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  1. Ok, cleaned the cat litter, fish tank and showered. I have to do laundry but that's another day.


    1. DammitJanet


      Right there with you. Depression is at bay, but still lacking consistent motivation. 

  2. Too depressed to shower. Or eat. Or even think of sex, which is weird for me

  3. Hospitalization

    I think there's another day program I can do also. I'm calling on Monday
  4. Hospitalization

    I can do that ☺ Thank you for the inspiration
  5. Hospitalization

    Can I go IP without being suicidal? I'm just struggling to manage daily life. I'm so depressed I feel sick. I wish for death but have no plan. I feel like I need some sort of daily routine to get me on track. In one week I will be going to partial hospitalization. I can't wait that long
  6. I can't do today. I just can't. 

    Can't get out of bed. Can't stop crying. Can't believe this is my life.

    1. DammitJanet


      Try taking the day in baby steps. Forcing yourself to get out of bed will probably help a little. 🤗 hugs 

    2. deeschmee


      Thank you

      I do have a painting class today so that's something.

      Your very kind

    3. DammitJanet


      Painting! I so so badly want to learn to paint! Seems to be so cathartic for so many people. Awesome that you’re doing that today!

  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Of course! That's just what I like too!
  8. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    What's your favorite junk? I'm so depressed I was thinking of getting some chocolate hostess cupcakes
  9. whatever the weather

    Here in NY it kind of sleet/light snowed all day. And the neighbor left his poor kitty on the porch from 9am until 330pm
  10. How..

    Well, she's moving back to her dads
  11. Do I parent an emotial 16 year old daughter when I can barely get off the couch
  12. I'm sitting on the pot right now... I have always had good luck with the peppermint tabs. I would say peptobismo, applesauce, bananas, and also this drink called kombucha. It's loaded with probiotics. Takes some getting used to the flavor. Google it. I hope you feel better soon
  13. Good advice, except how would I explain any absences between jobs? I was let go in the first 7 days because I "Wasn't a good fit". He didn't want to get into specifics