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Found 5 results

  1. My crazy Sister In Law

    So. I have to vent somewhere everyone else is tired of hearing me complain I have a sister in Law who is Bipolar1 , I'm pretty sure she isn't taking her medication but let me start from the top . three months ago my mother in law an my other sister in law sam got a call from my sister in law,s husband saying that my sister in law was going to kill her self an she was down at an abandoned house owned by my mother in law . With a bunch of guns . So of course they went down there and called the cops freaking out because her Husband and her have been having problems an she has been extremely unstable . They went down and found a strange man and no sister in law . So they asked who he was turns out it was my sister in laws lover of 14years . My mother in law had some words with him kicking him off her property and he left . Turns out my sister in law lets call her R . R and her lover changed the locks on the old house claiming it as their own not asking anyone's permission and were drinking , doing drugs and going though everyone's stuff . Her lover apparently called her up mad and "broke up " with her so she called her mother cussing her out. Fast forwarded to present day. R ended up losing her job because of failing a drug test an her lover just plain didn't take the drug test an he also got fired. The house owned by my mother in law was broken into twice by R and her lovers friends stealing 2,000 dollars worth of stuff an using the money for drugs an to go out to eat getting her hair done and stuff like that . R started to post stuff about. Her old job slandering everyone stating that she has contacted a lawyer because they refused her unplyoment and that she was going to sue the company she worked for . R ended up fighting her own sister , cursing out her 4 year old nephew and anyone who got in her way . And blocked everyone on Facebook while telling everyone we were the ones who blocked her . Basically she has run wild doing hard drugs not taking her meds which she never really took right anyways . Stealing cheating an lying just to satisfy her life style . It's been hard for the whole family at this point it's only her main family members that believe that she has lost it everyone else is in Deinal it's really sad an very stressful . It All feels like a dream. I just want my sister back Also she has two kids 13 and 14 that she has abandoned an gave all parental rights to her ex husband
  2. My friend went off of his meds about 1.5 years ago. He claimed that he was incorrectly diagnosed because he has not had a "relapse" since. He suffered through 8 different hospitalizations in 9 months but has been out since. He was Dxed with Bipolar I, most recent episode manic, with psychotic features by five different P-docs. Our question is is 1.5 years without a relapse normal for BP I? Was he incorrectly Dxed? He claims that his normal up and downs do not exceed the point where he needs to be inpatient and that the doctors incorrectly Dxed him.
  3. So glad to find this page and forum... So my story in short form. Bi Polar 1 Never accepted my dagnosis, not alone on that I am sure...but cannot beleive at aged 46 I finally get it...The destruction of the last episode has killed everything in my life. 5 months...beaten up various times, putting myself at pure risk, buying BMW I cannot afford, spent about 20k Euros, throwing out of the house my 12 year life partner, renting houses, buying stuff, Pyscotic magical thinking, (living in italy the religosity is hard to escape.) Cannot do this again...Now in the depths of the worst crippleing depression. So I finally get it, I am, I have Bi polar its not a mass jewish(Where this distrust of this comes from Ido not know ) consirpacy to have us all sedated? Please note I am pro people and the jewish people but I am not anti semetic, but Iseem to be so when I am manic...very odd, so please do not take exception to that comment. I always seem in Mania to become fixated on the idea that these drugs are just killing us. Cannot understand why in these 5 months nobody tried to have me brought in to a hosptial. That hurts, Whenone is so obviously out of control why do you have to bring yourself in so to speak? All or some of the destruction could have been avoided. SO after literally waking up 5 months later, Iam in the loneliest dreadful space, living in a town Ihave no friends, no family and in a llanguage Ihave about a 40% handle on. Iamamazed in this mania I did not do something more terrible, hurting myself or someone.. Got a Pdoc, he has put me on a crushing regieme of Quietipinia 25mg x2 , Olanzipan 5x2 and Valpo Acid 600 (slow release) and Akineton for shakes, something to stop the muscles and dead arm syndrome...I am sure alot of you have been here...But apart from wanting to share this I sat and looked at all these pills read up as much as I can on this and does it feel so odd to be killing myself slowly with these pills to possibly / hopefully not getting manic again...Seems to me I can only find the Negative side effects. its only been 6 days on these pills, apart from all the negatives I only feel less anxious...But all I have to face now is the consewuences of what Ihave been doing for 5 months.. the bills the speeding tickets. Facing all this alone is too much for one person. I think it is so incredible that people live and thrive on being along, I do not think I am one of thoese people. I am angry that no one intervened to the authorites fro me, perhaps Italy just does it like this. So why post and what to ask for.... Well I guess to say well done for being part of this community and also to ask, is there anyone out there who has been pleased with their pill regime? Any happy stories out there? As for the insiatable need for food at all times does anyone know what I could ask my doctor to prescribe to lessen the need to eat, its just constant? Feeling already that the best of life is over and all Ihave left to live for is pills, interventions and I have used up all the joy alloted to myself prior. So my name is Tim I live in Italy and I am definitly owning and finally able to admit to myself and others Iam Bi Polar (chronic) apparently...The more you have these episodes the worse they get, seems to me to be my case even if they are years inbetween. My job is alcohol, and to be told Imust not drink is not only implausible, Ijust cannot erase the only thing I hae left that gives me a tiny enjoyement, anyone experienced with Pdrugs and alcohol? After such a long Mania I guess its nornal to be completely brain exhausted? This brain exhaustion is showing itself as impaired congative functioning, inability to think properly or remmeber...feel like I have lost 30% of my functioning... any one else had such a long period of Mania? So thats me...wishing you all light love and happiness on this journey called Full spectrum Bi Polar. Saluti de Italia Tim
  4. I'd like to know if anyone else has this 'problem' please. I found out last week that my pdoc changed my diagnosis from bipolar 2 to bipolar 1. I cried all day. After reading the criteria, I see that I AM bp1, but there's something about how it's so hard to treat...it's really upsetting me. Anyone ever felt that way?
  5. Hello, I posted about this originally in the actual ECT section but I have not been successful in getting many responses. I'm posting it here in hopes i get more responses and it is bipolar related. Has anyone here had ECT specifically to treat mixed states? If you have, please let me know about how effective it was and how you even got to that point where it was even considered. If you are not comfortable sharing publicly on this thread, please message me. It's very important. I need to collect some patient experiences with ECT being used for the treatment of mixed states because I am at wits end with 11 years of meds still not quite cutting it. My doctors didn't even give me a full sentence when I brought it up. I was cut down and the big fix for my issue was yet another med change. I would not even have known about ECT if I had not been researching information on treatments for mixed episodes on proper medical databases in well respected scientific journals. This isn't something I just wove up out of nothing. I was desperate, and it was the only option being written about that I hadn't tried. I got the idea directly from a scientific study notfrom myself. Please pm or reply with your experience if you have one. I'm not naming people here or publicly publishing them. I just need a back up so the wall that shoots up when the subject is broached, goes up a bit slower. My pdoc is usually really reasonable, but she seems unwilling to even discuss this. i need something besides those studies to show her i"m not making this up and that it real does happen with apparently pretty good outcomes. You'd think the studies would be better, but I guess not.