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Lamictal: $25 off/6 months Savings Card (link)

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Found a fantastic coupon/savings card on my Pdoc's 'pile of drug company propaganda pamphlets' table for $25 off Lamictal for 6 months--- I wanted to pick up a bunch of them from my pdoc and see if y'all wanted me to send them out to you, lol, but she ran out so I thought I'd see if the same card was available online. She thought this was a great idea too (yay for good Pdocs).

So here's what I found:

A card to save $25 for each of your next 6 Lamictal Rx's (so $150 total if you qualify):


Now, in the real, legal terms and conditions (click on 'eligibility requirements') that are printed on the card it does not say anything about this only being for Epilepsy patients, even though it says that in the FAQ. The same offer isn't on the other 'half' of their website for Bipolar patients.

I don't even take it for bipolar, I take it for depression ;) but I'm not breaking any rules and I most certainly could use an extra $150 over the next 6 months. I told my pdoc to write 'brand specific' so they don't give me that horrible generic 'mylan' version that gave me headaches for a month+ and cost me $10 for that privilege whereas I am now spending $0 for my wonderful brand name Lamictal.

Unfortunately, it has all of the usual restrictions, no Federal programs, etc. but does work on most co-pays with regular Rx coverage. Thought I'd share since I think the pinned Lamictal coupon is out of date, and this one is a better deal anyway :)



Ps- Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I didn't see it and tried a few searches.

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Thanks for sharing the link.

Don't worry about posting extra, we'd just merge it.

It's all good, we're all about saving $$$.

Thanks again.

I passed this link on to one of my pals that takes it for seizures that isn't on this board.

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