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Found 37 results

  1. Hey guys, I am tapering off lamotrigine at the moment. Down from 75 to 25 mg (though taking 37,5 every second day). Been at this dosage for a week and a half. I am experiencing fatique, anxiety, akastheisia/internal restless (severe), depression (minor), nausea, headache and dizziness. I am also very stressed, which could create some of these symptoms as well. does it sound like stress or withdrawal? Which withdrawal symptoms did you experience? Any similar stories?
  2. Hey guys, I am tapering off lamotrigine at the moment. Down from 75 to 25 mg (though taking 37,5 every second day). Been at this dosage for a week and a half. I am experiencing fatique, anxiety, akastheisia/internal restless (severe), depression (minor), nausea, headache and dizziness. I am also very stressed, which could create some of these symptoms as well. does it sound like stress or withdrawal? What withdrawal symptoms did you experience? Any similar experiences?
  3. Hello - I've been on Lamictal (50 mg at night), Prozac (20 mgs in the morning) and on Klonopin (0.5 mg at night) for treating anxiety and depression. I've been on it for 4 years, and during the last 3 I got extreme fatigue and brain fog. It is now debilitating me - I could not go work. I will talk to my pdoc, however, I'm thinking to tapper of from Lamictal or Klonopin. I've read a lot of bad stuffs on the tappering of both and I'm now concerned; however, I can't keep the way I'm now. Is there someone at the same mix? Given the dosage and period I've been on it, what do you think I should tapper off? thanks
  4. I'm currently on 200mg and gradually increasing. Is it best to take it at morning or night? I'm also on Zyban.
  5. I am wondering if anyone has had success with using Lamictal, particularly adjuct to Lithium, to treat their hypomanic or manic episodes. I was having akathisia problems with Rexulti, and am going to give it another try at a lower dose, but am investigating other options if it ends up not working out. I also am a rapid cycler, so if you have problems with this and have used or are still on lamictal and it helps with this please let me know. I ask this because I read in a psychopharmacology textbook that Lithium plus Lamictal is very effective in rapid cycling manic bipolar patients, but of course I would like to hear first hand from patients their own experiences. Thanks in advanced!
  6. Hi there. I am taking Apo-Lamotrigine on 50mg. I just started it a few days ago, although I was on Mylan-lamotrigine (1 month) and GSK Lamictal (1 month - best results I think, but they were all close). I stopped mylan due to weight gain and water retention. I had a lot of side effects on brand name as well. I think many would go eventually. I had vertigo on both. I definitely had eye twitching on Lamictal and slight rashes (non SJS, I'm pretty sure), bruising, possibly thinner blood, and a lot of water retention again. I felt something in my stomach and was so bloated at times that I looked pregnant (I'm a male!!!). I am actually quite lean and thin. I'm on Apo-lamotrigine now, as I tried it again but chose a variant with no lactose. I KNOW that taking care of depression, bipolar II is a serious issue and I don't condone people going off meds.I just am at odds with the side effects - the fluid retention and hair shedding. My hair thinned out a lot on Adderall of all things (I think I had telogen effluvium + the genetics for hair loss). I never had any major hair loss till then or after though. I had a full head of hair, and still look like I do. If anything its more like "Female pattern" hairloss or diffuse thinning. It thinned out more since September and that's when I started trialling lamotrigine. I have a lot of stress too, but I think its connected. I'm also on finasteride (something I never ever wanted to go on), taking it ever 2 days. Anyways my main concern is Fluid retention..... I look bloated on lamotrigine (possibly all variants to some degree) and that's mostly why I kept quitting it. It was a final effort to try this one, apo-lamotrigine (lactose-free!) I'm going to get a surgery in a couple months most likely, and its related to weight. It's to correct a tiny bit of excess skin I have after losing a significant amount of weight. It's been like 10 years since I considered that or realized the issue and I'm definitely going to get it done this year (unless they tell me for whatever reason I'm not safe to get it). If I look "out of shape" on lamotrigine, I'm definitely not going to continue to take it. At the same time, I am quite fit and my results would show quite well post surgery and recovery - for sure without the med, and possibly even if I take it. Has anyone has water retention for weeks or months on lamotrigine and then it went away? Does hair shedding stop and generally grow back? I am doing the surgery to benefit me and have my hard work and everything show and continue to improve fitness and life... so I don't want to act against that. Same thing with hair.. I'm trying to better my life and keep my hair and make a brighter future..... It seems that even though *I think* lamotrigine works for me, it might just not be for me. I've read conflicting reports and I know there's a lot of trial and error... but maybe someone had similar doubts about this med and stuck it through and all was well?
