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  1. OP, I wonder about dissociation as well. Known causes for it include anxiety (or stress) and depression. It can also be a standalone disorder, and has its own diagnosis that way, like depersonalization and/or derealization (sometimes these go hand in hand, and sometimes they don't). Dissociation is a spectrum disorder, and it can be difficult to notice when it's mild. If you're more anxious than usual lately, then they could be linked. What happens when you treat your anxiety?
  2. I hear you. Teeth are so hard to look after, for me. It's too overwhelming, but it also isn't as though they can wait around a few years until my brain catches up. And trauma sucks big time.
  3. I definitely don't advocate avoidance. It's tempting, yes. I understand that. Yet it introduces new phobias, and then you have to work to overcome those... doesn't seem like a worthwhile tradeoff, on the whole.
  4. amphetamine is a stimulant, though - which the title says isn't an acceptable option.
  5. Your best bet for blood play is likely fetlife, or related. Here, we don't give SI advice (being pro-recovery and all), so I'm going to lock this thread. However, if you want to talk about your BPD, or its symptoms, you're more than welcome to!
  6. Hello, and welcome! That said, we're not able to diagnose here, which the poll sort of encourages. No one should be practising medicine on the internet, really. Besides, cptsd isn't even in the dsm5, so you cannot officially be diagnosed with it for insurance purposes (which is the most important part of a diagnosis). The other very important part of a diagnosis is to provide relief for symptoms, and in that part the name of it matters less than the answer to the question 'is your treatment effective?' for which you might need a diagnosis. The other fun fact about BPD is that there is a movement to retire that name and turn it into cptsd, straight up. That failed for the current iteration of the dsm, but it might happen in the future. So trying to decide between the two doesn't really matter, as much as 'is your treatment effective?'
  7. I/we are/have DID, yes. And it relates because for a long time we thought that we were each others' imaginary friends. Only... it's sort of insulting to be told that you're imaginary, if you're not.
  8. We here have/are* DID. There are a lot of here, but it doesn't always present that way. There can be just one, or a handful, too. For a really long time there was a sense that we were all imaginary. It's really painful, from the other person's perspective, to be always told that you're imaginary! It's pretty invalidating, if what you went through is real and actually happened. On the flip side, it happens because what is real and actually happened really hurt, and that can be too difficult to admit a lot of the time, or at all. * We've never been clear on how to conjugate this. How do you person-first an identity?
  9. I'm not sure if you've ever come across the saying "it gets worse before it gets better" but that's what it's alluding to. I can't say whether or not it abates. What I do know is that this intensity, and this daily immersion in it, fades.
  10. I'm curious what you mean by 'issues with your sexuality' - do you mean that you identify as female, but your body isn't looking that way? Or do you mean something else? Because being transgendered (your gender, say 'female', not matching your body that people would call 'male') is totally absolutely 100% a real thing. And causes real suffering. And you're not not alone, if that's what you're experiencing.
  11. Hello, and welcome to CB We actually have a whole thread dedicated to introductions, so I moved your post there. Around that board we have a 'welcome' area, too. You're invited to look around. Maybe if you could tell us a little bit about yourself we could point you in the right direction? For instance, bipolar people tend to hang around the bipolar board, but that's useless if you're here for an eating disorder, which has its own area. For instance. If you have any questions now or going forward, please feel free to ask the staff (the admins and mods). Looking forward to seeing your posts around!
  12. I love when people report them!