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  1. Grieving a loss of self

    Personally, I find it easier to grieve in therapy. I have a LOT of grief around what's happened to me and how it's affected illness, memory, personality, abilities, and sense of self. I find it too big to tackle on my own. But I don't think that it'll always be this way, partly because I am working on it.
  2. This cycle

    Do you know what it is that causes you to slip up? A slip is a lesson that tells you where your vulnerabilities lie. For instance, if I know that talking to someone in particular causes me to SI, then I can put in place either restrictions on when/how I talk to them, or I can make sure to plan self-care before and after talking to them.
  3. Sexist Boss

    That's disgusting. I'd be in the same boat, because where I work is very man-heavy. Is it possible for you to complain to HR - maybe after your visa gets renewed? I hope that your wrist heals quickly and fully!
  4. You can PM VE to find out what other methods of donation he accepts.
  5. It's entirely possible to learn people skills - a personality disorder doesn't mean that you are destined to be a hermit! That said, while I work from home, it takes a special skillset of its own. It's not as easy as running away from people. I still need to interact with people, even when I work from home. I also need far more discipline than people who work in a more communal environment. For instance, I've not been paid in over a month because I keep forgetting to schedule in time to write up my invoices. If the rest of your work ethic is also that way, then you're liable to run into a lack of work in short order.
  6. I have a question before I can respond, because my suggestions will differ based on the answer. So while the question is "how experienced are you as an acid user?" I'm guessing that you were rather inexperienced with it before your trip?
  7. Hello Friendly admin note that if this is your real name - that you might want to change it; I wouldn't want for you to be googled by someone and then run into trouble for posting here. You can PM myself or Gearhead for a name change if you want.
  8. Newly Diagnosed

    @DividedMind, I'm curious to know what meds you've found useful for dissociation, as I've long been under the impression that no meds exist to treat the dissociation directly. What're you on that works so well for you, if you don't mind?
  9. Maybe not name it specifically, but just say something like how they're struggling with a long-term (or chronic) illness and so they require our understanding (or forgiveness) and accommodation where possible. ?
  10. Beauty is the Beast

    Moved as per the request above. Also, since we're a first-person site, I'm locking this thread. Your girlfriend is more than welcome to post here of her own accord about what it is that she's going through.
  11. So states have rights to their own autonomy only when their decisions agree with you? That's... not how freedom works.
  12. It's possible for the situation of an illness to be itself deeply upsetting or troubling. And it can layer, and add itself on to prior trauma. It makes sense to me how they would feel related to you. I know that my actions coming from my illness have contributed to my being further traumatized.
  13. I find that I need to do something else instead. So I knit, or I make collages. When I need a laugh I go to the family of Not Always Right and other sites. Their 'friendly' section is particularly uplifting: https://notalwaysright.com/friendly/
  14. I Almost Died Yesterday!

    Feel free to let us know how it goes!
  15. I Almost Died Yesterday!

    Your psychiatrist deserves to know what happened.