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  1. Ask for Help, they say...

    One can never underestimate the helpfulness of this site honestly I have to keep reminding myself of that
  2. Ask for Help, they say...

    And when I do ask for help I get silence. No reply On two separate occasions I told two separate guys (both of whom I had been intimate with) that I really could use a friend. I was in a terrible place mentally and was reaching out as suggested by mental health providers. I received no response whatsoever. Dead silence. People really do suck and you better damn well believe I won't ask again. Fuck them
  3. I can relate to how your feeling. I'm sorry your hurting. I hope it doesn't last long
  4. Anxiety is Triggered

    Thank you for reading. I'm trying to figure out how to block her
  5. Anxiety is Triggered

    After six texts starting at 1:39am I texted my sister, "I'm taking some quiet me time. Need to sort my head out." To which she replied, "Wow. Ok well gesus when you want me in your life you'll call me. Should I delete your #" I texted, "Thanks for understanding" WTF
  6. Anxiety is Triggered

    So, I invited my half sister to stay the weekend with me until she could move into her apartment. I am very isolated and quiet. She is very energetic and drinks. She ended up saying something like I'm glad I found you Ill never let you go. It felt good to hear especially after the life I've had. Fast forward a few weeks and she is texting me 5-8x a day, calling, which I'm not used to at all. Not only that but its as though she isn't even reading my texts regarding when I work, other plans I've made or how I my anxiety and depression affects me. She asks the same questions over and over and says things like I guess I wont see you! You know where I live! I'll tell her I'm in ghroup and she'll say I need to go to group. OR I'm in a "fuck everbody" mood. I wont bother you no more, yet she is relentless!!! Now also I was invited to a nieces baby shower and didn't show up. I find that being around her is very triggering and Im on high anxiety. I just dont know how else to respond to her texts so I've been ignoring her for the most part. Im struggling with the proper words Advice please?
  7. Damn that was a terribly rough few weeks! I'm back on old reliable; venlafexine.... Thank you guys
  8. Help please. I'm taking Buproprion150xr and have every Side effect imaginable. My hand feel numb, high blood pressure, jittery, funky vision, stomach cramps, diahrea, foggy head. My pharmacist believes it's built up in my body and I'm sensitive to medications. Has anyone gone IP to help regulate their meds and deal with side effects?
  9. WTF

    Gearhead, that made me feel powerful.... Thank you for helping me realize that 😊
  10. WTF

    What sucks is being single at after 50 and online dating. I'm a mature woman who isn't afraid to have sex just for sex. But let's keep it classy! When a guy says he wants to lick my @** or f**k my mouth...!??! WTF!?? Is that a turn on? Do women like that? Or that talk?.. I must be too old
  11. I was recently approved for medical marijuana and my Dr said there having difficulty with pain patients but great success with PTSD clients. He also said it's a tincture, not actually weed so the most effective chemicals are all you receive
  12. Is it ok to hate your dad?

    My 2 cents. In NYS you can get your own residence and usually qualify for financial aid. You might have to take a semester off from college but you would be independent
  13. You are welcome. I'm learning as I go. I am neither positive or assertive either 😕
  14. I liked your suggestion so I asked. I was told that This is the me I was supposed to be! Before all the crap happened.. A voice of reason is a very good thing.. I have never in my life had one. Until now😊 I need to hear other people's experience because I'm so new to this diagnosis. It's very helpful. Thanks
  15. My DID diagnosis was quite recent but looking back I can see signs for a while now. One thing that I've really begun to notice and analyze is this voice. It's my own voice but more assertive and it helps me to see things from a more healthy perspective. I sometimes talk out loud with this voice, back and forth. Only in my car. It starts like this; I begin to have a thought, sometimes negative. The voice immediately and unexpectedly responds with a counter suggestion to my thought. Sometimes I fight it but the voice usually makes such clear sense that I agree. It's always positive information. Any thoughts?