  7. So I recently got off of Klonopin, and was put on Lamictal instead. This has counteracted some of the W/D symptoms to good effect. I want to get off of the Lamictal once the worst of this is over at about the 3-4 month mark. Any suggestions besides the obvious taper? Also how long does Lamictal W/D typically last? I want to get off of the Lamictal within a month or so come mid-March/April.
  8. Hi there. I'm a male, late twenties. I was diagnosed (correctly) with ADHD a few years ago. I take dexedrine on and off (mostly on during school or work - but I take breaks). Many years ago I was prescribed Effexor XR (eventually Seroquel, Zoloft). I didn't realize at the time but (first time) I eventually became seriously Manic, and destroyed everything around me. That was my second year of university. That and untreated ADHD, and a lot of other bad things (that made me have to leave the country) happened - and it was really bad. I was dx G.A.D. then and later swore off all psyche meds ever. I got a lot better in some ways. Lost 30lb I gained, got better in sobriety, worked my ass off... BUT it was a major struggle. And quitting alcohol, later drugs, and smoking, and trying to piece together my life, and force myself not to be depressed/anxious - did not work. ADHD meds later helped with motivation, etc, but it was kind of late. I recently (1.2years ago or so) saw someone who is one of the "experts" on Bipolar Disorder Research, in North America. He diagnosed me or "strongly suspects" me of having Bipolar II. I got a prescription from my regular Pdoc for lamotrigine (that other expert is hard to see and is a research doc/lecturer mostly I think). It was the generic. I was scared to try it and waited 9 months. I gave up after a month due to swelling/ bloating. That was September. Now I tried Brand name (GSK) and I think its better, its been 17 or so days. But I may quit - for the same reasons and dry/irritated eyes. I'm very serious about fitness/ lifting weights and the bloat is sabotaging me there. And I really need a job and to apply myself to get into grad school sooner than later. I feel anxiety decreased dramatically and there are antidepressant effects in lamictal. And perhaps that and dex are a great combo... but I worry about side-effects and the fact that lamotrigine binds to melanin. My eyes felt like they were burning day 16-17 at times. I had "red -pen marks/ scratchy" like rashes a few days in week 2 on 25mg... But they just occurred a couple hours after taking the medication (around 10pm every night). This is probably the first medication or substance besides (alcohol, cocaine, original first time use of dexedrine/adderall) that "lifts" my depression. I wonder can I switch to something like Gabapentin? Is gabapentin good enough as a "mood leveler"? I usually can go out with people and be very fun to be around, for a while - but then I'm back on my own again. Like I did improv, was very funny, outgoing at different times in my teens and twenties --- but sustaining any relationships are HARD/ impossible for me. Agitation, impulsivity, anxiety, depression all seem to be reduced on Lamictal... Is there anything else that can do this and blend well with adhd meds? I don't think I need any cocktail of meds like those often prescribed for Bipolar I. My therapist (PhD -psychology), and pdoc (Psychiatrist) see me more as ADHD. But, that serious depression is something they don't really see. At 16 I thought it was anxiety, then at 18-19 I treated that, ruined everything around 20-21... And rebuilt my life, the next 4-5 years. I was happy to be 40-50% functional on ADHD meds, but it doesn't seem enough. I will not go back on anything like Effexor... but maybe Wellbutrin or Gabapentin will help. Any insight into this? Thanks for reading. Using only ADHD meds in my last university courses seemed to have helped -- but sometimes I was awake 3-4 days. This is kind of how I was during high school finals, job applications, two different universities - even without ADHD meds. BUT at least instead of taking lots of coffee and missing tests/ etc... I was alright. Getting B's and B+ on classes I hated at a school I hated... So that was OK, but now I'm off into the real world and need something more fast. I also think clearer, and such on lamictal. But it makes me fall asleep very late -- 9-10am... and while I sleep 8-9hours, its at the wrong time!!!!! I am planning a major surgery, deciding for or against law school, and getting more work experience in this year. TL,DR: -I am ADHD and Bipolar II (more time spent in depression). -Lamictal seemed to be better as an antidepressant than I've ever experienced. I used generic 30days and brand name now 17 days. -I'd like to quit and find something better, with less side effects. I'd like it not to mess with my ADHD treatment.
