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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I am back after a year maybe, I'm not sure anymore. I am a thirty year old girl, been diagnosed Bipolar II and ADHD since August 2011. I have had my fair share of the crazy stuff, hospitalized once, finally off Antipsychotics, and now relatively stable.To be clear, I have Bipolar II and ADHD. She has Bipolar II, suspected Aspergers and ADHD as well. I have been posting here actively before but I stopped because of some unhelpful comments from my last posts. But now, I need some insights and I am hoping that some people here can give me some, this time. So I finally found someone who accepts me for all that I am, including my crazy. She read my blog and was drawn to how I look at these illnesses and life, my honesty and how real I am about it. I don't strive to be normal, I don't pretend to be someone else. The interesting thing is - she also has Bipolar II disorder. It's good because I don't have to explain everything I'm going through. She's been diagnosed longer than I have been and to be honest, she is more stable than I am. My question is: Is this ever going to work for the long term? Her doctor also told her she might have mild Aspergers and she thinks she really does, but it wasn't an official diagnosis. The reason this matters is, lately we've been having problems communicating. And she said it's because she has those symptoms - not being able to get cues, read body language and understand subtle language. So I have to be very direct in what I want. And that is hard for me to do. Also, she can get hyper-focused on things (which I also get from my ADHD) but she tends to forget to respond to me and that becomes a problem especially when I'm not so stable. I tend to obsess about not getting a reply from a text and I start being anxious and get agitated. She's been very understanding and kind about it because she gets those too. And she always assures me that she won't leave me because of it. Only, she finds it hard to be mindful that I'm already experiencing those, or that I'm already being triggered because of her unresponsiveness and she said it could be because of the Aspergers. And these misunderstandings have already caused some episodes. I am not very familiar with Aspergers and I don't mean this in any way offensive but some of the symptoms described from what I read online are... sort of my pet peeves. I can be very impatient about not getting indirect language, especially from my partner because it sorts of kills it romantically. Again, I hope I don't offend anyone with the condition. I'm just being honest so someone could help me. My other problem is - the daunting... MOOD Swings. It's only been three months in the relationship. I've had some mild episodes and we saw it through but I'm worried about what's to come if we are to be having episodes at the same time - which happened recently. She's been sent to Korea for work for two weeks. Understand that we are a new couple and still very attached to each other, maybe it's the honeymoon phase. The first week has been very very difficult. We both cried when we call each other. And two days ago, we both admitted that we are near depressive episodes. She's been having a difficult time with one of the boss there because of her symptoms as well - The boss said she doesn't smile as much, even though she thinks she is already smiling. Again, another symptom of the suspected Asperger. So she's under a lot of pressure and she's been unhappy. I was having an episode because the distance has been very difficult for me, too early on. And also because of another miscommunication. But we talked it through and agreed on some ways on how we can talk to each other. Still I fear that I might not be up for it or that one day, it will be too much for both of us. What are your thoughts? And do you have any tips for making this work? She loves me very much and she said she's willing to work with me through it all. Honestly, I wasn't so sure at first but I also love her a lot and I want to be with her. So I do want to make it work. I just need some advice from those who may have experienced something similar, especially when it comes to Aspergers because this is the first time I have encountered someone with it. Thanks!
  2. Hello people, I was wondering what life lessons you've learned and wish to convey to someone who has just become bipolar. It has only been 1.5 year since I had my first (hypo)mania where I destroyed my life tremendously. Everything is ok now, but I know it won't be that way forever. I noticed that I still have a long way ahead of me. This isn't only for me, but for the people who have been recently diagnosed or people that need some good advice.