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Do you knock things over, drop things, spill things, bump into things

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I have always had excellent coordination as well as balance..but lately I have been knocking stuff over or straight up flinging stuff. I just got finished cutting up a bell pepper to freeze, and went to set the freezer container full of green pepper slices on the counter so I could retrieve the lid of a drawer...as soon as I sat it down, I slapped it off the counter and all over the floor! It was almost in the same move as sitting it down, but I noticed the millisecond time delay between setting it down and my hand was on its way to retreating from the bowl....when as if the bowl had smarted something off, my hand smacked it just before I completely pulled it away! I've had thus sort of thing happen several times, and once I was eating dinner and flung food across the table! Does my hand have a mind of its own, or is it tendons? Its almost as if a rubber band retracts centimeters from victim. I've done this with cups too.

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