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Alternatives to Self-Harm & Recovery Resources

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This thread is a directory of several other threads with great suggestions on things you can do RIGHT NOW instead of self-harming, and great resources you can use in your recovery.


This thread is a big jumble of posts from other members about alternatives they have found helpful.


Alternatives to self-harm sorted into groups based on different emotions that might be making you want to SI.


"I wanted to self harm today - instead I..."


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Thank you very much for the excellent links

My true favorite is the ice one. I'm a little different about it. It took me a bit to get the effect from a regulator cube. For a bit I bought a funny tray that made them into stars. I used the pointy ends to help. It was kind of like weening off or something I would try before hurting myself incase it took away the need to do so.

Funny I always think No these won't last but if you try them enough they become soothing. I found myself before relapse being OK with the feeling of round ice. Not needing something that felt slightly pointy. After a nit of just over cubes I found a great release but running very very cold water over my wrists. It gives you a nice cooling sense all over and truly does help cool you down on a hot day.

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    • By Tori_D
      So when my parents first found out about me self-harming was in 6th grade I was bullied, my parents were getting a divorce, and my parents would always yell at me for everything. Well I started to cut myself a lot and one day for the gym I was dressing out and a girl had seen my arms and told the counselor that then told my parents. My mom and dad both told me I was selfish, attention seeker, and how they're disgusted with me. I told them I was bullied a lot but they said they didn't believe me. So from then I just would hide how I felt and I had stopped cutting for about 2 months until things got bad again and I started to cut where no one can see, and I still cut today. I'm depressed at 14 now, but I don't have anyone I can go to to get help without having my parents fucking call me a disappointment.
    • By Owenms
      I'm new to the forums and thought it would be useful to introduce myself. I'm not really comfortable talking about myself and it's pretty obvious because my heart is racing just writing this. But I've been having a lot of issues lately so I'm hoping I can find some help by talking more with you guys. 
    • By SpreadMyWings
      I just cut myself again, after less than a week without doing it.  The longest I've gone is about 2 1/2 months.  When I've been keeping such big secrets for so long, it isn't hard to find my way around my parents safety measures.  I'm sure you guys can agree.  I started cutting when I was 13.  My parents know.  Now, at almost 15, I've been hospitalized 5 times.  My family is reaching the limit of their tolerance.  I can't blame them.  My youngest sister, after witnessing one of my breakdowns, now sees a therapist herself.  Today, my dad said I'll have to go live in a special home if I don't stop.  I don't know what to do.  I want to be with them and make them happy, but self-harm has become a part of me now.  Honestly, I almost want to go away.  At least then they wouldn't have to worry about me.  I really have nothing left to fight with.  That's why I'm reaching out.  Thanks guys.
    • By SpreadMyWings
      Does anyone else here have an imaginary friend?  Or at least a voice in your head that seems to have a mind of it's own?  My "imaginary" friend, Anne, has been by my side since I was little.  She is like a whole other side of me.  She is never afraid to do the things I am so scared of, like insulting someone, doing something crazy, or making an inappropriate comment at exactly the wrong(right?) time.  She has distinct attributes: red hair, gray eyes, pale skin, blue summer dress, brown sandals.  She can be funny, clever, and a really great friend.  But sometimes, she can be mean and demanding and controlling.  She swears at me, tells me what to do.  She even tells me to hurt myself.  I'm not sure how to explain that I'm in charge without losing her.  Any ideas, guys?
    • By Vesse
      So the story is really complicated but I don't know how to move on with my life after it.
      To summarize, I got married 4.5 years ago and we moved here together. From the beginning he constantly threatened me with divorce which took its toll on my mood (I tried commiting suicide a few months after moving here). I never wanted to cheat but in addition to threats of divorce, he always called me oversexual and suggested I see a doctor (I wanted sex once a day... not unusual for a guy). Despite all of this I worked hard at a job I hated to support the both of us (he wouldn't work, he was a full time student and could have worked to help me, but he didn't want to do anything not related to his field of study). 
      Anyway, fast forward we got our green cards (from my work that I only stayed at for him). A few months later he started dating (we were trying an open relationship but dating was not supposed to be allowed). He also lost "part" of his virginity to the guy he was dating and who is now his current boyfriend. He went back home to visit for the summer and asked me for a divorce 7000 miles away. We agreed to try and work through it, but meanwhile he was having sex with lots of different guys and he got back here only to mislead me and get me to still pay for his expenses despite being in love with someone else. He claimed "I can't decide about our relationship if I don't have food" so of course I bought him food...
      I'm bipolar and I have tried years and years of medications with no luck. Earlier this year I started smoking meth which I know is not good for you. I minimize the risks as much as possible of course and I can hold my own in an argument about whether it's actually as bad as the media portrays (for example, I know hypertension can cause LVH which is a serious risk factor for things like sudden cardiac death, not to mention aortic dissection and congestive heart failure... I want to be a vet lol).
      So here's the thing, smoking meth helps prevent my suicidal thoughts, but I do want to give it up and start focusing on my future. I need help though. Logically I don't want to be married to him, he's a terrible person (you can't say deep down he's a good person, I left out something very big because it's too painful for now, but I can share if it helps you help me :-( ).
      How can I move on from what he did? I just can't seem to do it. Logic is failing me which really sucks. What has cheered me up lately is accepting the fact that I think I'm done with relationships. I've had it, and I don't want it. You can say I'm jaded, I'm just in shock, or I'll change my mind one day, but it's the only thing that helps me when I'm feeling down. Recognizing that that part of my life is over. I do have a long road ahead of me, vet school (hopefully) but first I have to work about 2 years to save up for it. But despite a great plan, I can't get over it. It doesn't help that he's not cooperating at all with the divorce (which I now want of course). So now I'm filling out the papers and paying for my own divorce... that's really some twisted stuff right there. See? He's not a good person.
      Please help because the suicidal thoughts are stronger than ever. I tried going to a psychiatrist to get on meds again and he said he wouldn't prescribe me anything for at least a few weeks.... I've been on at least 10 bipolar meds and he's making me wait with vivid suicidal thoughts... first, do no harm?
      Can anyone help me please?