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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, So, I'm new and I found this site while doing some more research on Mucuna Pruriens. I recommend the supplement to whomever listens, but, someone recently told me that their doctor said not to take it because it is not FDA approved. Originally, my doctors' nurse said this as well. However, I don't always listen, and for good reason. I was 19 and in my first psychiatric hospitalization. I was manic and in psychosis and my doctor prescribed Haldol and Mellaril, a terrible combination, even with Haldol alone I have bad reactions. I had convulsions for two days. Yet, these drugs are FDA approved. I am now 41, and last year I was in my therapists office when she said she thought I didn't need therapy any longer. WoW!?! I still see my psychiatrist for two medications, Prozac and Lamictal. And, it was about a year and a half ago when the nurse told me not to take Mucuna Pruriens and I didn't listen. I know that this isn't coincidental. I was able to stop seeing my therapist with the help of this supplement. I had only been seeing that therapist for a few months, and I was telling her what I had told every therapist and psychiatrist I had ever had over the past 20 years. I always felt stupid. My memory was horrible. I had a hard time following conversations. I wanted to do things, but didn't have the motivation to do anything, but sleep. I couldn't remember how well I knew people and found it very disturbing when they knew a lot about me from previous conversations that we had had that I had forgotten. I told her at different times I remember different things, and that I thought it had a lot to do with mood swings, yet, even mood stabilizers and anti-depressants hadn't helped with this feeling. I had been on so many. When I told her all of this, she said that it was "state dependent learning". I Googled it as soon as I got home. It turns out that they have known about Mucuna Pruriens benefits for people with Bi-Polar disorder since the 70's. Check out this article, the first page is amazing! http://niu.edu/user/tj0dgw1/classes/411/Weingartner1977.pdf Within 3 days I was feeling a bit better, and now, over a year later, I'm feeling amazing!! Here is an article that explains how it feels when either dopamine or serotonin are low. http://www.drwardbond.com/dr-bs-blog/depression-low-dopamine-not-low-serotonin
  2. I have decided to go off Effexor after five days,as I have not been able to sleep more than a couple of hours and have had to take Benadryl for the last couple of nights to help me get any sleep.It is too stimulating,but I was able to take it 10 years ago when I was in my early forties.I guess my chemistry has changed,besides I am peri-menopausal am also on medication for the diabetes,underactive thyroid,and mild high blood pressure.I am hoping to find a less stimulating medication.
  3. I just joined and am happy to have found such a forum.I am a Poet,Writer,lover of animals and a big classic rock fan.I guess you can say I have been suffering from dysthymia since childhood and have had a number of major depressive episodes since my twenties.i also have some anxiety issues,but nothing too major.Right now I am coming off of Effexor,which I found too stimulating and made me feel like I was walking in a daze.I am in therapy and hoping to find an anti-depressant that will help without making me anxious.I also am looking forward to going back to work,hopefully in September.