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  1. Thanks guys, I think I'll make this dreaded upcoming session the last one.
  2. How long does it take to know if you can work with a therapist? If your gut tells you to find someone else should you trust it or stick it out, in your experience? Thanks guys
  3. so powerful....*sick*

    I don't know Kati Morton has some free workbooks for ED on her site but I find the whole thing hard to navigate (https://www.katimorton.com/ currently down for maintenance)
  4. I eat toilet tissue

    I have been doing this for years and can't stop. My whole life in fact. I try to spit it out when I find myself doing it but then I'm doing it again. At the moment I'm trying to chew gum to stop me doing it but I can't chew gum all the time e.g. at work. I have a constant sore throat, possibly from the bleach, and I know it can block up your intestines and kill you if you swallow enough of it. Gah. I don't know how to stop. Ideas?
  5. Minimizing pain and suffering of myself and other living beings. That's for me personally, then as humans I love that we are a tiny but conscious piece of the universe trying to understand itself, I can't remember where I read that, but it is very meaningful. Part of the universe woke up and said "What am I?" Why else do we worry so much about the purpose of it all instead of just our own individual purposes.
  6. Grief scrapbook

    Thanks you guys *hugs*
  7. Grief scrapbook

    Is this a thing? Or something like it? If so can someone recommend me the name ? What I want is something like a workbook with memory prompts and thought prompts dedicated to one person that died. (Every time someone you love dies you make a new book) So for example on page 1 you put the person's name and details On page 2 you describe your relationship with this person On page 3 you talk about a film or book or TV show or video game you remember watching together or talking about together On page 4 you talk about a day out or other activity you shared together etc. etc. On page 5 you remember something that belonged to them, as simple as an item of clothing you remember them wearing or as complex as their favorite possession in the world It doesn't have to be something like that exactly, anything that will help me have something other than pain and regret honoring this person in my mind, I want to give the happy memories equal place with the agony at his loss. I want the warmth and love to be as salient as the gross injustice of it all.
  8. I'm reading Furiously Happy, it's good. I do like her as a person and I like her philosophy of life and her hobbies but the comedy is kind of repetitive so I would like if someone could just earmark the chapters about mental health for me so I could skip the rest heh, ah well it's a quick read and the chapters are short and I do probably laugh out loud once every 2 chapters so what am I being so fussy for?
  9. what the others said, read as much about autism as possible and check out the #actuallyAutistic community online who are wonderful wonderful people. And check out Amythest Shaber she is the best :) https://www.youtube.com/user/neurowonderful
  10. my job lets me work part time and my hours are somewhat flexible, I can only do jobs like this nowadays
  11. My ideas: Find a balance between what you love and what is practical for you to do. E.g. working as a private language tutor is a low stress job where you decide your own hours and work as many or as few hours a week as you like. Working as a counselor is potentially a high stress job but again you decide your own hours. What about something with seasonal work? If it is learning for the sheer love of learning, does it have to be a masters? What about all the free courses online? What about all the affordable ones? If it is about prestige, spend that money on a rolex instead But I don't know, I think this is definitely the sort of thing where it's ok to follow your heart, assuming the financial burden is something you can handle
  12. Does your therapist take notes?

    I would have to take notes if I wanted to listen to someone talking about something really important, my working memory is very poor. I would write down details that seemed important, so I could go back to them later without interrupting you. Like if you were talking about the grief of losing a pet, and you mentioned in passing losing your grandfather as a child, I would not want to forget to ask you about your grandfather later, but I wouldn't want to interrupt you talking about the grief of losing your pet, and I wouldn't be able to hold it in my working memory and listen to you at the same time. I often feel like I need a notepad even with my friends! On the other hand, my declarative memory is fine, so I would remember what we talked about the next time we met... assuming of course I wasn't meeting 6 people a day! Legally you are allowed to look at the notes if you really want to. People can't keep data about you secret from you, even something like this. It sounds like this person wasn't a good fit and I wish you better luck with the next one
  13. My mom died.

    Ah! I'm so glad I went back and re-read it then! I have to be more careful. Totally my fault. *Hugs or warm handshakes, whichever you prefer*
  14. My mom died.

    Sorry if that seemed snarky, it was meant to be funny