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  1. Keep trying meds until you find what works for YOU. Don't let them make you feel like you're not worth helping or that your feelings and side effects don't matter. On the same token don't be afraid to change meds when the efficacy stops or changes. Keep up with yourself, use a journal or just put faces on a calendar. Track your moods!
  2. Scars in a retail job

    Honestly I just wear whatever and if people have the nerve to ask me about it I just tell them flat out. The older I get the less I care and the more I lean on the old adage that if you're brave enough to ask then you're strong enough to handle the answer. I've also laughed it off like I have burn scars on my left fore arm and I often tell people I got them while saving kittens from a burning battleship. They laugh, I laugh, I change the subject. I've also found that working retail people aren't really looking as closely as you feel like they are. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with.
  3. Lord I need a drink.

  4. In my experience I was just honest. Sometimes the reaction was good and sometimes it wasn't so much. I kinda had to tell my mom when I had a wound that became infected. But other people have just found out over the years. I think if you'd like to talk about it that it might be a good idea to open up to some of the people around you. Just be prepared that not everyone may understand and a lot of the time the first reaction to something we don't understand is fear and anger. Don't put yourself in a mentally dangerous place and maybe start with "Can we talk about something and be calm" or something of the like?
  5. Oh my head hurts.

  6. I think I need help...

  7. Any other adult cutters out there?

    I started when I was 19 and have been off and on the wagon. I just turned 27 and I'm 2 years clean and I've been trying not to relapse for a few weeks now. I burn and cut.
  8. what was the last straw?

    I've been clean for 2 years and I still struggle. A lot. But the deal breaker for me was a severe burn and a trip to the ward where I had a very bad reaction to some meds and was sure I was going to die. After that I swore I would never go back there. But it's hard.