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Binge eating when depressed

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I have this overwheming urge to eat everything in sight when Im depressed. Yesterday in a matter of an hour i ate a king size bag of m&ms, 5granola bars, half a bag of apple slices, 4 pigs in a blanket and a piece of pizza. I still feel sick. This has been an ongoing issue. I feel like i cant have food around or this will keep happening. I feel so bad abt myself right now. Im addicted to food.

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increased appetite is not unusual during depressive episodes. what's your plan for getting the depression stable? It could also be from meds you are alreday taking, too.

if it continues, there are therapists who specialize in this kind of thing. Sorry, I wish I were more help.... I've had my own run ins with binging, and I've found its best to let the feelings pass, but it can be rather uncontrollable at times.


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Hey -

I also struggle with binge eating. More when I'm depressed, but it's pretty much always an issue for me. I can share with you some tips that have been given to me, and which have sometimes helped.

The first one is to eat regular, healthy meals. This is somewhat counter-intuitive. You'd think that by eating less in general, the binging would be less damaging. But for many people, feelings of hunger are big binging triggers, and if you eat regular meals to stop yourself from getting super hungry, this can decrease the urge to binge. And if you do binge, whatever you do, don't try to compensate by starving yourself because that only creates a vicious cycle.

Another thing to do is to go the harm reduction route. Instead of stocking high calorie snacks in your house, stop buying, or limit buying pre-prepared food. Instead, buy a bunch of vegetables. Sure, sometimes the urge will be so bad that you'll go out and buy some junk food, but that bit of distance between you and the gratification of food can reduce the binging, and replacing your usual foods with vegetables will limit the caloric damage when you absolutely need to scarf down a large amount of something RIGHT NOW.

One technique that I have used for cutting, but which also has helped me with binging is the five minute rule. When you feel the urge to binge, look at the clock, and tell yourself that if you still want to do it in 5 minutes (or however long you think you are able to delay) you will do it then. When you reach the end of that span of time, try to do another one, and so on. This is especially useful if you've just eaten and the food hasn't hit your brain, because if you can just hold out long enough, you might start to feel full, and want to binge less.

You can also try eating mindfully. Instead of stuffing your face while watching TV, try to actually taste and chew each mouthful. Eat more slowly and pay attention to what you're eating.

And don't let yourself give up. For me, if I start to binge, part of me just says "fuck it, I might as well go all the way" and the next thing I know, I've eaten until I want to puke. If you do catch yourself binging, don't just let go and go whole hog, try to stop in the middle.

Try to identify your binging triggers and what makes you binge. You could have a look at the alternatives to SI in the self injury board, too - I have found that some of them are very useful for binge eating.

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