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  1. There is so little research that supports the idea that putting calorie counts on menu boards changes how people order at restaurants. There is LOTS of research that shows that eating disorders kill people - and that people with eating disorders are very sensitive to calorie counts on menu boards. My province introduced these counts January 1st. I was doing so well at recovery!!!!! and now I'm slipping big time. Is the solution to never go to restaurants? Because that seems sort of disordered, too...
  2. WHY!??!?!?!?!?!? This is the worst trope in the world and can we please not exploit people who have already been victimized in a way that clearly demonstrates that the writers have no fucking clue what they're talking about? Serious cultural appropriation, too.
  3. There's something called Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome. I'm not sure if it's on the dissociation spectrum, necessarily, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was. I know that, with DID relational size is very fluid. Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome is essentially the non-DID version of the same experience. So... it's possible, I suppose, but I have no answers. It wouldn't surprise me if it was related to anxiety in that way, though.
  4. Dear All, We have recently become aware that one of our chat mods, Pseudopod, passed away last weekend. We have no information about cause of death, and as far as we know there's no reason to speculate it was suicide vs some other cause. There was a memorial service on Friday, Jan 13th. An obituary published in his local paper requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the local SPCA (animal welfare) chapter and Ehler's-Danlos Society. We can find you the link if you're interested. I know this comes as a shock to many of us, as any unexpected death does. The loss of pod's gentle presence and contributions, including fabulous dinner ideas, will continue to be felt across our community. Please feel free to leave your comments here, and offer support to each other to the best of your capacity. If you need more support to help process this loss, please reach out to other people in your life including members of your care team. Don't be shy about calling a warm line or crisis line if you need someone's voice and not just text. Grief sucks, but it sucks slightly less when done as a community.
  5. Well, it's a good thing that there are so many online resources, then - we're not one of them. We're ONLY a first-person site. That means that you can send her here, and that'd be fine... but it's not fine for you to be here. We're not going to help you with learning about how to talk to her, even though it's great that you want to learn. I'm locking this thread. Here is an idea from my country about how these conversations could go. Your country might have more specific resources.
  6. Hello, welcome to Crazyboards Good for you for making an appointment with a doctor and a therapist! That's really pro-active of you, and seems like a really good idea. Feel free to let us know how it goes. We can't diagnose you here, (we're not doctors, and even doctors shouldn't be doctoring on the internet). I'm not really sure how to fix it. I can see if I can rally the troops to find someone who might have some ideas, though.
  7. It sounds like this is giving you an amazing opportunity to learn how to let things go.
  8. I've lived in apartment buildings with suicides before; maybe the police were trying to be discreet? Also, why do you have to know everything that happens? The best way to get in on the gossip is to identify those people who know everything and become friends with them. In order to do that, you might want to work on your social skills....
  9. Put them in your phone, or somewhere that you check a lot. You can make yourself mini-cards (I think that they can be bought online, too) that you can carry around with you. You could also write them out (or print them out) and use the sheet as a bookmark if you carry a book. Something that we did was we took a favourite skill and got the beads with letters on them and made bracelets and keychains with keywords. So someone who was all about urge surfing, for example, could make a surf-themed bracelet (blue or turquoise and sandy colours or sunny colours) with the word "surf" on it.
  10. I do DBT and also have an individual trauma therapist.
  11. One of the goals of treatment (for me) is so that I can manage feelings before they take me down the road where my personal safety is threatened in that way. I'm really tired of being hurt, and I don't want other people to hurt me any more.
  12. Having someone to talk to is a good idea. AA is definitely not the only game in town, although it's the largest. There's a place near me that does what they call "double recovery" - recovery from both substance use, and MI. I wonder if that's something that exists where you are. I usually forget why I'm doing something, too. I wonder if you've written down somewhere why it is that you want to abstain, so that you can revisit it as needed?
  13. I'm making bread to heat up my kitchen. I went to the pharmacy earlier and got some Advil. It helped. I might take another before going to bed just to ensure that it doesn't wear off while I'm falling asleep. That would suck. I feel really stupid for thinking that this wouldn't be a very big deal. I thought that I had enough support lined up (text messages from Fuzzy and a visit from my friend) but I guess not.
  14. Would you believe that I don't have a heating pad? I have two hot water bottles and I fill them with boiling water (do not do this and fall asleep or you get 2nd degree burns) and tie them to me with a scarf. My muscles are strong so it takes a lot to get them to relax. I have naproxen but it seems like overkill.
  15. Feeling gross

    Did the whole well-woman thing. My usual doctor wasn't there, so it was one who, while I've talked with her on the phone before, I'd not met in person. I like that she's speedy, and that she took care to ask if it hurt (it did). However, I still don't like it. And it still hurts! only I can't tell if that's actually real (as in, she did something, which I really doubt) or if it's just us being triggered as all get-out. Which is really much more likely. And because I figured that I'd already be a mess, I went and scheduled a pre-intake interview (the way it works at this place is that you get a feel for it, then decide if you want to apply and do an intake). So I applied for an intake, and I'll apparently get a phone call in a couple of week. I refused to write down dx, as I always do. Instead I just wrote "all the trauma all the time." And now I'm scared that they'll reject me for not being explicit enough. Such is life. My friend is coming over to make bread. She doesn't know. All I want to do is curl up and cry, except that I can't. And my internal organs hurt in awkward places and I'm not sure how to fix that, or even if I can.