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  1. Do you bring family with you to psych appointments

    I don't. I make it clear to my care providers that I have a dissociative disorder and that, if it isn't written down or recorded as a voicenote on my phone, then it functionally doesn't exist.
  2. Do you have an agreement with her where you can get the reassurance that you need? For instance, when I need reassurance but don't want to be intrusive I text my partner a pre-determined symbol, and he sends me one back to show me that I'm still cared about. He also makes sure to let me know when he's leaving and when he's due back. Between the three I always have a recent reminder of his return on my phone, and I can look to that to reassure me.
  3. Hello, and welcome to Crazyboards! You've managed to find the right topic, so not to worry. If you have any questions now or going forward you may feel free to PM the staff member of your choice. It's pretty common with dissociation to feel like the world isn't real, or that we're living in the Matrix. It's so common, in fact, that there are some names for it, like derealization - which can be caused by a whole lot of things, from trauma, anxiety, or depression, to drug use, or even nothing at all (at which point it's just a stand-alone ailment). You can also learn how to lessen its impact on your life. Are you in therapy at all right now? If yes, they can help you figure out which grounding methods are likely to work best for you, but it's a lot of trial and error which can be a bit of an annoying process. Looking forward to seeing your posts around
  4. Baby oil. Trust me. Also, it'll feel disgusting when you put it on (at least it does for me). The gel is a little bit easier to manage, if you can find it. Ime it's pretty much the only thing that skin that won't absorb cream can handle.
  5. DBT skill of the day!

    Opposite action. I really didn't want to go to the doctor, but I went anyway.
  6. Shitty situation

    I saw her and I survived! I also got a tetanus shot. I seem to have developed a reputation for being elusive, with her logic being "since your here now I need to catch you while I have the chance" which is another reason why I got called in. Why can't they just say that, though
  7. Shitty situation

    It really does. I'm going to see my hopefully-new-GP tomorrow. It's also my birthday. This could be a disaster.
  8. Trigger warning: An update

    Hey. I'm sorry that you're feeling so low right now. Did they do any sort of crisis plan with you so that you can work towards maybe feeling a little bit better? I can understand the regret of telling people, but I think that you did a good job in letting us know here. I want you to know that I've edited your post as we don't want to encourage anyone else by sharing our methods.
  9. You might want to look up structural dissociation and see if any of that makes sense for you? I will say that I thought that I wasn't losing time or losing awareness. I thought that for over a decade. But what was really happening was that I was not only losing time and awareness but I was also losing awareness of what it was that I was losing. So my brain would stitch up the gaps so that, to me, my existence was seamless. Dissociation (including DID) exists to cover its tracks so that you don't realize that it exists, let alone how pervasive it is.
  10. Can't see Army son before deployment

    That does really suck, and it's not fair. No wonder you're so upset!
  11. Nobody ever thinks of our reptilian rulers - all of the love here seems to focus on the Greys. PRAISE BE THE REPTILES FOR THEY RULE US ALL!!
  12. If they see you you could just say something like how you believe that one of your classes/working with one of your profs could be easier for you and you're brainstorming ways to achieve that.
  13. It sounds like the first step might be for you to find ways to get support for yourself that doesn't involve your parents. School is usually able to offer that in some way. Does your school have anything like that?
  14. There have been some studies that show that nicotine interacts with szchizo- symptoms in a way that helps manage them more effectively. It makes sense that it'd be particularly hard to quit. I don't have much advice, because I recently started smoking again after being quit for 5.5 years. So evidently what ever I do to quit isn't helpful in the long run. I get the paranoia, though, as I live near a whole bunch of people who think that I've quit, and who could really tear me a new one if that isn't true. Plus I live with my partner and I don't want for him to know that I'm smoking again. So I get it. It's really hard. Where I live there are quit-smoking clinics. There are hotlines and helplines. And pharmacists often have good suggestions too. So there is a system there for people who want to quit. I just can't tap into it right now. But maybe there's a system where you are, too?