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  1. whatever the weather

    After seeing all the hurricanes on TV I thought I would never complain about the rain again.. but it was still a pain this morning, I'm a spoilt brat. It is so so cold here, and they won't put the heating on in work, I wore two pairs of trousers today and a vest and tshirt and 2 cardigans.. it is surreal to think that it could be warm anywhere on earth when I am so COLD
  2. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Inspired. i wanna breathe love and happiness at all you guys like a dragon of joy... but I can't
  3. Today was a Blessing

    "I will guard this happiness like a new born baby" Oh I know the feeling! I wish I could bottle it and keep it for when I am sad.
  4. How do I stop eating toilet paper?

    I think this is a common enough sort of pica it deserves to be its own thing, like sugar addiction. I don't swallow it usually, but still chewing on it is really unhealthy, I always have a sore throat and I bet it's from the bleach. Oh I googled it it IS it's own thing: xylophagia That sounds COOL. Maybe I won't stop. Jokes jokes I've tried buying the scented stuff because it tastes awful.. but after a while I just get used to the taste. The problem is I'm not really aware that I'm doing it. I just suddenly realise it's in my mouth and has been for a while, and I spit it out. Has anyone beaten something similar? How did you do it? Any ideas? I'm not that worried, except it's costing a lot in toilet paper, and I'm scared the bleach will give me throat cancer. What are you doing here!? I said piCa! Not pika! Get out!
  5. well this is slightly off topic but i promise that once your pallet gets used to eating the non-fancy food you will enjoy it just as much as the fancy food. So that's one thing I can torpedo for you right there.
  6. A friend of mine was depressed and went to a life-coach. The life coach listened to him and then recommended breaking up with his boyfriend and quitting his job. He was vulnerable and upset and blaming his situation for his depression, so he did what was advised. Needless to say he didn't manage to get his boyfriend or job back, he is now unemployed and alone and begging to be forgiven. What kind of advice was that? I have never heard of a therapist telling you to get out of a non-abusive relationship. That is a personal decision. Life-coaches are randomers, they might have good social skills, but if you tell them you are sad because the government are chasing you they are going to be like "shit! Better get a tinfoil hat!" They don't have a well thought out code of ethics based on the mistakes made by professionals over the past hundred years. How is someone with no training going to deal with transference? How is someone with no training going to recognise when you are in danger? How is someone going to differentiate between your depression talking and your self talking. Life coaches should be like like professional friends, neutral, listen without judging. I think they might actually be a good idea, if they weren't , by definition, all deluded into thinking they were some kind of authority on the lives of others. Best of luck, whatever you decide!
  7. Questions Thread

    Tupac is fine. Am I interested in him.. Well if I had a choice between a well made hour long documentary about his life or spending an hour listening to his music I'd pick his music, so I guess I'm not interested in the life and times of him. Have you ever been in a hot air baloon?
  8. The person below me...

    False The person below me uses a phone with a cracked screen.
  9. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Vaguely amused at how incredibly immoral the video game BF is playing is. Random mayhem is all well and good but this game teaches people that torture of possibly innocent people is okay in the name of the greater good, that might be something worth discussing.. but they just present it as fact, as if every reasonable person in the world agrees. Generally I feel like crap but not in this moment. That's what matters. Gotta be more like.. which philosopher was that... Seneca?
  10. posted in wrong thread! sorry!
  11. I think I'm depressed because: I'm grumpy have much less energy than before often irritable thinking a lot about self-harm crying often (sometimes feel like it but don't) I don't have motivation to do things I used to do and enjoy everything seems pointless i worry about things a lot i seem to have much less of all the positive emotions, love, joy, happiness, hope, excitement, anticipation.. all those and more of the negative emotions like sadness, misery, hatred, anger I deeply despise myself I waste entire weekends in bed then of course feel even worse for the very fact I've done so And this has been going on about 3 and a half years, with occasional breaks of maybe a week or so. Although in the last 3 years there were times when I managed to feel hope or motivation to do things to dig myself out of the rut. Those times haven't lasted. I'll occasionally get very excited and motivated by something for a few hours and then I'm back to this.
  12. what should i weigh?!?

    Are you going by typical XX weight? Remember that for men of the same height a higher weight is expected and essential for health. How about eating more (minus purge), enough to make doctors happy, but exercising more too (not so much that doctors worry). Healthy amounts of exercise increases testosterone levels (regardless of chromosomes). This
  13. Thinking about it is calming so it's addictive. I am guessing that thinking about cutting or violent forms of death lower my blood pressure in the same way cutting has been shown to in studies, but without that pesky risk of gangrene. I think the thoughts must be coming for this reason, because I think about killing myself in very violent ways, where as in reality if I was ever to do it I would obviously try to do it as peacefully and painlessly as possible, but that's not what I think about, in fact thinking about that has the opposite effect, it is frightening because it's real.
  14. Skipping Work

    I have to take mental health days so to compensate I don't ever call in sick for anything fun.. but everyone at work does, so it is surely normal.
  15. Ashamed of letting my dog lick my privates

    Dog's saliva is naturally anti-septic. If you were going to get in any way sick from this, it would have happened already. What you did caused harm or suffering to no one, including you. I am not religious, it sounds like you have a nice priest and you can trust him to tell you how to deal with this from a religious perspective. If you feel guilty about something that caused harm that is really hard psychologically, because you can repent but you can't undo the harm, but you didn't do any harm. This doesn't say anything whatsoever about who you are as a person. If anything it will make you a better person, people who have never felt shame in their lives can be very very unsympathetic to other people who make mistakes. Give it this significance. When you see someone publicly shamed you will always remember that all of us, all of us have secret shames. Every time this intrusive thought comes into your head, take it as a reminder to always be forgiving of other people who are sorry for something they will never do again. If you can turn it into something positive and meaningful in this way I hope it will take the pain of it away for you. You have suffered enough with it. [wupps.. this is 2 years old.. goes to show the power of a good title]