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  1. Sisters will be sisters?

    I remember being young under 6 and my mother would joke that my two older sisters would have to employ me to clean their toilets one day. At the time i wasn't able to read or write which was unusual at that age, although i spent my early years in my home country. Fastfaward im 21 my sister 23 with a son. I live alone and i make enough to be satisfied on my own. Following a breakup i wanted to go on holiday something we were never able to do as kids. Being a single mum i helped to fund her trip and i provided all the spending money for us both! It wasn't planned in advance but she isn't great with money. Together she owed me over £500 for her trip. Back when she first left home after giving birth at 20, i bought her a Samsung TV that she would pay me installments on. I never saw a penny, and i myself only owned a technika telly. There are countless other examples. My sister can be very immature, selfish and only see's her pain and struggles. 7 months after that holiday was my mothers birthday meal. To save hassle she paid for all 12 attendees meal. I then of my own back sent £45 to my mother which would cover myself, my sister and her son, i then asked that she send me only £10! A week later she sent it but asked for it back demanding there was no such agreement between my mother and I. My mum gave her £10 to calm her fuss (she's 23) and i sent her the £10 back. She blocked me and in anger i demanded she pay me £400 for the holiday. To be honest im very hurt by this the money or TV didn't matter to me, but it was £10! And how many times had i bought her food or nappies using half the money i have to my name. My other sister (30) i also loaned £400 towards her wedding and gifted her £100, it has been over a year since and i know when she has it she will give it. Im not rich and money doesn't mean all that much to me but I am hurt, more than i can explain. Im always everyone's go-to-guy and when im broke tbh i just survive on what i have or can afford. Is it wrong to expect others to treat you how you treat them?