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  1. WTF

    Gearhead, that made me feel powerful.... Thank you for helping me realize that 😊
  2. WTF

    What sucks is being single at after 50 and online dating. I'm a mature woman who isn't afraid to have sex just for sex. But let's keep it classy! When a guy says he wants to lick my @** or f**k my mouth...!??! WTF!?? Is that a turn on? Do women like that? Or that talk?.. I must be too old
  3. I was recently approved for medical marijuana and my Dr said there having difficulty with pain patients but great success with PTSD clients. He also said it's a tincture, not actually weed so the most effective chemicals are all you receive
  4. Is it ok to hate your dad?

    My 2 cents. In NYS you can get your own residence and usually qualify for financial aid. You might have to take a semester off from college but you would be independent
  5. You are welcome. I'm learning as I go. I am neither positive or assertive either 😕
  6. I liked your suggestion so I asked. I was told that This is the me I was supposed to be! Before all the crap happened.. A voice of reason is a very good thing.. I have never in my life had one. Until now😊 I need to hear other people's experience because I'm so new to this diagnosis. It's very helpful. Thanks
  7. My DID diagnosis was quite recent but looking back I can see signs for a while now. One thing that I've really begun to notice and analyze is this voice. It's my own voice but more assertive and it helps me to see things from a more healthy perspective. I sometimes talk out loud with this voice, back and forth. Only in my car. It starts like this; I begin to have a thought, sometimes negative. The voice immediately and unexpectedly responds with a counter suggestion to my thought. Sometimes I fight it but the voice usually makes such clear sense that I agree. It's always positive information. Any thoughts?
  8. Why?

    My hours have picked up a little, and I work with dogs. That is like therapy itself
  9. I don't associate with many people but the few I do have said to me "Don't you remember saying that?" Why no, actually I don't! I have a vague memory of it but that's it. This is either becoming more frequent or I'm just noticing because of my diagnosis. Any comments?
  10. Why?

    I do. It's just that there's been so many impending"emergencies" that need addressing we haven't been able to fully address it yet
  11. Do I struggle with employment? Others with MI seem to maintain stability within the workforce. I on the other hand struggle with attendence, full time work and forcefully women. I need to assess the root cause of this and make some changes because I have no source of income for a month and a half now.
  12. That was happening to me too earlier on my phone. I thought I had a virus
  13. Newly Diagnosed

    So I was unaware I dissociate. My therapist gave me a really long questionnaire and we were both surprised to see that I scored high for DID I have been looking back on my life to examine the patterns of dissociating. I have many years that I don't remember. AS far as different personalities... there are times that I am outgoing and talkative, others that I'm sullen and withdrawn and many times I act out sexually and regret it afterwards. My kids say that I'm forgetful and last week I forgot 5 different events that I had previously committed to! My forgetfulness is the hardest for me.
  14. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/abcs-child-psychiatry/201601/does-marijuana-cause-psychosis
  15. Newly Diagnosed

    Thanks for that. I can really relate. Stress does bring it on for sure! One time I was having sex with my ex bf and left my body for a brief moment. It was actually kind of cool. But my therapist said not to try to make it happen again. Thank you so much for that. My therapist even said other mental health professional s don't even think it exists.