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  1. Personally I'm so bad at doctoring that I have an advocate who goes with me to all of my appointments. My advocate is capable of saying things that I can't, such as "this doctor said I need a med adjustment. Please make an appropriate referral." For me, it's less about who the doctor is and more about my being crazy.
  2. I'm not sure where you live, but where I live (Canada) only psychiatrists can deal with meds. So your doctor is really only able to refer you to a psychiatrist for that. You're well within your rights to go back to your doctor and specify that it has to be a psychiatrist. There are a whole lot of options beyond Lexapro, but not all gdocs are familiar with psych meds. Better to go to a professional. Where I live, too, psychiatrists can also do therapy, and it isn't based on energy work.
  3. Thanks What ended up happening is that I became pretty close with some now-friends of mine who were also struggling.
  4. I have an exam tomorrow, and then I need to go in on Friday to hand in final paperwork and do some closure and that sort of thing. I cannot wait for it to be over. Mentally I'm already done. Thanks so much for checking in with me!
  5. I've met others who have had voices as part of BPD. It's certainly possible... and there's a lot of overlap between various diagnosis. Diagnosing is as much art as it is science. I personally don't put much stock in it, beyond "does this mean that we can find something that will help, now?" OP, I think that you're exactly right - you can't help others until you can help yourself in some way. Now that you have a diagnosis, are there any ways that you can access that help?
  6. (Hint: BP - Bipolar; BPD - Emotional dysregulation/borderline personality). Confused, I think that it's awesome that you're looking after your relationship in this way! I think that often we hear about couples who go before divorce because they're already set on divorce, and are going through the motions of counselling so that they can say that they tried. Which is disingenuous, really. One of the places that I go to has a monthly couple's group. I've never gone with Fuzzy, but that's because we've not yet identified an area in our relationship that needs to be strengthened. But yes, counselling can certainly lead to better interpersonal skills for the two of you, and not just mess it up further.
  7. I love that movie, although I sob uncontrollably through most of it.
  8. Often people are more complicated than just "good" or "bad" or "villains" or whatever. They can be all of those things, and then some. And it's ok to mention all of those things.
  9. I'm sorry that you didn't feel safe enough keeping your post up. Is there any form of support in particular that you're looking for?
  10. It's pretty common to have a behaviour (such as ED'd behaviour) end up being replaced by another one when you try to work on the first. That's how people go from substance use to SI to EDs to whatever, for example. I've engaged in all of those. It wasn't until I addressed that I was doing any or all of those behaviours because I was hurting, and starting working on the reasons that I was hurting, that I was able to be free of cycling through them.
  11. It's not cockoo. It's cuckhold. Regardless of whether or not you see it as dog-whistling or not, that's where it comes from. As per my links.
  12. Doesn't mean words don't change their meanings over time - particularly on the internet. Evidently you've not read the first link I provided. RTFA.
  13. And yet when it's used in MRA circles, which are so closely aligned to the alt-right, it's implied.
  14. Wrong, flash. It's derived from "cuckold" - which in this context means a black man "cuckolding" a white man by having sex with his presumed white wife. Which is well-known in MRA and alt-right circles, with which this screed is clearly a part. For example.