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  1. Yay for you!!! I'm so sorry for how you felt during. Please know you can be proud of facing the exam. I'm totally proud of you!
  2. I had my first pelvic exam at 37. About a year ago. I had a painful sore on my vulva that I was worried about, which turned out to be nothing. I had my fiancée with me, and he hugged me the whole time, telling me it would be ok. I gave the doc a written explanation of why I was so scared. She was gentle. It didn't hurt. She told me she was so sorry for what I'd been through. I was cleared of any STDs and told I don't have to have another exam for 5 years. To be honest, I cried the whole time, but I got through it. And I was so damn proud of myself! You will get though it, too, and you will be proud! I'm sending good thoughts your way. h
  3. It has been interesting. I've had 2 in office sessions, and one at home. I think it has helped with chronic pain. I had a panic/ flashback the last time I had the ketamine in my doc's office. It's an ongoing process that I am open to, but I still fear the experience. There is comfort in doing the in-office thing, because my pdoc can calmly talk me down. i think I'll have my next at home experience when my honey is home, just so he can be here in case I flip out.
  4. My blood pressure has been pretty high for years because of my Effexor. I'm supposed to not have any caffeine, and I monitor my BP at home. About a year ago I started taking atenolol for my HBP, and also my anxiety. Now I'm mostly at normal, healthy range.
  5. Ok. My first ketamine assisted therapy appointment is tomorrow. I started freaking out a little about it a week or so ago. Been having panic attacks lasting hours. But I'm actually starting to feel more calm about it. I've been considering doing this for over a year, and my feelings have waffled quite a bit, but I'm just going to go with the flow. There will be calming music and guided meditation. GM often sends me into panic, but my pdoc know this, so hopefully it will be gentle. please wish me luck. i'll come back with more info after I go through it.
  6. I take atenolol for blood pressure, anxiety, and essential tremor. I also take gabapentin for anxiety, chronic pain, and my tremor. Tremor can be so frustrating and embarrassing. But finally, after having had the shakes with my head, arms, and fingers my whole life, gatting an official diagnosis has been so comforting. There is a reason for my tremor, and I can live with that.
  7. I got inositol online from a company called Life Extension.
  8. Panic before therapy

    My docs totally respect that. Pdoc reminds me that I'm always in the driver's seat. I just forget sometimes.
  9. Panic before therapy

    Thanks for the responses. It happened again before my pdoc appt. I think I'm just freaking out about what I might be encouraged to talk about. Ugh.
  10. I take 225 mgs of Effexor. My libido has pretty much vanished, but the med works well for my issues. My pdoc has suggested macca, and inositol powder to help. Not so much for me, but maybe worth a try?
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  12. Wow! Thanks for the responses. I forgot to mention that I am on 50 mgs atenolol a day for high blood pressure. My pdoc took my bp one day and told me to see my gp right away because he was alarmed at my bp. I called and couldn't get an appt for 3 weeks, so my pdoc immediately called in atenolol to my pharmacy. I have a home bp machine, and this med has made a world of difference in my bp and panic. The neurologist suggested switching to propranolol, but I trusted my pdoc choosing atenolol because over all, it helps with bp as well as anxiety. The neurologist was totally ok with that.
  13. I went into my therapy appointment Tuesday in the middle if a major panic attack. I live only a few blocks from my tdoc's office, but I could barely get myself out of my front door. I took an Ativan that I had left over from a recent spinal procedure, but I still had to drive and traffic freaked me out. I went in shaking and hyperventilating. We took some deep breaths together, and I was able to talk about menial stuff after a few minutes. Eventually the Ativan kicked in and I was able to calm down. This often happens before an appointment, I think because I'm terrified I'll have to talk about difficult stuff. I know it's up to me, but I still have this anticipatory anxiety. Seeing the pdoc tomorrow and I'm alreay freaking out. I HATE this! sorry, just ranting.
  14. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

  15. whatever the weather

    About 70 degrees F. Sunny. Beautiful. Too bad I'm panicky and can't go outside.