  9. I was on 75mg daily for a week until today where I'd have enough, been depressed for the last few days and I just know that it only gets worse until they get increased.. usually it's increased every 2 weeks but my doctor has increased me to 100mg daily and will be increasing weekly.. they work for a week and I'm extremely depressed for the second which I can't risk anymore.. last time I was on the I got to 100mg and was okay for the 2 weeks so my doctor didn't increase and 2 days later I overdosed. how will I know that I'm at the therapeutic dose? is it okay to up them weekly?
  10. Hello, I have bipolar II diagnosis and I'm trying Lamictal 100mg (lamotrigine) and I don't feel any antidepressant effect. I would like to know what dose do you take and what dose do you consider to be a range where it mostly works for bipolar depression. My pdoc has told me that for bipolar depression the range is usually between 100 and 200mg. I have read people that takes even up to 900mg!! How much time should I stay on 100mg before I realize that I need to increase the dose? Please share with me your experiences with Lamictal. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dx: Bipolar II, OCD, Insomnia. Current Meds: Paxil 40mg, Mirtazapine 30mg, Klonopin 4mg, Lyrica 75mg TID, Amisulpride 50mg, Lamictal 100mg
  11. Hello Everyone, My doctor decided to take me off Lamictal. I felt that together the Trileptal and Lamictal were dumming me down. I was finding myself easily confused and dazed in the mornings and evenings when I would take them together. Yesterday was 150mg down from 200mg. Today is 100mg. Will do 100mg for 3 days. Then 50mg for two days. I'm in a bit of a mood today, and it could be purely psychosomatic, but I wanted to know if anyone else had a similar response when they came off of it. Or am I just losing it
  12. I'm on a bunch of stuff, I probably should have put this in the cocktail forum, but it seemed most appropriate here. I'm on Remeron 60MG/day for depression, which I started in last December (and was on from May to August 2015 with great efficancy) and 15MG combined of ER/IR Dexedrine for ADHD (completely changed my life, I was so fatigued/exhausted/uninterested in everything before). Recently, with the fact that my father is diagnosed with BPD and I have exhibited some symptoms of cycling, my psych/doctor and I decided that with the changing season (as I usually have a bad reaction in cycles that seem to correspond with the seasons, 90 day cycles, etc) that we should try Lamictal. We figured, worst case, it would help stabilize me going into the Winter and keep the more powerful depressive effects off of me (ideation, etc). I was kind of destructive last fall but in a different way than I am now... onto the thing: I just titrated up to 100MG of Lamictal last night. I was on 25MG for 2 weeks, then 50MG for 2 weeks, that kind of standard stuff. I was surprised we skipped 75MG but whatever. My doc asked me how I was when I went for my check up week 1 into 50MG and I said "punctual." For the first time in my life, I'm not late to anything. That was the most noticeable effect. When I was doing some part time work earlier this year, I had to wake up an hour earlier to make it to work on time, because it was just... monumental effort... to be on time. Now, it's nothing at all. Strange, strange things. Again, onto the thing I've been struggling with. While the punctuality is nice, I'm having another strange effect that I haven't been able to put my finger on. I almost want to say it is a sense of 'calm' or 'serene' but in a corrupted sense: I almost feel so calm I'm uncomfortable. I've been drinking recently to almost numb this 'numbing' sensation and feel something. But maybe It'll go away and I'll become more 'okay' with it. I've certainly felt more patient and less impulsive and reckless in the last couple weeks (aside from a few instances, which I guess I can attribute to Lamictal's' notorious rocky titration period.) I can't stand it though. It feels so uncomfortable and odd to feel this sense of NOT-anxiety and NOT-mania in my chest. Like, it overrides everything. I was talking with my step father about it when I went to visit my family last weekend, who is a recovered alcoholic, that I felt more calm and I think I was finally "nailing" what the sensation was, and he commented