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15 hours ago, JustNuts said:

Lol, so now the outright bizarre mixture of literally four different amphetamine salts with an overall 3:1 d-amp/l-amp ratio is "cleaner" than the pure d-amp, riiiiigh. Makes total sense /s.

No neurotoxicity with d-amp or l-amp. Both have similar (small) potential risks of neurotoxicity at truly absurd doses (ones only seen with very major abuse). Only methamphetamine is neurotoxic irregardless of dose.

d-amp hits fewer receptor subtypes than l-amp IIRC due to the greater DA effects and lesser NE effects, although it's been quite a while since I reviewed the fine details of amphetamine's pharmacology so perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm pretty confident that I'm right about this. If you try comparing it to a different stim like MPH or to something else entirely then yeah it gets complicated fast since other stuff hits different areas of the brain in different ways, but d-amp and l-amp have much more minor differences in localization.

Docs pulling the clinical experience/professional training card as an unjustified cop-out when they don't want to justify/explain their questionable actions, POV, etc and/or won't listen to any input (or even questions!) from you because "you're the patient, not the doctor" always piss me off massively. My current pdoc is really great about all that stuff (not to mention very enthusiastic and knowledgeable), but I've had too many run-ins with bad pdocs in the past and am not optimistic at all about my chances of finding another pdoc as good as this one when we eventually move.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it from this point of view. It validates my points I was trying to make to her. I love her and she's been great, but last night she hurt me and worked against me for the first time. I don't know if I can get past that. It hurts worse because we had gotten so close. It took a long pep-talk from my best friend to get me back on track with my aspiration to become a psychiatrist. I have pitifully thin skin when it comes to words and how they affect me.

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