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Found 10 results

  1. I am not diagnosed as such (yet I've experienced med-induced psychosis before), I am curious to know when (what age) and how (situation/trigger) did you develop symptoms or know you had a full- schizophrenia, schizoaffective or psychotic disorder? What were your first (or main symptoms)? I am really curious to know more about how these disorders start, and the timeframe until they are officially diagnosed? I am also wondering (my very first doc wanted to initially DX me as schizoaffective), has anyone been diagnosed after only having 1 episode of psychosis, delusion, or paranoia? There is sort of a gray area, because I know of some bipolar people that had 1-2 manic episodes (with psychosis) yet they are not diagnosed with schizo-affective. How often are you symptomatic and have meds been a near "cure" for you? Anyways, thanks for any clarification.
  2. It is deep and dark, and you must never come there with me!" Does anyone else hide their symptoms from their partner? I excuse myself for being "busy," "tired," or "not feeling well" if I'm depressed, or just straight-up hide if I'm feeling hypomanic. I have never had a relationship survive my partner seeing me symptomatic. Thoughts? Fellow-feeling? Advice?
  3. So, I decided to make an account because I wanted to get some ideas about what I can do to stop some of the pain of Klonapon withdrawl. I am not a substance abuser and I was perscribed clonazepam since I was 12, right now I am on a .25mg taper I take once at night which has been a little over a month now, and I started at .5mg for about 10 months , I was on a higher dosage prier to that taking 10 mg for the rest of my earlier young life taking it. I am 22 now, and most of the symptoms now seem to be under control except throughout the day I still feel a rapid heart beat, though my bpm is 62 and my blood pressure is normal, I got blood tests done and an ekg, everything seemed fine there, so I was wondering if there are any non narcotic suppliments that do not interfer with the withdrawl recovery process, and things I can do to keep my head on straight about my issues+ things that help anxiety, I would also like to know how long I should be expecting to feel palputations? Thank you =)
  4. I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder (pdoc uses them interchangeably with me) (this diagnosis has been around for a few years for me), as well as BPD, social anxiety, and a history of cannabis dependence and substance abuse (though I've been clean for a long time). I get an injection monthly, Abilify Maintena, but this was not enough, so the oral Abilify was added as well. This took away most of the "hallucinations" but my beliefs still persist, though they are becoming less... strong? Anyway, I've seen my current doctor now for over a year, and I've been in and out of the hospital during this time. My dose has gone up to 25 for the oral, and I get 400 for the injection. I also take prozac for anxiety. The thing that's worse and I don't fully know if it is from my symptoms is I strongly feel my prime minister is a robotoid, a dead-body-puppet. I really want to go to his home to expose him, or write a letter to request to do so. I feel like he knows me. The TV is still playing things about my life, too. Though that's been going on, I barely hear voices anymore. I am still seeing things, but not as much, though in some respects that is worse as well. I am going to be missing a dose of my injection because seeing my family in another city is more important, but also so my appointments sync back up with my injections I'm too afraid to tell my doctor about trudeau. It's bad enough I have a lot of intrusive thoughts lately about hurting people, but my future seeing (clairvoyance) makes me able to see what people would do to me if I did those things... but my Prime minister needs to be exposed. Though, if this is part of my symptoms, then I'll just be getting myself into trouble. I've also fallen out of routine with taking meds properly, missing two days a day apart Though that shouldn't do much. The reason why I am afraid to tell my pdoc about this is because I once thought I had to hurt a newsreporter and he told the cops, even though I was never charged it makes me reluctant to tell him things. I've told other people things and this is how I know the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service is spying on me because I have said this about Trudeau. I'm kinda going on and on but I'm not sure what steps I should take. Since things are seemingly better yet worse.
  5. I was wondering if Korean\Panax Ginseng did anything to negative symptoms in schizoaffective disorder, like lack of pleasure - anhedonia - and avolition. I don't have the will nor the pleasure to do anything and that irritates me. I can't pursue anything for any good length of time. This is very troublesome. I don't know if it's from the medication I take or not.
  6. I've been titrating up on Lamictal to treat something that isn't epilepsy and has nothing to do with seizures. Once I raised my dose to 150 mg (the intended full dose was 200 mg) I started getting bumps on my hands and head and they were itching pretty bad. I assumed it was related to something else but two nights ago, a few hours after taking my medication it became hard to take deep breathes, then my head began to itch incredibly bad, and then for about half an hour to an hour it felt like someone poured acid into my eyes because they were in so much pain (caused by nothing external at all) that I couldn't even open them until the pain was over. Needless to say I decided that I don't want to take Lamictal anymore. I read that even if you don't have epilepsy, if you cut Lamictal cold turkey it could give you seizures, so I asked my doctor if I should titrate down because of this, he told me to just cut it completely and that no such risk exists. I don't know this doctor very well yet so I can't say I trust him very much, so I want to know, IS there a risk of seizures cutting Lamictal off at 150 mg? If so what should I do? If not, what are the other risks.
  7. Have you guys ever thought that the reason we are adhd is because of nutrient Deficiencies and why we become tolerant to medication is because we are bur ING up what little left we have in storage in our bodies. Like zinc magnesium potassium iron, b1 have been showing up in research studies I. Find that when checking the levels of people with adhd and not treated with medication the levels of those specific vitamins minerals were ridiculously low. but in all reaality I believe that all the side effects of Cns stimulants are from burning up stuff that correlates to the side effect amd just taking a multivitamin isn't enough because of depletion of specific ones
  8. Hi - Does anyone here have nausea as the main symptom of anxiety ? My quick synopsis is: -My main issue is anticipatory anxiety leading up to 'events' but I am usually (90% or more of the time) fine at the actual 'event' and my anxiety disappears after minutes -Main symptom is nausea Is there anyone here that has or had similar symptoms and if so what therapy, drugs or supplements have helped. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Previous Meds: Lexapro, Klononpin Currently: Paxil (30mg) Mirtazapine (15mg) Xanax (prn)
  9. Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd start this thread so people can share when they initially 'developed' or 'became' bipolar. I've heard some people say they've 'developed' BP at age ___ then were diagnosed at age___. I'm trying to look back and think when i developed it but cant seem to pinpoint it. So when did you develop bipolar signs and symptoms? And how do you know that was when you did?
  10. I know it says it in most of our signatures, but I was wondering if we could get a thread going of what antipsychotic(s) we are taking regardless of diagnosis, what dose, how well it/each work on a scale from 1-10, and its side effect(s) + any good side effects: I take: antipsychotic: risperidone dose: 3mg performance: 6 out of 10 effectiveness effects: I have a large appetite and its hard to keep the pounds off and I sleep 10-12 hours. It keeps my symptoms under my control. I am wondering if there is something better.