that I wasn't trying to match his somewhat manic energy. Usually I'd be raising my voice or pacing after him to try and maintain my train fo thought, but he said I was just being 'calm'. No jitters or leg shaking (although I've gotten that under control thanks to other things). I guess, my thread is really to ask, has anyone else felt this sensation? Do they have a word or name for it? Am I reacting poorly to the medication? Usually, like when I took risperdone, it was obvious IMMEDIATELY that I wasn't reacting well (ideation for the first time in my life, extremely pitted and depressive thoughts, the worst I've ever felt) or the effects are somewhat... pinnable. (Zoloft made it hard to orgasm. WB gave me drunk-vertigo, Adderall gave me heightened heart rate awareness (forget the word right now), Ritalin gave me rage and awful rebound memory loss (I forgot my PIN once and had to call my bank because the ATM locked me out)). Sorry for the long, long thread. I just had to put the thoughts somewhere, I think. I hope I hear back. Thanks.
  13. HI folks. For starters, I'm 20 and will be starting college this fall. I got a new therapist in August (the 3rd I've had), and she told me that I may be on the bipolar spectrum. This was surprising and confusing, but I guess it sort of made sense, too. I don't have (or haven't had yet..) full-blown manic episodes, or really even bipolar 2 type manic episodes. But I do sometimes get into an on-the-edge, spontaneous, I'm-connected-to-the-whole-damn-world type mood. I also experience anxiety-ridden depression fairly often. I'm not sure what the psychiatric nurse practitioner I see has diagnosed me with; she seemed skeptical of the whole "bipolar spectrum" thing. So it's confusing. Damn confusing. Anyway, my current issue is with meds. I'm on 40 mg prozac and 100 mg lamotrigine. (I've previously been on zoloft and seroquel.) Despite the meds, I'm still experiencing some pretty shitty depression. On top of that, I've had practically nonstop fatigue and require over 8 hours of sleep to not feel dead tired. Last week, I had a horrible time at work and had to leave early on 2 days because of the tiredness. I couldn't get anything done and my mind was like sludge. And I got 7 hours of sleep those nights! I understand that that would make me tired, but that damn tired? I like hiking and going for walks, but rather than it waking me up like it used to, exercise puts me to sleep. I finally washed dished yesterday for the first time in a week; everyday I just want to eat and eat and eat; I get headaches and feel dehydrated. I'm going to college in 3 months! What the hell can I do? I don't want to just jump from med to med and have no clue if what I'm experiencing is caused by the meds or by the thousand other factors that affect me every day. If the medication isn't helping with my depression but is causing these side-effects, should I just go off? I see the np (who I'm not a big fan of) in 1.5 weeks but I don't want to wait that long. Every day feeling like this is a day wasted. I want to DO things. But I'm scared that if I go off the meds, I'll drop into a worse depression or rocket into an agitated manic whatever. Uhg. I don't understand what my body is doing, what my meds are doing, what my mind is doing... It's a long and rambling post, but I wanted to put it out there. I don't have many people that I can talk to about this who understand. Any comments or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Grace Edit: any advice on anything appreciated
  14. i started another thread about my lamictal problems but another one has popped up and i'm becoming increasingly concerned. the day that i started my vag started hurting. sorry if this is TMI but really, my box is all sore and messed up. I thought it was a yeast infection so I tried monistat but it's not doing anything. I also am bleeding and I have awful cramps. I have the skyla IUD but I've had it for awhile and I know how it affects me, and i'm not supposed to be bleeding right now. so can Lamictal mess up my box like this? I have a call into my pdoc but I was wondering if any other women experienced anything similar to this? also, this isn't my first rodeo when it comes to lamictal. i've attempted to start it many times over the years and i have never experienced side effects this bad, especially at 25mgs.
