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  1. That was happening to me too earlier on my phone. I thought I had a virus
  2. Newly Diagnosed

    So I was unaware I dissociate. My therapist gave me a really long questionnaire and we were both surprised to see that I scored high for DID I have been looking back on my life to examine the patterns of dissociating. I have many years that I don't remember. AS far as different personalities... there are times that I am outgoing and talkative, others that I'm sullen and withdrawn and many times I act out sexually and regret it afterwards. My kids say that I'm forgetful and last week I forgot 5 different events that I had previously committed to! My forgetfulness is the hardest for me.
  3. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/abcs-child-psychiatry/201601/does-marijuana-cause-psychosis
  4. Newly Diagnosed

    Thanks for that. I can really relate. Stress does bring it on for sure! One time I was having sex with my ex bf and left my body for a brief moment. It was actually kind of cool. But my therapist said not to try to make it happen again. Thank you so much for that. My therapist even said other mental health professional s don't even think it exists.
  5. And I've read some information on depersonalization/derealization. Which is my spectrum. I still don't know how I feel about this. I almost feel"Super" crazy. Like I'm worse off than I first thought. Any replies are welcome
  6. The only person I've ever met who was most like me in thought, feeling, passion, politics and morals was a junkie. What does that say about me.....

  7. I ABSOLUTELY love all your responses!!! I feel so much better now. HOWEVER! He turned ou to have quite the temper so I told him to hit the road....:( Single again
  8. I understand how you feel. I sympathize with what you go through. For some people, birthdays are bad reminders. I'm adopted so my birthday (July 2) is the day my bmom gave me up to live in an orphanage for my 1st 3months. I hate birthdays. They suck schwetty balls
  9. It's nice to know you can relate. As time goes on, I'm seeing that he is the most loving, sensitive man I have ever been with. I am falling more in love with him each day. He helps to soften my insecurities as well. I feel very lucky to have him!
  10. I just met a great guy, who told me he's slightly attracted to men. He's been with men but prefers to be in relationships with women. He's talked about having a threesome with a man and then a woman too. I'm very open and accepting, but this is new to me and would like some advice please
  11. Thank you all for replying! Turns out I got a new position at my work where i now work M-F no nights or weekends. Now I can get a second job or continue on with school during the morning. PS. I am not on a bus route as I live in the country
  12. I applied, appealed, asked the judge to review my case and was denied SSI/SSDI after 3 long years. I applied again. I get rental assistance and $90 in food stamps. I struggle working part time and am in financial despair. My car won't pass inspection, I owe on bills, rent, $ to social services and my SSI lawyer. I need a second or better job but I'm scared I can't handle it. What should I do?
  13. Help needed.

    I did some acting out behaviors which triggered my depression and now panic, I feel as though Im losing my mind. Ive been feeling suicidal on and off for the past few days and I have to be at work in 3 hours

    Im not sure what to do

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      im going to take a klonapin and lay down

    3. Chantho


      That sounds like a good way to go. Sorry I wasn't more helpful.

    4. deeschmee
  14. Ah shit, no no no (tw?)

    I would absolutely put him (sealed) in the freezer. A special pet deserves a special burial