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  1. A feeling of whole body and mind sickness Something is wrong Heart racing Short of breath Exhaustion Frazzled nerves Overanalyzing every. Little. Thing. Every activity (even eating) causes stress because I have to think about, execute it, and clean up afterward. That takes immense energy My body moves automatically, but my mind is elsewhere
  2. What seems small and insignificant to others is really sharp jagged panic for us. I feel like our sensory system is jacked up so when something deters from the expected nerves are ignited.
  3. Fired

    I'm starting to take days off at this job. It's like it's starting all over again
  4. From a 7 hour a week job.... Wow. I suck at adulting. Now what? I can't even work 7 hours? Part if the problem was my shitty car. I guess the rest was me. Wtf Happy 50th birthday.....
  5. So What Do You Think

    I can relate to that feeling 😞
  6. So What Do You Think

    Yes thank you for that. I always seem to gravitate towards them. Also that usually claim that they don't drink as much as they really do. It's only until later that I find out the truth.
  7. I believe with some outpatient treatment centers, they have so much paperwork to complete that actual treatment takes a back burner. That's been my personal experience.
  8. ∆ I agree. That's one not to mess with.
  9. So What Do You Think

    Yes. Your all right. When I tried to bring up the subject he got very nasty . It's over. Whew...
  10. Ask for Help, they say...

    That is exactly word for word how I feel except when I do choose people to hang out with they're highly dysfunctional or I'm highly critical I can't determine. But I definitely choose severely dysfunctional people much of the time to hang with
  11. Ask for Help, they say...

    Does anyone ever feel as though they can't select quality people to spend time with?
  12. I recently started dating a man whom I met two years ago. He's funny outgoing complimentary Charming and we're very similar in our likes and dislikes. The thing is he hurt his back quite badly at work and is taking a plethora of medications namely clonazepam the highest dose three times a day along with lots of Jack Daniels. He's sleepy much of the time we're together most likely due to the clonazepam. However even though it's only been a month he's very sweet and kind to me I just don't know there's something I can't put my finger on.... What do you think?
  13. Ask for Help, they say...

    I wish I could shout to the world. I'd say " Quit staying away from me just because you don't understand or are scared. You can't catch. MI from me"
  14. Ask for Help, they say...

    One can never underestimate the helpfulness of this site honestly I have to keep reminding myself of that
  15. Ask for Help, they say...

    And when I do ask for help I get silence. No reply On two separate occasions I told two separate guys (both of whom I had been intimate with) that I really could use a friend. I was in a terrible place mentally and was reaching out as suggested by mental health providers. I received no response whatsoever. Dead silence. People really do suck and you better damn well believe I won't ask again. Fuck them