  15. Long gone are the days I was paying hundreds of dollars a month for brand name Lamictal. So are the days of paying $75-80 a month on generics from Canada... Now that the patent has lapsed, I get my generic here in the USA. Even over the last few years the generic price has kept falling. After all these years, the quack still acts incredulous that I pay such a low price. Am I getting some kind of super bargain? Just picked up my latest refill of 200mg tablets (Taro Labs)... $0.15 per tablet. ($9.21 per month) What does your lamotrigine cost?
  16. I have been on lamo since September but I started really slow with 2,5mg and then worked my way up. Usually I increased 5mg every week. Is it possible that lamo causes less hunger and weight loss? Since last autumn I have lost at least 20lbs without hungering or doing any weight loss diet! But I cannot really say what causes it. I also take thyroid hormones (but I have been taking them for years and not lost any weight) and amphetamines. Maybe amphetamines for ADD also have something to do with it. I only know that I really don't have much hunger and on some days I really don't get to eat that much. I also drink lots of coffee which also reduces hunger. Should I be concerned about this? My mom is getting on my nerves telling me I must not lose more weight but I still have more than enough body fat. I used to weigh too much and now where I lost fat everybody gets on my nerves saying I look skinny and slim. But this is simply my body type. I am slender and if I have more body fat then I simply look fatter but this doesn't make me any "healthier". My mom acts as if being fatter is healthier than being slim. I am really annoyed by this. Besides this what shall I do? Shall I now go on a junk food diet and stuff myself with high calory foods in order to gain fat again!? I really don't mind being slimmer and having less fat.
  17. Going through a med tweak. Quack moving my lamotrigine from 300 to 400. He said to jump straight to 400, but I was unsure because it's been many years since an increase and wanted to avoid possible side effects. He said he doesn't see much difference between 300 and 350. I decided to go with the 350 for a couple of weeks and then go to 400. I also wanted to test the possibility that 350 might be enough to quell the creeping depression and save 400 for a future time if needed. Quack is very resistant to trying over 400 - the medical literature says therapeutic range is 200-400 (we all know how accurate that can be... ), and has been pushing Latuda hard. So, I've been on 350 for almost 4 weeks, and I actually am getting some relief, but not as much as I would like. However, it can be the case that it could take up to 8 weeks for full effect of med tweak to kick in.... It's been so long since I started on it, and so long since I've had an increase, I really don't recall the time frame in which I began to feel effects of the changes... Should I wait longer and see if there is more improvement in the next few weeks? Should I go to 400 now?
  18. Me: Also it turns out that lamotrigine causes cognitive impairment, more the more you increase your dose. So my feeling stupid and confused all the time is a side-effect, thank god. Friend: Sorry does it cause... cognitive impairment... Friend: and skin death... Me: Yes. Friend: So... Friend: It causes zombies. Friend: You're taking zombie pills.
  19. Hi all -I find myself in a somewhat lifted mood since beginning Seroquel in November; I currently take 300 mg of the XR flavor. But there are many residual symptoms left in its wake, including emotional reactivity and sensitivity, some tearful days here and there, and an embarrassingly low threshold for stress. My doctor added Lamictal today to augment Seroquel, speaking of the necessary slow titration but good track record for BP2. My two questions/concerns:1. I'm prone to eczema and dry skin. If I do get a "rash" that doesn't meet the criteria for SJS, are there steps I can take to avoid discontinuing Lamictal? I really want it to work out...nothing else has.2. Is Lamictal good for treating my current symptoms? I know it can prevent depressive episodes and possibly be effective for rapid cycling (part of my Dx), but can it help address symptoms of atypical depression like emotional reactivity, tearful episodes, and a brittle/labile/fickle mood?
