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What's better than Adderall?

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After several years of taking Adderall for my inattentive ADD, I finally dumped it because I really didn't tolerate it well and ground my teeth and developed a sniffing tic even on a small dose (10 to 20 mgs. per day). It didn't help substantially with focus either, but it did get me going and I was semi-productive in spite of myself.

Since I went off of the drug, I have been lost. My head found it's way up my ass and has been residing there ever since. Is there another stim out there that any of you have found to be milder in side effects than Adderall???


-- B

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My experience with Provigil was good in terms of absolutely NONE of the speedy side effects. I'll admit that it doesn't pack the same "push" as the amphetamines, but it still has some advantages and it certainly does the job better than no med at all. You might ask your doc about it, and inquire about a sample pack. Beware that Provigil use is still considered off-label for ADD, so your insurance may not pay for it. And, wow, it is EXPENSIVE.

Another suggestion is Vyvanse. It's a newer ADD amphetamine stimulant drug, seemingly marketed towards school-age children due to smoother and longer-lasting effects compared to other stimulants, and once-a-day dosing. Also, the word on the street is that it is much milder in the speedy side effect department than other stimulants on the market. My pdoc has a few patients on it that love it, so I may even give it a shot some day soon (I currently take Adderall IR, with a lack of smoothness as the primary complaint).

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