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Does Medicaid Cover Xanax XR?

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Hi. I'm currently on the IR Xanax. I have my doctor's appt tomorrow. I'm currently on 2.5mg per day of Xanax. The next step down would be to go to 2mg per day of Xanax.

The pdoc told me a few weeks ago that when I got to the 2mg mark that he was going to convert me over to Xanax XR. One problem I have is that I don't know if Xanax XR is covered by Medicaid in Long Island NY USA.

I tried to ask the nurse at program and she said the best I could do would be to either call the pharmacy or wait till I get the script and have the pharmacy run it though (which is exactly what the pharmacy told me I'm going to have to do (need the script for them to run).

But I figure there maybe others on the forum who have medicaid and either have taken or are on Xanax XR who I hope will give me an honest answer. I don't want to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and find out that I cant get Xanax XR and not have for the next 2 weeks.

So, does medicaid cover Xanax XR?

(I hope I can ask this type of question)



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Call the pharmacy. They'll know.

I did call the pharmacy but they told me that they would need the prescription to run through (which I don't have right now).

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Just my experience:

I took the XR version for years because thats what was prescribed. and then one time my pdoc made a mistake and gave me the IR version. I didnt notice it until I went to the pharmacy and they notified me of the error. I said "what the hell" and went ahead and took the IR. I didnt notice a difference...except for price. IR is cheaper than XR.

Im almost certain someone here has posted the research that shows there is not much difference...unless, of course, the research has changed. :)

I'd have a long talk with pdoc about this change and if its really necessary.


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