  20. Ok I been on Lamotrigine for a few month and just this month went from 100mg day to 200mg a day. I noticed a change in my last cycle but only by 3 days so instead of 28 days it came on the 30th. That was the only time it has changed on the medicine other then that since march I have been 10% every 28 days but now I don't know if I missed my mark or just irregular? I haven't really been active with my hubbie ONE night out of this year since our last child. So I think the odds of pregnancy are VERY low however I am buying test to be sure. If I am still a 28 day cycle I am only 4 days off counting today if I am now a 30 day cycle I am only 2 days off counting today. My question isn't if I am pregnant or not as thats impossible for anyone to answer. My question is... If I turn out to get a negative test like I expect When do I go to the doctor about these irregularities or changes? Like I tried to read about it some people say it can happen and is normal oter sites mark it as a serious side effect. Like Is it a urgent thing to get checked if I get the negative like I think I will? As in do I need the ER? Or I it something I can wait (my P Doc has a 4 week wait list) to see her about? Even if It doesn't show up at all and is negative? Other then that besides what I usually have except sometimes my nausea feels worse BUT that's not uncommon for me I just feel really OD a lot or DR and very bad vertigo like the whole bathroom was morphing around the other day I needed help, and the outside and people look fake and I feel like I'm hung over nd a little drunk. So basically until I take the test later today/tomorrow lets pretended it's negative and doesn't not show. Should I rush off to the ER or wait 4 weeks to see my P Doc (cant just go to OBGYN without referral from P Doc) Is it uncommon but safe or urgent like some site's say? I'm so confused it's got me freaking out thinking I'm bleeding out somewhere else in my body! (I know silly lol)
  21. I've titrated up to 50mg as-of Wednesday. Thursday and today I've lost it (in terms of recent, fairly laid-back me). The first time was almost justified although my response was over-the-top, the second was at my three year-old son for having his third potty training accident of the day. I've also noticed a little bit more agitation and anxiety than previously (go figure?!). Somebody please comfort me and tell me this might go away at higher doses?
  22. I was recently prescribed Wellbutrin to go along with Lamotrigine (300 mg). I take Xanax, as needed. I was desperate. The depression, well, many of you know what that's like and how much can begin to fall apart/pile up around you. Just wondering - Anyone with BP have stories of experience on these two medications alone? Mainly curious. I'm trying it out either way. Years ago, I was on quite a cocktail of meds, but I try my hardest to limit them now...until I can't. It has been taking me a good three hours to be able to lift my body out of bed each morning, among other depression issues. Something had to change.
  23. hi! i have a few questions about it. i hope you can help me a bit. i am not bipolar. but since antidepressants don't help me with my depression i now want to try other things. i asked my doc about lamitcal and he agreed. however lamotrigine seems like a totally different animal to me compared to what i tried so far which worries me . i mean so far i only tried antidepressants. lamictal is totally different. steve johnson syndrome is especially frightening to me. how quickly did you titrate? my doc told me to start with 25mg and then increase 5 mg every 7 days. but this way it will take REALLY long for me to even reach 100-150mg. i also don't know how do you even know if you have steve johnson syndrome? what if i get a small rash and then freak out? how do I know how to behave? and what if I work myself up to let's say 150mg and then realize it doesn't work or that I get side effects how quickly can i get off it? and how well does lamotrigine mix with other drugs like antidepressants, benzos, stimulants? and what side effects does it have? i read some people get hair loss, acne or their memory is impaired. how often does the memory impairment happen? since i'm a student I cannot take anything which impaires my memory. lyrica also made me feel like me memory gets worse and this is why i got off it. if lamictal does the same then I dont know if i should even try it. or are there any supplements or foods which you must NOT take when you take lamotrigine? i take a lot of stuff like: fish oil, spirulina, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, L-Glycine (supposedly helps with ocd) How do I know if any supplement which I take doesn't mix well with lamotrigine? I also drink alcohol, is this a problem with lamotrigine?
  24. I was recently prescribed more lamotrigine. Has anyone had small cuts on their lips as a side effect? I wonder if I'm biting my lip in my sleep. I can't think of any other reasons. They're not sores, and I don't have an STD. Everywhere I look online mentions Herpes and cold sores, but these are tiny cuts. I'm going to call the pharmacist tomorrow, but I thought someone might know. Thanks! p.s. - this is my first post here. I hope I did okay.