturnal eating. Almost every night I used to wake up feeling ravenous and I would go downstairs for food. That hasn't happened since I have been taking metformin. I also have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS can cause insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity amongst other things so my GP was happy to prescribe it. Since then my insulin resistance has improved a lot At the beginning I felt quite nauseous but that passed quickly. Overall I believe this medication has helped me.
  7. I had the same side effects when i started on Seroquel at a very low dose...the low blood pressure, dizziness, etc.. When i stood up my blood pressure would drop and i felt really ill. After a while it got better. It's a good medication if you can stick with the initial side effects. But there are many other medications out there for you to try so don't give up
  8. Yes!! I feel much more comfortable talking about depression. In my world mania is a bit taboo
  9. Prozac works well for me but i am also on Seroquel xr 800mg, lamictal 250mg and valproate chrono 1600mg which are all mood stabilizers.
  10. I was on carbamazepine 13 years ago. It did help initially but after a while it stopped working. I don't recall any significant side effects. I started taking lithium in 2003 and I loved it. It worked really well for me and again I had no significant side effects. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it last September because of kidney damage. I currently take valproate. I gained a lot of weight at the beginning but worked hard to lose it and have lost 32 lbs since January. I was also quite sedated at the beginning but got past that too. I still feel a bit more tired than prior to starting valproate in September but I can deal with that. It is a good mood stabiliser for me. It keeps me at an even keel, taken with quetiapine xr lamotrigine and fluoxetine. I think I am quite lucky in the aspect of starting/stopping medications. I am on lamotrigine 250mg and had no issues with the titration but I have heard that many people do. It is a good med if you can hang in there.
  11. 2 small children running around the house shrieking with delight.
  12. When I experienced my first major depressive episode and was hospitalised 20 years ago my family were given strict instructions to not tell a single soul as I was mortified. I was only 19 yrs old. After a while I didn't care what people thought although I still had issues with people knowing I was in the hospital. After a manic episode 14 yrs ago my diagnosis was changed to bipolar disorder. Again I had issues with people knowing about my diagnosis. I didn't want anybody to know about my manic episodes. Fast forward a couple of years and I really didn't give a stuff about people knowing and still don't. Now there are still many people in my life either can't or won't talk to me about my illness. They don't even acknowledge it. I have a lovely cousin who I am quite good friends with and she makes statements like.....oh I often have nights where I can't sleep or ........we all suffer with stress.....NO idea , despite my explanation of my illness. There are lots of people like that but I genuinely don't care who knows what anymore.
  13. Have headache. Feel tired. Feel nauseous. Feel low. Feel relieved that my car has been fixed but feel anxious wondering how big the bill will be.
  14. I have also been blessed coming off of medications. I think lithium was the only one that i had issues with. Maybe it was because i had been on it 13.5 years.